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: Gossip>LeAnn Rimes has lost her mind AND her voice!
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LeAnn Rimes has lost her mind AND her voice!
LeAnn Rimes confirmed that her crazy has spread to her voice during a duet last night on The X Factor.

Poor LeAnn. Poor, sad LeAnn. Poor, sad, crazy LeAnn.

What happened?

You know, we were fine with your crazy, so long as you had your voice. Without that angelic musical gift, what are you? You're Brandi Glanville... without a reality show.

I'm really hoping there was a medication mix up or maybe your monitor broke or you were trying to sound intentionally bad so as to let dear little Carly shine even brighter.

Whatever the reason, you're on notice.

I am fine with divas who are crazy as long as they have talent. Your genius affords you a certain amount of leeway. I said a certain amount. Pretty sure last night you used up that certain amount.

Shut down Twitter and get back in the studio LeAnn.

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