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: Gossip>Mila Kunis gives best interview ever!
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Mila Kunis gives best interview ever!
See what happens when a fledgling reporter gets his 6 minutes with Mila Kunis.

BBC reporter Chris Stark had the best day of his life. Maybe they didn't audition him in the first place, or maybe he was the only one available the day of the junket, but he got the once in a lifetime chance to spend 6 minutes with Mila Kunis interviewing her for Oz The Great And Powerful. 

Mila Kunis had the best 6 minutes of her life (or at least of the day) when Chris Stark showed up to interview her. After untold hours of giving canned responses and answering the same questions over and over again, she got 6 minutes of real chatter with an adorable young man who clearly was star struck, but she put him at ease. 

If you have 6 and a half minutes, get cozy and watch this, you'll love it!

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