Project Down and Dirty: Zookeeper

Our hosts will live in a zoo.
That sounds about right.

Project Down & Dirty is a reality show on the radio in its 7th exciting year on myTalk 107.1!

This year the myTalk hosts will care for and feed wild animals at the Minnesota Zoo in Project Down & Dirty Zookeeper!

myTalk 107.1 will host the Talk to the Animals Gala on Friday Night October 13th at the Minnesota Zoo from 7pm – 10pm in Discovery Bay. Tickets will be $100 and will go on-sale Tuesday September 26th at 9am. Dress code is dress to impress or creature casual.

The Reunion Show will take place at the Target Learning Center on Friday October 13th from 4pm – 6pm. Ticket price is $40 and includes an admission ticket into the zoo for the day (note Zoo hours are 9am – 4pm).

Jason & Alexis – The Texas Zoo has been devastated. After losing many trees, roofs and fencing to the hurricane -force winds, the zoo was subjected to nearly 50 inches of rain, resulting in flooding and water as high as four feet on the grounds and in the buildings. Fortunately the animals were saved and many of them are now housed in zoos throughout Texas. Teams of volunteers from the Dallas Zoo, the Fort Worth Zoo and other zoos and aquariums around the south have sent people to help rebuild. Your donations will help rebuild the Texas Zoo.

Donna & Marley – The Raptor Center is an internationally renowned education facility that rehabilitates around 800 sick and injured raptors each year. The Raptor Center trains veterinary students and veterinarians from around the world to become future leaders in raptor medicine and conservation. In addition, The Raptor Center reaches approximately 150,000 people annually through its public education and events.

Colleen & Bradley – Wilderness Inquiry is a national non -profit based in Minneapolis whose mission is to connect individuals to each other and the natural world through shared outdoor adventure. Wilderness Inquiry engages more than 30,000 people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities annually through accessible adventures including introductory single day trips on the Mississippi River, multi-day adventures in the Apostle Islands, and extended trips in locations such as Yellowstone National Park.

Lori & Julia – The Minnesota Zoo is a world-class facility located in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Sitting on 485 acres, the Minnesota Zoo works hard every day to connect people, animals and the natural world to save wildlife. Your support will help the Minnesota Zoo continue to provide amazing care to all of their animals and continue to protect incredible animals in the wild.

The Texas Zoo The Raptor Center Wilderness Inquiry The Minnesota Zoo

Stay tuned for more!