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: Gossip>Murderer plotted to strangle, castrate Bieber
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Murderer plotted to strangle, castrate Bieber
Police uncovered a murderous plot by two Bieber-obsessed inmates.

TMZ and KRQE News are reported that police in New Mexico have uncovered a plot by two convicted felons, one a murderer, to kidnap, kill, then castrate Justin Bieber.

Convicted murderer Dana Martin, who's serving two life sentences allegedly recruited another inmate, Mark Staake, to carry out his nefarious plot. Staake was said to have enlisted the help of another accomplice, Tanner Ruane, as well.

The plan was to kidnap Justin and his bodyguard, then strangle them with paisley ties (apparently that's Martin's 'thing'). And to add insult to creepy injury, the two were then going to castrate Justin.

The two men allegedly were making their way to New York to carry out the plan, but Martin came clean to authorities and both Staake and Ruane were arrested.

Not sure why Martin tattled on himself, but pretty sure the Biebs is glad he did.

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