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published Thursday, April 12th - 12:15pm

Just a few years after her very public meltdown, Britney Spears is on her way back to the top. She's newly engaged to Hollywood agent Jason Trawick and is reportedly super close to signing a $15 million a year deal to be a new judge on X Factor.

Radaronline is reporting that Simon Cowell actually suggested Brit's fiance become a co-conservator for her. Currently, Britney's father Jamie is in charge of her financial, career and personal decisions. The web site quoted a source close to the situation as saying:

"Simon is very excited about Britney joining the show. However, it's important to remember that she is still under a conservatorship and the last thing her father wants to do is be on the set for hours at a time. Jamie has conservatorship of Britney's finances and personal life. Jamie just isn't comfortable in that world but her fiancé, Jason Trawick is, because he is a respected Hollywood agent.

"Simon and Britney's camp agreed it would be a good idea to have Jason petition the court to become a co-conservator of Britney's personal life but he isn't seeking to get involved in her finances. Jason is also very excited for Britney to join the show. There were also insurance complications because Britney is under a conservatorship, but those issues have been worked out because it's expected that the judge will grant Jason's petition."

The show still hasn't confirmed a deal with Spears.

But in the meantime, Britney is back in tip top shape and tweeted a photo of a video shoot for a new Game she's promoting called Twister Dance. Brit tweeted: "Couldn't be happier with the Twister Dance video shoot! It's gonna be so hot..."

Good for you, Britney!