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  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    Your dog can act like a teenager?


    We see your shark, Michael, and we raise you a SNAKE!

  • Steve weighs in on the topic of "brosectomies"

    Donna, Marley, and Steve discuss the pros and cons of "brosectomies" and colon cleanses.

  • Marley's 3 takeaways from this week's GOT

    Marley has three takeaways from this week's episode of Game of Thrones. Plus: exciting news for the HBO series.

  • Donna & Marley review "Dunkirk"

    Donna & Marley share their feelings and surprising revelations about this weekend's box office winner.

  • Phelps vs. Shark was a FLOP!

    Donna & Marley laugh at the absurdity of what was "Phelps vs. Shark" on Discovery channel on Sunday. Shark Week is going to pay for this!!!!

  • More Beat Shazam Fun with L & J

    We do it every Friday at 4:30

  • L & J talk movies with Chris Hewitt

    He reviews for The Pioneer-Press

  • Important tips with Steve

    Donna, Marley, and Steve give out some daily tips.

  • Entertainment Tonight joins C&B for OJ Update!

    Colleen and Bradley were joined by Jen Peros from Entertainment Tonight about the OJ Simpson parole hearing that took place Thursday afternoon.

  • The Thong Song remix

    Donna, Marley, and Steve give their thoughts on how to censor the Thong Song for a Kidz Bop remix.

  • Jason & Alexis Second Chance Romance 7/20/17

    Meghan and Alan arent going to work out. Just saying.

  • L & J and the great mom shame debate

    Things got a little crazy.

  • C&B talk to ZAC EFRON'S TRAINER!

    The Hunt for Hot Zactober continues!

  • Donna's review of Twin Peaks

    Donna gives a review of the most recent episode of Twin Peaks.

  • The Hunt for Hot Zactober continues with ZAC'S TRAINER!!!

    Colleen and Bradley try to pump Zac Efron's trainer for details about Zac... with relative success.

  • Lori's latest study of "Duh!"

  • Louise Jameson on 1st female Doctor Who!

    The woman who played Leela on Doctor Who in the 70s joined Colleen and Bradley today to chat about the lead role finally landing in the lap of a lady.

  • Breaking down R. Kelly's scandal

    Donna and Marley's hopes for how this scandal turns out.

  • Jason, Alexis and Dawn interview Sasha Velour winner of Drag Race

    Sasha and other queens from this season will be coming to Minneapolis on June 30th to the Pantages! We interview Sasha Velour, winner of Season 9

  • Julia goes on a bit of a rank about sink holes.

    Will Florida fall in to the Gulf of Mexico?

  • Steve's NSYNC karaoke contest

    Steve takes on a listener during an NSYNC karaoke contest.

  • Jason & Alexis Bradley on The 13th Doctor Who

    Bradley Fills Jason In about the Plotline of Dr Who and talks about his excitement that the 13th Doctor is a Woman.

  • Jason & Alexis Conspiring Disney Live Broadcast again

    Conspiring To Broadcast From DisneyWorld Again

  • More L & J fun with Beat Shazam.

    They really had a tough time with Canadian artists.

  • Steve & Marley talk bird attacks

    Steve and Marley go in-depth in regards to bird attacks and the danger that is out there.

  • Beyonce baby pic: the one thing missing

    We think there is something missing from Beyonce's extraordinary baby picture.

  • L & J chat with author Abby Stern

    "According to a Source" is her debut novel.

  • Madame Tussaud's has a shirtless Zac Efron!!

    Bradley and Holly get closer to Zac Efron on the #HuntForHotZactober!

  • Peyton Manning roasts Kevin Durant

    Peyton Manning's monologue at the ESPYS roasts pretty much everyone... including Kevin Durant.

  • Gagnam style video has been de-throned

    Wiz Khalifa and Andrew Puth are now number 1 most viewed.

  • Celebrity Dead or Alive!

    Will Bradley keep hold onto his previous win or will a wily listener grab the title?

  • Dawn Birthday Pranked Lori!

    Dawn called Lori yesterday pretending to be a manager at Forever 21. You must listen to this and the backstory. Hilarious!

  • Lori gets pranked on her birthday!

    She fell for it hook, line and sinker

  • Amazon Prime Time LIVE!

    Bradley and Holly hijack Colleen's Amazon Prime account and send her a bunch of crap she doesn't need!

  • Ben Affleck and his new girlfriend

    Donna and Marley break down the drama surrounding Ben Affleck's love life.

  • Celebrity Dead or Alive!

  • Confessions: When did you have to eat something?

    When have you had to eat something that you didn't want to? Donna and Marley take your calls.

  • Fun with feces in the play area?!

    A mom in New Hampshire is upset with a fast food joint. Her kid went down the slide and got covered in feces?! What happened and what's the solution? We discuss. Could the answer be diapers?

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • Revenge Porn Laws 101

    A popular CA attorney joins us live to talk about California's revenge porn laws and how they relate to the Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna headlines!

  • Is there DWTS Bad Blood?

    Donna & Marley say yes. Plus: All the diets on the Julianne Hough and Chmeragtroyd weddings.

  • RHONY Ramona Singer talks Love Connection with us!

    Real Housewives of New York's Ramona Singer is looking for love with Andy Cohen's help on Love Connection. She talked to us about her experience and how hard it can be to get back into the dating game.

  • L & J latest round of Beat Shazam

    The theme was summer one-hot wonders.

  • Gooper Scoopers: Body Vibes anyone?

    Gwyneth Paltrow is working our last nerve.

  • Review: Chewing Gum on Netflix

    Marley reviews "Chewing Gum" on Netflix, and Donna is trying to learn Spanish.

  • Lori & Julia search for the song of the summer.

    We still have not found one.

  • Colleen has a secret talent!

    Colleen can feel words.

  • Donna and Marley's dreams are crushed

    Donna and Marley have both found products that have changed their lives completely... or have they?

  • L & J's Vintage Scandal: Gina vs. Sophia

    Who knew this was a Hollywood feud?

  • Wednesday's Lord & Lady D-Bag!

    Find out who earned top honors today!

  • Marley saw Hamilton in Chicago!

    Marley is still processing all the ways in which Hamilton the musical is so groundbreaking.

  • Lori & Julia battle each other in Shazaam

    Who will guess the most s9ng titles correctly?

  • Corey Feldman loses a tooth

    Donna & Marley can't keep it together talking about another interesting performance from Corey Feldman.

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • Colleen & Bradley pitch Facebook TV shows!

  • L & J chat with the lead in Sunday in the Park.

    His name is Randy Harrison. He portrays George Surratt

  • Tipsy: Pregnancy myths debunked

    Somehow Marley can't make heads or tails of Donna's tips. Maybe you can! LOL Also: More tips on summer shoe trends and keeping beer cold in the summer.

  • Marley doesn't know how to say cuckoo

    Knowledge gap alert! Marley gets schooled on not knowing how to pronounce 'cuckoo'. It's an honest moment!

  • Donna teaches Marley about barn dances

    Donna & Marley's discussion of wedding hashtags devolves into Donna breaking down what a barn dance is. The show is also now renamed Donna & Marley's Barn Dance.

  • Second Chance Romance: Winegate! 6/29/17

    Thomas called us about his date with Melody. He has one complaint, but still wanted to go on a second date with her. What did she say about their date? This one's worth the listen!

  • L & J talke food with StarTrib's Rick Nelson

    Great places to eat on the river.

  • myTalk 107.1

  • Birthday Pranks PTA mom volunteers TOO much? 6/28/17

    With help from Christina's husband Kevin, Dawn birthday pranks this enthusiastic PTA mom. Is it possible to volunteer too much and annoy the other parents? Check it out! LOL!

  • Emily Engberg gets us closer to Zac Efron!

  • Confessions: What do you pretend to like?

    What's something you pretend to like? Maybe it's your mom's cooking, maybe it's your friend's husband, maybe it's playing golf. Donna & Marley take your calls in confessions!

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    What the heck is Chinese knife therapy?

  • Steve O'Clock: Family photo breakthrough!

    Steve Patterson had a family photo breakthrough! A double rainbow and why money doesn't matter.

  • Carson Kressley visits Lori & Julia!

    Carson Kressley is in-studio to talk about Twin Cities Pride, 'Real Housewives' gossip and his new book, 'Does This Book Make my Butt Look Big?'

  • Sharon Osbourne's bachelorette party fail

    Sharon Osbourne hired a male stripper for her niece's bachelorette party, and it went HORRIBLY wrong. Donna & Marley take your calls on similar experiences!

  • Alexis Walsko shared her Necker Island adventure with Lori and Julia!

    Alexis Walsko stops by to dish on her adventures on Necker Island. Yes, THE Necker Island owned by one Sir Richard Branson!

  • Kim K's makeup looks like what?!

    We just learned an interesting tidbit about Donna.

  • Interview: Viral boat video star Jennie McLean!

    Donna & Marley chat with Jennie McLean, whose video of the Yukon 800 Riverboat race in Alaska just went viral! She is the best!

  • Birthday Prank 6/21/17 an RV switcharoo!

    With help from Vanessa's husband Adrian, Jason -- AKA Lance de Havilland Colby -- got Vanessa good! He blew up her holiday plans with an RV destination switcharoo. It's another fun Birthday Prank!

  • Bradley checked in from Uganda today!

    Bradley is in Uganda for World Refugee Day, and he called to check today on the show! He has awesome news about how YOU can send your love to the refugees at Nakivale Refugee Camp!

  • Confessions: The worst thing you've forgotten

    What's the worst thing you've ever forgotten? Your mom's birthday or your anniversary? Donna & Marley take calls in Confessions!

  • The Best Shoreview Psychic Callers Ever!

    Alexis has some strong advice for our 3 callers that need a little direction in their life. You gals are the star of the show. Renee, Jenny and Iola cracked us up!

  • Steve got the best Father's Day gift ever!

    Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to tell them about the best Father's Day gift he's ever received, and why he's turning over a new leaf with Andy Grammer.

  • Dear Diary, love Alexis 6/19/17

    This morning, we heard Alexis' diary entry. Did Adam add love potion to her Valentine's Day chocolates?

  • Dear Diary, love Dawn 6/16/17

    We debuted a new segment today: Dear Diary! Both Lex and Dawn kept diaries as kids. This morning, Dawn shared an entry from October 30, 1985. She hid a hand-me-down bra from her mom and dressed up as a hobo for Halloween.

  • Tipsy: Father's Day Gift Ideas!

    Donna & Marley take calls and offer suggestions on great Father's Day gifts.

  • Miley Cyrus was a fun guest on The Tonight Show

    We loved her candid answers.

  • The Mall of America's 'Writer in Residence'

    C&B interview Brian Sonia Wallace, the Mall of America's new writer in residence.

  • The Hunt for Hot Zactober!

    Colleen and Bradley are on a mission to meet Zac Efron. By October

  • Tipsy: Shift gears at work

    Do this one thing to more effectively "shift gears" at work! Also: how to get through a dentist appointment and build camaraderie through your restaurant orders.

  • The Handmaid's Tale finale

    Donna finished the Handmaid's Tale. Her review

  • Grandma Geraldine needs to come clean

    Marley smells a rat.

  • L & J chat with author Elin Hilderbrand

    Her new great beach read is "The Indenticals"

  • Kirk DeWindt on 'Bachelor in Paradise'!

    The former alum join C&B to talk about the shocking controversy.

  • C&B are Netflix CHEATERS!

    Turns out we cheated without even realizing it.

  • Breaking down Bachelor in Paradise

    What really happened and who has motives in the Bachelor in Paradise mess? Donna & Marley discuss.

  • We weighed Dawn's boobs!

    Yep, it's a new Olympic event. How much do they weigh? Jason, Lex and Dawn all underguessed!

  • Gwyneth's ridiculous Goop summitt

    Full of pseudo-science and complete nonsense.

  • Fill-in Lori and Julia celebrate 15 years of The Lori and Julia Show

    They're baaaaaack. Fill-in Lori and Fill-in Julia share what they love most about Lori and Julia!

  • Team CoBra Health Expo!

    Get healthy the Team CoBra way!

  • Did Jason find the Song of Summer 2017?

    Maybe. Call Me Maybe singer Carly Rae Jepsen has a new jam. Is it the Song of Summer?

  • The Man Cave with Steve & Ryan

    Donna gets the guys' take on a few male fashion trends and issues...

  • Jason, Alexis, Dawn, Bea Arthur & Elizabeth Ries celebrate LoJ's 15 year anniversary!

    Oh, we have LoJ stories! Listen as we reminisce; Lori, Julia and Donny celebrate 15 years at myTalk 107.1!

  • BSS Alert: LoJ shares fake news!

    Colleen and Bradley are forced to issue a myTalk-wide BSS alert.

  • Path to Total Swapadoozy, Tape #3

    Colleen and Bradley continue their

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    You can clean with moldy white bread?

  • Bogus Story Syndrome Warning: LoJ Edition

    Lori and Julia came down with BSS yesterday and we had to correct the record.

  • Funkytown: Music News from Donna and Marley!

    FunkyTown: new music from Bieber, Kelsea Ballerini and Glen Campbell. Plus a musical about Cher's life is in the works

  • Lori and Julia fell for a fake story about Johnny Depp

    You guys, Johnny Depp is NOT moving to Minnesota!!! This is a fake story. But now that you know it's a fake story, it's 10 times funnier to hear them talk about it.

  • Swapa-whatsies? Whosies? "Brandon" called in to clarify

    "Brandon" AKA Bradley tried to explain #swapadoozy to us. We're still confused.

  • Second Chance Romance: Elise and Tony 6/8/17

    Elise and Tony went on a lunch date. She said he might have an odd sense of humor, but she wants to go on a second date. The only sound she's hearing from Tony is crickets. She asked us to get to the bottom of it. We did.

  • Julia has a bone to pick with Courntey Love

    Excuse me? You didn't raise Francis Bean.

  • The CoBra Gang: Who is The Dark Overlord?

    Bradley gets to the bottom of who's releasing all those TV shows...

  • The best of Ed Sheeran on Carpool Karaoke!

    Donna & Marley listen and react to their 9 favorite moments from Ed Sheeran on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden!

  • Birthday Prank Maggie's Board Exam date 6/7/17

    Jason birthday pranked Maggie with help from her boyfriend. Did she get the date to take her Board Exam wrong?

  • Lori's crazy swollen feet story

    It was the humidity in new Orleans!

  • Dawn licks stuff for $20

    Team CoBra wanted to see what people would lick for $20. Dawn did us proud!

  • Swapadoozy How-To Guide Lesson #2

    Still unsure how to use "swapadoozy" in a sentence? Never fear, Team CoBra is here to explain it in 42 easy lessons.

  • Confessions: What have you done to fit in?

    What lame thing have you done to try and fit in? Donna & Marley take calls in Confessions!

  • Steve Patterson & Alexis Pronounce Words Correctly

    There are several words that people mispronounce. Steve helps us sound smarter.

  • Dylan's Nobel speech sounds like a detective novel

    So we played the appropriate music in the background

  • Zac Efron DATING Radio Duo at the same time!

    Colleen and Bradley share exclusive breaking relationship news about Zac Efron

  • Billy Ray Cyrus' hideous Stanley Cup song

    Donna and Brad Paisley have a lot in common and Billy Ray Cyrus has gifted us an awful song.

  • Rachel Lindsay used to date Kevin Durant?!

    Why is she the Bachelorette?!?! She needs to hook that romance with Kevin Durant back up!

  • L & J interview the authors of "Public Relations"

    It's the first great beach read of the summer.

  • Bags: Plastic vs. Paper

    Colleen and Bradley don't agree on this perennial bag debate.

  • Jason and Alexis Part 2 Second chance Romance

    part 2 of Second Chance Romance on 6/1/17

  • Jason & Alexis Second Chance Romance Part 1

    Part one of Second Chance Romance 6/1/17

  • L & J chat with TV critic Neal justin

    Lots of new summer shows.

  • Lesbians evolved... because men?! No.

    Colleen and Bradley share the dumbest science story of the day.

  • MN vs. WI Spelling 'D'?!

    It didn't go well.

  • Donna explains "The Keepers" on Netflix

    It's the latest Netflix craze. Donna explains the hot but disturbing show, and also touches on the latest on Twin Peaks.

  • Sarah Silverman's "Speck of Dust" on Netflix

    Donna reviews "Speck of Dust," Sarah Silverman's new comedy special on Netflix.

  • Birthday Prank 5/31/17

    Dana asked us to Birthday Prank her husband Gary. They have planned a fun summer vacation in a cabin, Phyllis (aka Dawn) called to ruin those plans.

  • Lori & Julia's bear encounter

    And Julia wanted to roll down the window?

  • Will THIS make us go viral?!

    Colleen and Bradley try to go viral. Again. Bea Arthur's not having it.

  • Denny's is delivering. C&B aren't so sure...

    WTF is 'sizzle sausage'?

  • What have you accidentally left in your car?

    Inspired by a woman whose hairspray exploded through her windshield, Donna and Marley take calls on something you've left in your car that you shouldn't have. It's Confessions!

  • Alexis found the Song of Summer 2017! Or 2015? WHAT?!

    "I found the song of summer 2017!" That's what Lex wrote on our show grid. Only to find was released in 2015. So we explored others "songs of summer 2017."

  • What Marley ate out of the garbage

    Have you ever eaten out of the garbage? Apparently Donna and Marley are the only ones?

  • Why would anyone want to climb Mt. Everest?

    99% of our listeners say NO WAY!

  • Leave Jon Snow's manhood alone!

    The creators of Game of Thrones delivered a low blow to Jon Snow, and Marley's not happy about it.

  • Second Chance Romance: Justin and Maggie 5/25/17

    Justin and Maggie went out on one date. Justin said he felt chemistry and has asked her out multiple times via text message. He hasn't heard from her. What's up with that? We found out!

  • Alexis' baby dolls are turning on her!

    Freaky! Alexis' baby dolls called the show today. What did the leader say???

  • Lori & Julia talks movies with Chris Hewitt

    Which did he like and not like/

  • Steve O'Clock: What's The Hot Dog Dance?

    Steve Patterson explains the Hot Dog Dance to Donna & Marley. Also, Tom Cruise's hair, Waboom and tips for asking for a raise.

  • We overshared today in light of Ryan Seacrest not sharing anything personal

    Jason practices being the Knots Landing announcer alone in the shower, Dawn's a hooker -- she was kidding! -- she collects match boxes and Alexis collects little baby Renwal dolls no. 8. She thinks they're cute. Jason and Dawn...not so much.

  • Pass the WHAT? She meant poutine!!!

    Our bosses took all of us out for a fun dinner to celebrate. Bea Arthur ordered appetizers for all of us including POUTINE! That's what Lex meant.

  • L & J discuss The Bachelorette craziness

    What's with the guy who says "wa-boom"?

  • Live interview from Manchester!

    Colleen and Bradley speak with the owner of a restaurant in Manchester who's doing something special for emergency workers following the tragic attack last night.

  • Confessions: When have you locked yourself in/out

    Donna and Marley take calls about times you've locked yourself in or out of something. The stories are great!

  • Star Wars Vanity Fair covers, Star Wars inspired baby names and our boss is half iguana!

    Our first segment in the 8am hour was wackadoodledoodle! The four Vanity Fair covers with Star Wars characters are stunning. Dawn shared some Star Wars inspired baby names with us and we role played how they would sound in the real world. And we revealed a top secret: our boss Bea Arthur is half iguana!

  • When wedding speches go on TOO long.

    Please stop. We want to eat!

  • Colleen thinks Cher needs to dress her age.

    Colleen did not approve of Cher's wardrobe at the BBMAs Sunday night.

  • Terrance Howard is WILD on WWHL!

    Donna & Marley could not believe the things that came out of Terrence Howard's mouth on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night! They include his thoughts on fake boobs/butts and why he thinks 1 x 1 = 2.

  • Mommie Dead And Dearest!

    Colleen and Bradley interview the filmmaker behind this crazy new true crime documentary.

  • Jason saw Wonder Woman! He can't talk about it, so we asked Darth Vader

    Jason was in Los Angeles over the weekend to see Wonder Woman and interview the stars. He can't talk about it, so we asked Darth Vader if he liked the film.

  • It's the big day! Marley marries herself

    We have invited our second favorite millennial Marley to marry herself in a celebration of sologamy.

  • Songs people sing to their pets!

    This is a thing. Donna has a song she sings to her 13-year-old, and most of our myTalkers have made up pet songs, too!

  • Jason goes OFF on the Dynasty reboot

    WHY OH WHY? We watched the trailer for the CW's Dynasty reboot. The actors are 12 and wrong network for this reboot!

  • What's happening at the Cannes Film Festival

    All the big stars are there.

  • 'Cash Me Outside' girl is going on tour!

  • Second Chance Romance: Kelsey & Aaron 5/18/17

    Kelsey met Aaron at a charity event. He won concert tickets and invited her. She had a great time, but something seemed off. We got down to the bottom of the epidermis layer with this one! Will love get a second chance with this duo?

  • Fun with Julia's Random Thoughts

  • Trivial Intervention: The Office Sugar Pusher!

    Jeanne is fed up with Trish bombarding the office with sweets. Trish doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

  • Taylor Swift's new boyfriend has an audition tape!

    C&B obtained a copy of Joe Alwyn's audition tape, hoping to be Taylor Swift's latest fling.

  • Ryan Seacrest's first big bungle!

    Whoops! Ryan Seacrest just mistook actor Jeffrey Tambor for someone else on Live with Kelly & Ryan. Hear how Tambor reacted!

  • L & J interview author Holly Petersen

    Her great summer read is "It Happens in the Hamptons"

  • What makes frozen pizza wonderful?

    What's the one thing about frozen pizza that makes it so deliciously special?

  • What if Colleen did a Sean Spicer impression?

    It worked for Melissa McCarthy, why not Colleen?

  • Confessions: When have you avoided someone?

    Donna & Marley take calls on times you have hidden from or avoided someone! What a hoot!

  • Donna & Marley chat with Lauren Alaina

    Lauren Alaina got candid with Donna & Marley when chatting about her first #1 song, an upcoming movie and the return of American Idol.

  • Songs about buffaloes, shoelaces and gin remind us of our childhood

    Jason called Alexis "Queen of Buffaloes" today in his 7am introduction. That reminded her of a song her dad sings, which reminded Jason of a favorite childhood song and then Dawn shared a classic her dad enjoys. LOL funny friends!

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • Colleen bought a sauna. Lord, help us.

    Colleen bought a used sauna on Craigslist and Bradley is concerned.

  • Miss MN isn't even from MN!?

    Mike Marcotte has a beef with the current Miss MN.

  • Steve O'Clock: Steve got a tattoo

    Steve tells the story of getting a tattoo. He also recommends a new show and song, and shares his feelings on Pitbull to comfort Donna.

  • Did you give birth vaginally? Revisiting sweet memories LOL!

    Yep. Years ago, Lex asked a stranger if she gave birth vaginally. Strangers to this day will still whisper, "just so you know, I gave birth vaginally!" Cracks us up every time!

  • #CheatDayFriday: Caramel M&M's

    Are they good? Or gross? Find out.

  • Colleen wrote a Steve Harvey memo to her kids!

    And it's hilarious

  • We can't believe the box office predictions!

    Donna & Marley discuss the box office forecast, and how Snatched isn't showing up where they want it to. Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn continue to make the rounds and shock audiences.

  • The latest on Johnny Depp's financial mess

    Lawsuits are going to be flying

  • C&B expose LoJ Diva Moments!

    Colleen and Bradley found that even myTalk has a diva or two.

  • Kelly & Ryan Cover Up EXPOSED!

    Colleen and Bradley have exposed a pretty crazy Kelly and Ryan cover up!

  • Tips for the perfect kids birthday party!

    Donna & Marley chat with parents about how to throw the perfect birthday party for both the kids and their parents.

  • Second Chance Romance: Paul & Michelle

    Paul wanted our help with a second chance at love with Michelle. They went on one date and even kissed at the end. Now she's not getting back to him. We figured out why.

  • What do Millennials think about adulthood?

    Colleen and Bradley employ another Millennial panel to get to the bottom of the generation's feelings on adulthood.

  • Lori & Julia chat with Mayte Garcia in studio

    Prince's first wife Mayte Garcia is in studio with Lori & Julia to talk about her book "Most Beautiful." What a treat!

  • Marley's review of "Snatched"

    Marley saw Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn's new movie "Snatched"! Marley has a very different take on it than Jason!

  • Eileen Davidson on Jason & Alexis

    What a delightful woman! We talked about Young & The Restless, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a movie she's making with her husband.

  • American Idol is coming back. Do you care?

    Our listeners overwhelmingly give it a big NO!

  • Pizza's Court: Milk with Pizza?

    Is it really ok to drink milk with pizza?

  • Ideas for the limited edition Oreo!

    Donna & Marley brainstorm and take your calls on flavors for the upcoming limited edition Oreo!

  • Steve O'Clock: The return of American Idol

    Steve is excited about the return of American Idol and an overrated Oscar nominated film.

  • Just what does it mean to be "nice"?

    Turns out it is not as simple as it seems.

  • Bradley tells the Queen how to do her job

    Queen Elizabeth is driving and Bradley is not having it.

  • Tipsy: Coffee hacks!

    Marley gives Donna tips on coffee drinking, and they test one out live on the air. Try these at home!

  • 8 month old movie review: Fifty Shades Darker

    Jason saw the extended, unrated version of Fifty Shades Darker. It was a turd and so unfair. We see every inch of Dakota Johnson; where's Jamie Dornan's parts? More Jamie Dornan please!

  • Anna Wintour's gala chair days are numbered

    Donna & Marley discuss backlash to the Met Gala, and why Anna Winter is to blame.

  • Julia is not happy with Mt. Everest climbers

    She goes on a bit of a rant.

  • Tipsy: an iPhone calculator hack

    In Tipsy, Donna & Marley share an iPhone calculator hack, a scam to watch out for, and how to get the Hollywood look without hair extensions.

  • Second Chance Romance: Rachel and Rich 5/4/17

    Rachel and Rich went out for a coffee date. She felt sparks, but hasn't heard a thing from Rich. It's been two weeks. What up with that? We got to the bottom of it.

  • The Baboon Song by Angel

    Alexis' husband did this cute song about the baboon's of Africa

  • L & J interview author Julie Buntin

    Her wonderful book is "Marlena"

  • The Team CoBra Frappucino

    Colleen and Bradley try to make their signature Starbucks Frappucino go viral. Will they be successful?

  • These Three Things: The Kardashians

    It's three stories, one topic. Donna & Marley debut "These Three Things" to discuss today's top three headlines about the Kardashians.

  • Honeymoon horror stories!