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Kalm down, Kim does not have bangs
Kalm down, America, Kim did not kommit to bangs, they are temporary.

When Kim Kardashian was snapped by the paparazzi sporting a new 'do komplete with bangs, and that photo was splashed across the tabloids, widespread panic broke out. How kan we begin to acclimate to Kim with bangs? What does Kanye think of them? Will all the Kardashians be getting bangs now? What about us? Do we have to get bangs? So many questions.

Rest assured, America, we kan kalm down. Kim's bangs are temporary. She could not kommit, so she klipped in a set of fake fringe to kopy the look of bangs. After everyone went krazy until she klarified with a tweet, "I saw a few of you tweeting me about my bangs!! The bangs are fake! Just clip ons! I had a fun Cosmo cover shoot yesterday and Chris McMillan clipped these on!"

America sighed a kollective sigh. 

As you were...

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