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  • Jason's Just Sayin about Rude Litter Bugs

    Jason went to the Tommie/Johnie game, and witnessed 3 Tommies litter.

  • CoBra Gang: What is Gina Rodriguez up to?

    Not the actress, the z-list talent agent.

  • Working My Last Nerve: Strawberries

    Find out why these little red devil orbs deserve a permanent place on the trash heap.

  • Marley's still not over Phelps vs. Shark

    Phelps is getting what he deserves!

  • L & J interview Kardashian book author.

    Jerry Oppenheimer dug deep into the family's history,

  • Aladdin and Jasmine in the studio!

    C&B chat with the leads of "Aladdin," now playing at the Orpheum.

  • Jason Guzman's family is in Puerto Rico facing Hurricane Maria.

    Colleen and Bradley check in with a friend whose family is riding out Hurricane Maria as it comes ashore in Puerto Rico.

  • Donna & Marley take on Taylor Swift

    Donna and Marley can't help but make fun of the talking part in Taylor Swift's song "Look What You Made Me Do." They know how they can improve the song.

  • Birthday Pranks 9/20/17 Maid Service

    Dawn pranks Eli for his wife Crystal about a sexy maid service.

  • Oh Mariah. You've done it again.

    They moved you around like a piece of furniture.

  • C&B talk to Coco Peru about her Mpls debut!

    Find out why the drag legend is headed to the Twin Cities!

  • Music: Lindsay Lohan cover & Tay Tay gets sued

    It's good to hear from Lindsay Lohan again. You go Joanne.

  • A peak behind the myTalk curtain

    Donna, Marley and Steve get into the behind the scenes of TV and radio at the company.

  • C&B's 30-second Pop Culture Challenge!

    Test your pop culture skillz!

  • Steve O'Clock: Tipsy & Colorforms

    Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley for tipsy. Donna brings up color forms and things devolve as usual.

  • The cheese tea experiment!

    Marley and Miss Shannan experiment with the hottest new food trend, cheesy tea. It sounds gross, but was it?

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 9/14/17

    Phillip thought of everything on Lacey's date, except to change his personality.

  • J & A interview - Will and Grace audience

    Joe G. is a mytalker who went to a taping of Will and Grace episode 5 on Wednesday! 9/14/17

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    Always filled with fun facts

  • Why is Madonna sending people her panties?

    Find out when Colleen and Bradley dig deep into the mystery of Madonna's undergarments!

  • Lori & Julia's Vintage Scandal

    Iconic model Lauren Hutton

  • Are You Normal: Fall Flavor Edition

    Do you like Pumpkin Pie? Is that normal? Find out.

  • Post Irma Update from Southwest Florida!

    Colleen and Bradley check in with NBC2's Stacey Deffenbaugh about how southwest Florida is doing days after Hurricane Irma.

  • The best of the Hand in Hand telethon

    Marley and Ryan discuss highlights from the incredible Hurricane relief telethon that took place on Tuesday night.

  • Jason & Alexis Birthday Prank 9/13/17 NAKED SNOWMOBILING?!

    Jason put on his "dude" voice and tried to buy a snowmobile for naked recreation.

  • Lori & Donny scare Julia with "It" talk

    Will you guys please stop already!

  • Farmers Market Hipsters are annoying!

    Bradley says hipsters are working his last nerve at the farmers market.

  • Confessions: What are you embarrassed to love?

    What is something you love, that no one else does? We take calls during Tuesday's 11:30 Confessions!

  • Sex Monday w/Lori and Julia

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • Claire's mom is stuck on St. John following Irma!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Claire, whose mother is still on the island of St. John following Hurricane Irma's destruction last week.

  • Bradley's mom talks about staying in Florida for Irma!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Bradley's mom, Elaine, about her decision to stay in Naples, Florida during Hurricane Irma.

  • L & J chat with author Laurie Gelman

    Her very funny book is "Class Mom"

  • Bachelor In Paradise Stars confirm they are ENGAGED!

    Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth spread the word officially on Jason and Alexis in the Morning: They are getting hitched! Hear it here!

  • What events changed the world during your lifetime?

    Colleen and Bradley asked the office to name three events that changed the world during their lifetimes.

  • How to pronounce February

    Donna, Marley & Steve get to the bottom of the mysterious pronunciation of the month "February."

  • Donny's review of Stephen Kings's "It"

  • C&B interview Robert from Puerto Rico!

    Team CoBra interviewed Robert Guzman live from Puerto Rico Wednesday afternoon as Hurricane Irma was about to make landfall.

  • Bradley's mom prepares for Hurricane Irma!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Bradley's mom Elaine about the impending arrival of Hurricane Irma.

  • Dawn McClain reviews "IT"

    Dawn of the morning show loves scary movies! Listen to her chat with Donna & Marley about seeing the new remake of "IT".

  • Jason & Alexis Birthday Prank 9/6/17

    Allison wants to prank Bill about how smart their dog is.

  • L & J decode Taylor Swift's lyrics

  • Donna & Marley remember Tam

    Rest in Peace our sweet Tam. We remember Tam's most hilarious and touching moments during her time on myTalk.

  • We opened The Happy Parent Hotline today!

    Parents rejoice. School's back in session! myTalkers are hilarious.

  • Fill -in Lori and Fill-in Julia's Top Five at Five: State Fair Edition

    Fill-in Lori and Fill-in Julia stop by the Minnesota State Fair to give their top five ways that myTalk can improve their state fair presence...

  • Jason & Alexis-Second Chance Romance

    This is an update from 8/24/17 from Carolyn, the unsuspecting girlfriend of our mystery man, Alex.

  • MN's American Humane Society heads to TX!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with AHS's CEO about their work to help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.

  • Furniture store owner opens showrooms to flood victims!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Mattress Mack, Jim McIngvale, who opened several of his Gallery Furniture locations throughout Houston to house people stranded by Hurricane Harvey.

  • Bradley's sister is live in Houston.

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Bradley's sister Janet about the flooding in Texas.

  • Clowns are getting a bad rap because of "It"!

    Colleen and Bradley talk to the President of the World Clown Association.

  • Lori & Julia interview Lizz Winstead

    It's become an annual State Fair tradition: The ladies chat with "The Daily Show" co-creator, comedian and all-around rad human being Lizz Winstead. They chat about state fair foods, Prince and Lizz's dedication to her dog's well-being.

  • Birthday Pranks- Dawn Pranks Jill at the Fair

    Jill had one job to do; that was to watch over the goats her husband entered to the Fair. 8/30/17

  • 10-year-old rapper Priest Jones joins Lori & Julia

    10-year-old rapper Priest Jones and his mom, Tryenyse, join Lori and Julia to talk about his music and why he wants to create and share positive rhymes. What a talent!

  • Help Houston's Four-Legged Friends & Family!

    Colleen and Bradley spoke Tuesday to the Houston SPCA about helping animals following Hurricane Harvey.

  • Lori & Julia interview "Blue Ribbon Baker" Marjorie Johnson

    What would a broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair be without a visit from the blue ribbon baking legend herself, Marjorie Johnson? We love her!

  • The Flooding in Texas

    A high school friend covering the flooding in Texas gives us the harrowing details.

  • Birthday Pranks - Tammy Hates Sharks

    Jason Pranks Tammy who wants to do ANYTHING on land for their shore excursion. She gets SHARKS instead.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 8/25/17

    Gina called about her date with Alex. We get someone else on the phone...but it's not Alex.

  • L & J chat with the very funny John O'Hurley

    One of our best state Fair guests ever.

  • Lori & Julia interview John O'Hurley

    Lori and Julia interviewed actor John O'Hurley on Day 1 of the Minnesota State Fair. John talks about meeting Frank Sinatra, gives a secret "Seinfeld" monologue and remembers the time he put one of LoJ's BodyPerks on his chest!

  • Lord & Lady D-Bag: KitKat & Upstairs Lady Bags!

    We crown a new d-bag every day.

  • L & J talk movies with critic Chris Hewitt

  • State Fair Tips & Tricks!

    Listeners call in with their favorite ways to make the fair even more fun!

  • L & J Hollywood Speak Paris Hilton

    Paris wished her 2006 album a happy birthday.

  • Can you "Guess the Celebrity Age?!"

    Find out how good you are at guessing celebrity ages!

  • Sex Monday w/Lori and Julia

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • Monday Morning Movie Reviews

    Listeners call with their reviews of movies and we review some oldies but goodies

  • MNDOT Expert gives us the 411 on upcoming construction projects!

    Learn everything you need to know about the four-year-long construction program that's about to get underway/.

  • L & J give their take on Project D&D

    Lori's weird explanation of why we are qualified.

  • MN Zoo joins C&B!

    We got to play with animals today!

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 081717

    Jason and Alexis talk to Drew and Meg

  • L & J talk about the day Elvid died.

    Thie city of Memphis went into mourning just as we did when Prince died.

  • The Project Down & Dirty announcement!

    The theme of the seventh Project Down & Dirty is revealed on Jason & Alexis.

  • UK guy tweets Kim K, makes loads of cash!

    Listen to our fun interview with Jerome Billingham about his Twitter fame following a Kim Kardashian tweet.

  • MyTalk listeners tell their best jokes!

    It's National Joke day! Donna & Marley take listeners best and worst jokes! Get ready to crack up!

  • Bachelor in Paradise faces its scandal

    Donna & Marley discuss how Bachelor in Paradise handled the scandalous production shutdown in the second part of their premiere.

  • Alexis attempts Birthday Pranks...and fails x 3!

    Here's three reasons why Jason and Dawn do Birthday Pranks.

  • L & J chat with author Karen Dionne

    Her book is the thriller "The Marsh King's Daughter"

  • Inside the Mind of Millennials!

    Colleen and Bradley delve deep into the mind of MN Millennials.

  • Bachelor in Paradise premieres

    Donna & Marley discuss how Bachelor In Paradise is handling the Corinne & DeMario scandal, which guy dressed up in drag on a date and what happened to Robby Hayes?

  • Jason & Alexis: Passenger Pet Peeves!

    My-talkers describe the gross things they've seen and experienced on flights. A flight attendant calls in with a shocking story!

  • Kat Perkins talks tribute concerts!

    Voice alum and C&B friend Kat Perkins joins the show to talk about the art of the cover band.

  • L & J and the homework debate

    To give or not to give.

  • C&B chat with Taylor Swift Courtroom Sketch Artist!

    We spoke with the guy whose job it is to draw Taylor Swift during her high-profile groping trial.

  • Steve reviews Coldplay at US Bank Stadium!

    Steve Patterson went to his sixth concert ever! He saw Coldplay at US Bank Stadium. Find out how many Garys he gave the show!

  • Interview: Vinny from Bachelor in Paradise

    Vinny Ventiera joins Marley and Miss Shannan to chat about the Bachelor in Paradise shutdown, the Bachelorette finale and if he has found love!

  • L & J hope Project D&D will be...

    Not too likely to happen.

  • Interview: Stan Zimmerman & Melissa Peterman

    Have you heard of "Silver Foxes"? Think gay "Golden Girls". Two of the people trying to make it happen called into the show today!

  • Jason and Alexis: The Top 5 TV Comedy Ensembles

    The Top 5 TV Comedy Ensembles

  • Deep thoughts on penguins with Donna & Marley

    While sharing advice from bartenders, Donna and Marley wander down a strange road involving penguins.

  • L & J: Brad & Angie. Could they reunite?

    We are very skeptical.

  • Lord & Lady D-Bag!

    Find out who earned top honors this day!

  • Crazy Stupid Idiots!

    Today's CSI segment was extra special dumb.

  • Donna & Marley remember Glen Campbell

    Donna & Marley remember and pay tribute to Glen Campbell, with Donna offering personal impressions from having interviewed the country music giant.

  • Birthday Prank: Mitchell at the Dentist

    With help from son Mitchell, Dawn Birthday Pranks Claire. "He says he doesn't have a mom."

  • L & J discuss The Bachelorette finale

  • Little Caesars loves introverts!

    The company's 'pizza portal' promises to remove humans from the mix.

  • Bachelorette Rachel made a big mistake

    Donna & Marley think Rachel made a mistake in choosing Bryan. They discuss Twitter's reaction to the Bachelorette finale and how long the relationship is going to last.

  • L & J tallk about the ta-ta towel.

    So what the heck is it?

  • Review: Bruno Mars at the X!

    Donna, Marley and Steve discuss their time at the Bruno Mars concert on Saturday at the Xcel Energy Center

  • Nice gestures that drive us crazy

    We know they mean well, but...

  • Luann & Tom: The break-up that shocked no one

    Luann finally filed for divorce from Tom D'Agostino, and no one is surprised. Donna & Marley break it down.

  • Hollywood fighting back against Rotten Tomatoes

    Lori & Julia don't think it will matter.

  • Colleen & Bradley drop a new single!

    Funny words set to music make for great radio. Or so we thought.

  • Justin Bieber breaks his silence

    We forgive you Biebs! Go get better, because we need some more hits.

  • So what does the Queen eat every day?

    Lori and Julia have the details

  • More like National Night IN!

    Bradley doesn't like to spend time with his neighbors.

  • Queen Elizabeth drinks a lot

    Queen Elizabeth could drink us under the table! Donna & Marley discuss the matriarch's daily drinking habits.

  • L & J loved Matthew McConaughey on Colbert

    He gives great couch.

  • Confessions: The gift of ugly jewelry

    Has your significant other ever bought you ugly jewelry? Or did you receive it from Aunt Maude? Donna & Marley take your calls!

  • How Many Calories Are In This Dish!?

    You're not going to believe how many calories are in this dish.

  • Sex Monday w/Lori and Julia

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • Does anybody actually order off the secret menu?

    It's a very important question.

  • C&B: Can you bring your dog to a cemetery?

    It's an important question. Really.

  • Donna & Marley taste test some bad music

    Donna and Marley love music, but not this music.

  • Donna & Marley discuss 'The Gong Show'

    Donna & Marley discuss how ridiculous 'The Gong Show.' The entire show is so weird, especially Sethward the Snake!

  • Bea Arthur's BIG Disney announcement on Jason & Alexis

    Bea Arthur's BIG Disney announcement this morning didn't go as planned. With a few rolls into voicemail and a tweet sent too early, it was one disappointment after another. It was something. We are going to Disney...On Ice.

  • L & J play "How Well Do We Know Each Other"

    Let's find out shall we?

  • Donna & Marley chat with Andy Cohen!

    Donna & Marley get the chance to chat with Andy Cohen about his show Love Connection. They also get to ask some juicy questions.

  • L & J & The great group text debate

  • Millennials are killing EVERYTHING!

    Find out why Colleen and Bradley have called millennials on the carpet yet again.

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    Your dog can act like a teenager?


    We see your shark, Michael, and we raise you a SNAKE!

  • Steve weighs in on the topic of "brosectomies"

    Donna, Marley, and Steve discuss the pros and cons of "brosectomies" and colon cleanses.

  • Marley's 3 takeaways from this week's GOT

    Marley has three takeaways from this week's episode of Game of Thrones. Plus: exciting news for the HBO series.

  • Donna & Marley review "Dunkirk"

    Donna & Marley share their feelings and surprising revelations about this weekend's box office winner.

  • Phelps vs. Shark was a FLOP!

    Donna & Marley laugh at the absurdity of what was "Phelps vs. Shark" on Discovery channel on Sunday. Shark Week is going to pay for this!!!!

  • More Beat Shazam Fun with L & J

    We do it every Friday at 4:30