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: Gossip>Scientology is really really mad this time, you guys!
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Scientology is really really mad this time, you guys!
Vanity Fair better hope Scientology doesn

Scientology is not pleased with Vanity Fair over its damning expose of the church's alleged role as matchmaker for its couch-jumping golden child Tom Cruise. Instead of loving others as themselves or letting bygones be bygones or even saying a few prayers to a deity for forgiveness like most old school religions would proscribe, the spiritual schoolyard bullies of Scientology decided to put their worst foot forward and send a nasty letter calling everyone names.

You can read the eight-page screed in its entirety, if you're so obliged, but I'm pretty sure I can summarize it for you with far fewer words: "Vanity Fair is dumb, Maureen Orth is stupid and everybody just needs to get off our backs already because we're a religion and we're doing religiony stuff!"

Still, go read the whole eight-page letter anyway. I guarantee you'll get a few laughs out of it... or at the very least you'll feel a whole heckuva lot better about your own spiritual condition.


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