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by Bradley Traynor | 179 reads | published: 10 hrs ago

Mariah still mum.

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And organic cous cous.

Gwyneth Paltrow's new fragrance smells like lies
by Bradley Traynor
57 reads | 9 hrs ago

Photos just hit the internet of Bane, of "The Dark Knight Rises," photobombing a wedding during filming. Talk about bad luck.

Bane photobombs a wedding, and it's terrifying
by Marley McMillan
66 reads | 10 hrs ago

Kristen Stewart just took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the most Kristen Stewart way ever. Also, she's totally dating Jennifer Lawrence's ex.

KStew's ALS challenge is the weirdest, obviously
by Marley McMillan
116 reads | 10 hrs ago

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