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Tom Cruise 'buys Suri house for pony'
Tom Cruise has reportedly bought his daughter a pony for Christmas and is rumored to have purchased a new property to accommodate the animal.

Tom Cruise has reportedly splashed out on a new home for Suri so she can keep her pony there.

The actor is allegedly pulling out all the stops to make sure his six-year-old daughter, who he has with his ex-wife Katie Holmes, has the perfect gifts this Christmas.

This will be Suri's first holiday since her parents divorced in July and so Tom has overcompensated for her turbulent year by splashing out on extravagant presents.

Among the toys that Suri will be receiving on Christmas Day - which she will spend with her father - is said to be a real life pony.

The extravagant gift will also require housing, and so Tom has reportedly bought a $13.5 million house in upstate New York, which is large enough to accommodate the pet.

"Tom is determined to make this the best Christmas ever," a source told British magazine Grazia.

"Obviously there isn't anywhere to keep a pony at Katie's apartment, so this place is ideal. It also has space for her toys, many of which have been in storage since Katie quit their LA mansion. "

Tom is known for lavishing Suri with gifts, treating her to a helicopter ride earlier this year.

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