The Queen of Getting Tidy: Marie Kondo

The Queen of Getting Tidy: Marie Kondo

Alexis got obsessed with the Book: “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” By Marie Kondo.

It made her declutter her house.   There is the concept of 33 for 3.  Take 33 items from your closet, and wear those for 3 months.  See how you feel, and if people even notice!  This includes accessories like belts and scarves.  Only wear items that bring you joy!

Also, how are you folding your clothes?  Marie Kondo can fold a t-shirt into the tiniest little package!  Are you rolling your clothes?

Marie Kondo was featured on CBS Sunday Morning this weekend, just in time for Spring cleaning.

There were several podcasts that she got into.  The best one was, focused on Getting Tidy.  It is called the Nutshell Podcast.


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