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Survivor Recap for 12/16: The Finale!
Miss last night

After Abi was sent home last week, we're finally down to the final four. And that means finale.

The remaining four refugees do a little dance on Abi's grave.

But not for long. The strategizing has already begun.

But not for too long because first, it's Reward Challenge time. Apparently, they're playing for the biggest reward of the game; an advantage during the fight for immunity tomorrow.

After a short obstacle race, they must complete a puzzle.

Malcom nails it and consequently wins the advantage... which now makes him an even bigger threat to the other three; especially Denise.

Malcom seems to want to end up in the final three with Lisa and Skupin, whom Malcom thinks he can beat more easily than Denise.

So Denise goes about hoping that Malcom doesn't win immunity (which, as we know, he has an advantage for) and starts trying to convince Skupin and Lisa to join her for the final three.

Up next, we have the Fallen Comrades Walk. The team walks around their island and remembers each of the contestants that have gone before them. Pretty nostalgic.

And now, it's time for the last immunity challenge, which, thankfully for everyone who's not Malcom, isn't a physical one. But, don't forget, Malcom has a pre-won advantage, which he reveals. Basically, the challenge requires each person to balance a tiny little ball. If it falls, they're out of the challenge. Malcom's advantage is a second chance. If he drops his ball, he gets to try again without getting eliminated.

Malcom gets less than ten minutes in and uses up his advantage before anyone has been eliminated. Within a couple more minutes, he drops the ball and loses out on his final chance for immunity. Everyone else is still in the game. Except for Denise. With a few seconds left, she loses her ball. Now it's down to Lisa and Skupin. And they're killing it. Until, Lisa drops her ball. Skupin wins immunity and will be in the final three.

And the strategizing continues. Now Skupin is trying to decide whether he and Lisa take Denise or Malcom to the final three. Lisa is Hell bent on not bringing Malcom, because, clearly, she sees him as the bigger threat.

Now, to tribal council.

And just one more chance to belabor the obvious. It's down to Malcom or Denise. It all comes to who Skupin decides to throw over the side of the boat.

Malcom. And we've got our final three.

It's jury time. Each of the remaining three make their opening statements. Denise argues that she played an honest game in the open. Lisa tries to endear the jury with her tale of learning to play the game along the way. Skupin tries to convince the jury that as a returning player, he had to play hard or would've gotten sent home right away.

Now, it's time for the jury to speak. Long story short, there's a lot of bitterness in the jury. The climax comes when Penner reveals a secret that's been kept the whole time: Lisa's past. It still shocks me that only two people knew who Lisa was. Even Denise didn't seem to know.

Well, votes cast. Here we go.

Magically, we end up back at CBS studios in Los Angeles for the final vote count.

And... Denise is the winner of Survivor Philippines!

Lisa was robbed. Still, Denise deserved it. She certainly earned it.

Sadly, I'm going to miss checking in with these guys each week.


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