The 5 Dirtiest Things You Touch Everyday

The 5 Dirtiest Things You Touch Everyday

It seems like a lot of us here at the office are getting sick.  Spreading germs is the key factor in catching a cold from your cozy co-workers.  Surprisingly, some of the things you use to get clean or clean your home can be the culprit.

#1 The Hand-towel in your Bathroom. MOST people replace this once a week, or every two weeks.  This nasty little thing is a hotbed for bacteria.  Why? Because it’s a wet warm place that is perfect for this.

#2 Sink Sponge Has Hundreds of Thousands of Bacteria and Coliform.  You must use something that you can put in the dishwasher.

#3. The Toothbrush Holder.  Most people have never washed this thing.  If you dare to take a peak down into that thing, you might get sick.  Seriously…run it through the dishwasher.

If you want to see the last two, you can find the whole list here.  

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