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Take It All gets everything but your attention
Howie Mandel makes his return to game show TV in Take It All, a version of Yankee Swap.

Remember when they first premiered Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? It was a week long event hosted by Regis Philbin and it absolutely captivated audiences. It was amazing that a person was going to win a million dollars just by answering trivia questions. Any one of us could do that!

The show was so popular that it ended up becoming a weekly fixture, and then even a daily fixture of the pop culture fabric. 

Networks have been trying to recreate that evening prime time game show magic ever since. With shows like Deal Or No Deal and 1 vs. 100. The result was, well, no deal. 

NBC is giving it another shot with Take It All or (as I call it) Yankee Swap on steroids. It's basically a trumped up Let's Make A Deal. Don't worry. This show will only be on for one week. Probably just to get us through the holiday season and into the next crop of premiers and show returns. We'll all make it through.

This show stinks. The over the top contestants who you cannot believe are actually as excited as they seem about a gigantic beer cooler and a bull riding home kit. For the holiday season, this game show is the ultimate display of greed and consumerism, which sounds a little intense for a fun little game show. Let's be honest, I was so bored, I had time and energy to over think that. Take It All, no thanks, I think I'll pass.


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