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: Gossip>T-Swizzle Blows $80K on gifts for H-Styzzle
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T-Swizzle Blows $80K on gifts for H-Styzzle
Does she wonder why she burns through men like Kleenex?

Yesterday, we learned that Harry bought Taylor some cupcakes, perfume, a handbag, and some earrings for her 23rd birthday. Cute. He also took her out to dinner at his favorite Chinese takeout. Seems appropriate for a relatively new couple, right? 

Well, get a load of this. 

Taylor allegedly was so grateful for her new beau's birthday kindness, she wants to get him something nice in return. 

What kind of thank you gift does Taylor Swift get for her new BF? 

Nothing too crazy... just $80K worth Beatles memorabilia, of course.


For the love of God, Taylor, you're going to scare away this one just like all the others if you don't take a step back and stop smothering the kid. 

It's clearly only a matter of time before she buys Harry a house. Or a country. 


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