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: Gossip>Taylor Swift's new song is perfectly boring.
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Taylor Swift's new song is perfectly boring.
And there

Taylor Swift's new single, Sweeter Than Fiction, dropped Monday.

And it's perfectly boring. 

No, really.

I'm not trying to be bitchy.

It's just, well... listen to it.

It's just there.

Not bad, no, but not good either.

She's done worse... and she's done better.

It just is. 

Floating through the pop music ether with nothing to distinguish it from any other generic, cookie cutter musak. 

If you like Taylor, you'll be fine with it.

If you hate Taylor, you'll still hate her, but I doubt you'll hate her any more for this song.

I initially wondered what made her waste her time on this song.

Then I learned it's on the soundtrack for the upcoming film One Chance about a guy who won Britain's Got Talent.

That's nice.

So's the song.


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