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  • What Marley ate out of the garbage

    Have you ever eaten out of the garbage? Apparently Donna and Marley are the only ones?

  • Why would anyone want to climb Mt. Everest?

    99% of our listeners say NO WAY!

  • Leave Jon Snow's manhood alone!

    The creators of Game of Thrones delivered a low blow to Jon Snow, and Marley's not happy about it.

  • Second Chance Romance: Justin and Maggie 5/25/17

    Justin and Maggie went out on one date. Justin said he felt chemistry and has asked her out multiple times via text message. He hasn't heard from her. What's up with that? We found out!

  • Alexis' baby dolls are turning on her!

    Freaky! Alexis' baby dolls called the show today. What did the leader say???

  • Lori & Julia talks movies with Chris Hewitt

    Which did he like and not like/

  • Steve O'Clock: What's The Hot Dog Dance?

    Steve Patterson explains the Hot Dog Dance to Donna & Marley. Also, Tom Cruise's hair, Waboom and tips for asking for a raise.

  • We overshared today in light of Ryan Seacrest not sharing anything personal

    Jason practices being the Knots Landing announcer alone in the shower, Dawn's a hooker -- she was kidding! -- she collects match boxes and Alexis collects little baby Renwal dolls no. 8. She thinks they're cute. Jason and Dawn...not so much.

  • Pass the WHAT? She meant poutine!!!

    Our bosses took all of us out for a fun dinner to celebrate. Bea Arthur ordered appetizers for all of us including POUTINE! That's what Lex meant.

  • L & J discuss The Bachelorette craziness

    What's with the guy who says "wa-boom"?

  • Live interview from Manchester!

    Colleen and Bradley speak with the owner of a restaurant in Manchester who's doing something special for emergency workers following the tragic attack last night.

  • Confessions: When have you locked yourself in/out

    Donna and Marley take calls about times you've locked yourself in or out of something. The stories are great!

  • Star Wars Vanity Fair covers, Star Wars inspired baby names and our boss is half iguana!

    Our first segment in the 8am hour was wackadoodledoodle! The four Vanity Fair covers with Star Wars characters are stunning. Dawn shared some Star Wars inspired baby names with us and we role played how they would sound in the real world. And we revealed a top secret: our boss Bea Arthur is half iguana!

  • When wedding speches go on TOO long.

    Please stop. We want to eat!

  • Colleen thinks Cher needs to dress her age.

    Colleen did not approve of Cher's wardrobe at the BBMAs Sunday night.

  • Terrance Howard is WILD on WWHL!

    Donna & Marley could not believe the things that came out of Terrence Howard's mouth on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night! They include his thoughts on fake boobs/butts and why he thinks 1 x 1 = 2.

  • Mommie Dead And Dearest!

    Colleen and Bradley interview the filmmaker behind this crazy new true crime documentary.

  • Jason saw Wonder Woman! He can't talk about it, so we asked Darth Vader

    Jason was in Los Angeles over the weekend to see Wonder Woman and interview the stars. He can't talk about it, so we asked Darth Vader if he liked the film.

  • It's the big day! Marley marries herself

    We have invited our second favorite millennial Marley to marry herself in a celebration of sologamy.

  • Songs people sing to their pets!

    This is a thing. Donna has a song she sings to her 13-year-old, and most of our myTalkers have made up pet songs, too!

  • Jason goes OFF on the Dynasty reboot

    WHY OH WHY? We watched the trailer for the CW's Dynasty reboot. The actors are 12 and wrong network for this reboot!

  • What's happening at the Cannes Film Festival

    All the big stars are there.

  • 'Cash Me Outside' girl is going on tour!

  • Second Chance Romance: Kelsey & Aaron 5/18/17

    Kelsey met Aaron at a charity event. He won concert tickets and invited her. She had a great time, but something seemed off. We got down to the bottom of the epidermis layer with this one! Will love get a second chance with this duo?

  • Fun with Julia's Random Thoughts

  • Trivial Intervention: The Office Sugar Pusher!

    Jeanne is fed up with Trish bombarding the office with sweets. Trish doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

  • Taylor Swift's new boyfriend has an audition tape!

    C&B obtained a copy of Joe Alwyn's audition tape, hoping to be Taylor Swift's latest fling.

  • Ryan Seacrest's first big bungle!

    Whoops! Ryan Seacrest just mistook actor Jeffrey Tambor for someone else on Live with Kelly & Ryan. Hear how Tambor reacted!

  • L & J interview author Holly Petersen

    Her great summer read is "It Happens in the Hamptons"

  • What makes frozen pizza wonderful?

    What's the one thing about frozen pizza that makes it so deliciously special?

  • What if Colleen did a Sean Spicer impression?

    It worked for Melissa McCarthy, why not Colleen?

  • Confessions: When have you avoided someone?

    Donna & Marley take calls on times you have hidden from or avoided someone! What a hoot!

  • Donna & Marley chat with Lauren Alaina

    Lauren Alaina got candid with Donna & Marley when chatting about her first #1 song, an upcoming movie and the return of American Idol.

  • Songs about buffaloes, shoelaces and gin remind us of our childhood

    Jason called Alexis "Queen of Buffaloes" today in his 7am introduction. That reminded her of a song her dad sings, which reminded Jason of a favorite childhood song and then Dawn shared a classic her dad enjoys. LOL funny friends!

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • Colleen bought a sauna. Lord, help us.

    Colleen bought a used sauna on Craigslist and Bradley is concerned.

  • Miss MN isn't even from MN!?

    Mike Marcotte has a beef with the current Miss MN.

  • Steve O'Clock: Steve got a tattoo

    Steve tells the story of getting a tattoo. He also recommends a new show and song, and shares his feelings on Pitbull to comfort Donna.

  • Did you give birth vaginally? Revisiting sweet memories LOL!

    Yep. Years ago, Lex asked a stranger if she gave birth vaginally. Strangers to this day will still whisper, "just so you know, I gave birth vaginally!" Cracks us up every time!

  • #CheatDayFriday: Caramel M&M's

    Are they good? Or gross? Find out.

  • Colleen wrote a Steve Harvey memo to her kids!

    And it's hilarious

  • We can't believe the box office predictions!

    Donna & Marley discuss the box office forecast, and how Snatched isn't showing up where they want it to. Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn continue to make the rounds and shock audiences.

  • The latest on Johnny Depp's financial mess

    Lawsuits are going to be flying

  • C&B expose LoJ Diva Moments!

    Colleen and Bradley found that even myTalk has a diva or two.

  • Kelly & Ryan Cover Up EXPOSED!

    Colleen and Bradley have exposed a pretty crazy Kelly and Ryan cover up!

  • Tips for the perfect kids birthday party!

    Donna & Marley chat with parents about how to throw the perfect birthday party for both the kids and their parents.

  • Second Chance Romance: Paul & Michelle

    Paul wanted our help with a second chance at love with Michelle. They went on one date and even kissed at the end. Now she's not getting back to him. We figured out why.

  • What do Millennials think about adulthood?

    Colleen and Bradley employ another Millennial panel to get to the bottom of the generation's feelings on adulthood.

  • Lori & Julia chat with Mayte Garcia in studio

    Prince's first wife Mayte Garcia is in studio with Lori & Julia to talk about her book "Most Beautiful." What a treat!

  • Marley's review of "Snatched"

    Marley saw Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn's new movie "Snatched"! Marley has a very different take on it than Jason!

  • Eileen Davidson on Jason & Alexis

    What a delightful woman! We talked about Young & The Restless, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a movie she's making with her husband.

  • American Idol is coming back. Do you care?

    Our listeners overwhelmingly give it a big NO!

  • Pizza's Court: Milk with Pizza?

    Is it really ok to drink milk with pizza?

  • Ideas for the limited edition Oreo!

    Donna & Marley brainstorm and take your calls on flavors for the upcoming limited edition Oreo!

  • Steve O'Clock: The return of American Idol

    Steve is excited about the return of American Idol and an overrated Oscar nominated film.

  • Just what does it mean to be "nice"?

    Turns out it is not as simple as it seems.

  • Bradley tells the Queen how to do her job

    Queen Elizabeth is driving and Bradley is not having it.

  • Tipsy: Coffee hacks!

    Marley gives Donna tips on coffee drinking, and they test one out live on the air. Try these at home!

  • 8 month old movie review: Fifty Shades Darker

    Jason saw the extended, unrated version of Fifty Shades Darker. It was a turd and so unfair. We see every inch of Dakota Johnson; where's Jamie Dornan's parts? More Jamie Dornan please!

  • Anna Wintour's gala chair days are numbered

    Donna & Marley discuss backlash to the Met Gala, and why Anna Winter is to blame.

  • Julia is not happy with Mt. Everest climbers

    She goes on a bit of a rant.

  • Tipsy: an iPhone calculator hack

    In Tipsy, Donna & Marley share an iPhone calculator hack, a scam to watch out for, and how to get the Hollywood look without hair extensions.

  • Second Chance Romance: Rachel and Rich 5/4/17

    Rachel and Rich went out for a coffee date. She felt sparks, but hasn't heard a thing from Rich. It's been two weeks. What up with that? We got to the bottom of it.

  • The Baboon Song by Angel

    Alexis' husband did this cute song about the baboon's of Africa

  • L & J interview author Julie Buntin

    Her wonderful book is "Marlena"

  • The Team CoBra Frappucino

    Colleen and Bradley try to make their signature Starbucks Frappucino go viral. Will they be successful?

  • These Three Things: The Kardashians

    It's three stories, one topic. Donna & Marley debut "These Three Things" to discuss today's top three headlines about the Kardashians.

  • Honeymoon horror stories!

    Donna & Marley take calls on the least glamorous things that have happened on honeymoons. They're not always as glamorous as you'd think!

  • Birthday Prank: Mother's Day reservations

    We Birthday Pranked Jeff with help from his wife Brandi. He had one job for Mother's Day brunch: make the reservation! Dawn shattered that in one call. LOL!

  • Th tale of Lori and the bunnies

    She is their one true protector


    Which kind of crust is ideal?

  • Confessions: What are you too old to be doing?

    Marley just realized she did something she's too old to be doing. Do you have one? It's Confessions with Donna & Marley!

  • Best & worst dressed at the Met Gala

    There were tragedies and showstoppers on fashion's biggest night at the Met Gala on Monday. Donna & Marley break it down.

  • Second Chance Romance: Crystal & Justin

    Crystal is being ghosted by Justin. Maybe she said something wrong or SHOWED too much!

  • A toot in the face on DWTS last night?!

    Last night's DWTS included a cartwheel and a toot in the face while David Ross and Lindsay Arnold practiced. It's funny, but we were surprised to see it on TV.

  • Sex Monday w/ Lori & Julia

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • Steve reacts to 'Live' Kelly & Ryan announcement

    Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to discuss the one downside of Ryan Seacrest becoming Kelly Ripa's new co-host on Live. Also, a 24 year old movie that's worth a watch.

  • Ryan Seacrest named Kelly Ripa's co-host

    When Jason revealed Ryan Seacrest is Kelly Ripa's new co-host, Alexis and Dawn thought he was joking. Nope. Do we like this duo? myTalkers called in with their thoughts too.

  • Steve O'Clock: Steve's a pop machine

    Steve Patterson tells Donna & Marley that McDonalds is doing away with an old favorite, and why he's covered in wires.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 4/28/17

    Jordan went out with Christy. He turned her off by really being pervy about this one thing.

  • Second Chance Romance 4/28/17

    Jordan and Christy went out. He said something over and over that made her turned off. Find out what it is on this edition of Second Chance Romance!

  • Lori's latest theory is about California

    Those folks seem to see a lot of UFOs.

  • Would You Rather: The Sex vs. Food edition

    Donna & Marley play "Would You Rather" with the best sex vs. food questions. What would you rather?!

  • Julia's Random Thoughts goes disco!

    As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Studio 54.

  • Trivial Intervention: Where's the soap?!

    Colleen and Holly have a Trivial Intervention with Leslie and Corey. Apparently, Corey doesn't like to use soap when he washes the dishes... What's up with that?

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Prank: Couples Massage

    Jason helps Derrick prank his wife Tanya. She looks forward to her birthday massage. She doesn't know that she will have to share a room with another stranger.

  • Lori & Julia discuss the Madonna biopic

    Which actress could get that coveted role?

  • A shocking elimination from DWTS

    There was a shocking elimination on Dancing with the Stars last night. Also, who is losing their marbles and who are we going to see in the finals.

  • Jason and Steph Talk 13 Reasons Why

    13 Reasons Why-The Netflix series that has everyone talking.

  • L & J share more nonsense from GOOP

    Oh Gwyneth, when will it stop?

  • The tale of Frump 1 and Frump 2

    Donna & Marley received an hilarious email regarding their appearance while visiting Paisley Park recently.

  • Lori & Julia interview Stacia Lang, Prince's costume designer

    Lori & Julia chat with Stacia Lang, Prince's costume designer in the early '90's, about his legendary sense of style.

  • myTalk Celebrates Prince - "Prince: The Secret Life"

    Colleen and Alisha interview Michael Kelley, one of the Executive Producers of "Prince: The Secret Life" airing on Reelz Channel.

  • myTalk Celebrates Prince: Paul McGuire Grimes on Prince's TV and movie appearances

    Movie and TV critic Paul McGuire Grimes joins Colleen and Alisha to remember Prince's appearances in film and TV!

  • Colleen & Holly interview author Ben Greenman

    Colleen and Holly interview New York Times best-selling author Ben Greenman about his new book, "DIG IF YOU WILL THE PICTURE: Funk, Sex, God and Genius in the Music of Prince."

  • myTalk Celebrates Prince: The Round Table

    Colleen, Donna, Lori and Rocco share their memories of Prince and his legacy on the first anniversary of his passing in this special round table discussion.

  • Prince Talk - Inside Paisley Park during the anniversary of Prince's death.

    From our Prince Round Table on myTalk 107.1

  • myTalkers share intimate Prince moments

    Donna & Marley take calls on listeners' favorite Prince moments.

  • The best Prince tribute ever

    Donna & Marley discuss what they think still might be the best tribute to Prince we've seen yet.

  • Is this the most underrated Prince song ever?

    Steve Patterson presents to Donna & Marley what he thinks is the most underrated Prince song of all time.

  • Prince's best TV moments

    Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to remember some of Prince's television appearances, including on New Girl and the Muppets.

  • Prince chats with Arsenio Hall in 2014

    Donna & Marley discuss one of Prince's final talk show appearances on the Arsenio Hall show in 2014.

  • Prince's #1 songs

    Donna & Marley continue taking calls on special moments with Prince and take a listen to a few of hit #1 hits.

  • myTalkers share favorite Prince moments

    Donna & Marley take calls on favorite all-time Prince moments, whether they were personal interactions or performances. Donna also shares one things she wishes she could see in Paisley Park.

  • Prince explains why he was flashy

    On with Arsenio Hall in 2014, Prince explained why he was so flashy early in his career.

  • Mel B interviews Prince (Part 2)

    Donna & Marley continue to discuss Prince's 1996 interview with Mel B.

  • One of Prince's favorite interviews

    Spice Girl Mel B interviewed Prince in 1998 in what he proclaimed at the time was his favorite interview.

  • Dawn's visit to Paisley Park on Thursday

    Dawn McClain of the morning show joins Donna & Marley to describe her experience at Paisley Park on Thursday.

  • Donna & Marley visit Paisley Park

    Donna & Marley discuss the highlights of having visited Paisley Park last weekend.

  • Prince Talk - Paisley Park

    Donna and Marley talk about what you see at Paisley Park now.

  • Prince talk - Memories about the day that Prince died.

    Jason, Stephanie and Dawn talk about the day - and night - that Prince died.

  • Prince talk - his relationships and marriages.

    Jason, Stephanie and Dawn talk about the loves of Prince's life.

  • Jason plays Prince's interview with Oprah.

    Prince coverage April 21, 2017 All Prince, all day long - on myTalk 107.1

  • Jason talks to listeners who had run into Prince in various places.

    Prince coverage April 21, 2017 All Prince, all day long - on myTalk 107.1

  • Jason talks Prince and a listener runs into Prince at a job interview.

    Prince coverage April 21, 2017 All Prince, all day long - on myTalk 107.1.

  • Sheila E interview

    Jason talks to Prince friend and band mate Sheila E.

  • Calls about Prince in listeners lives

    A woman's boyfriend cheats on her at a Prince concert and the story about Prince stopping to talk to a homeless man in Minneapolis.

  • Listener Prince sightings

    Jason and listeners talk about sightings and brushes with Prince in the Twin Cities.

  • The Minneapolis skyline's purple tribute to Prince.

    Prince talk about his love and loyalty to Minnesota and to the Twin Cities.

  • What was it like to see a Prince Show at Paisley Park?

    Stephanie went to one of the last performances that Prince did not long before he died.

  • Day One with Dawn at the Paisley Park celebration

    Jason and Dawn talk about Dawn's tour of Paisley Park and the special Prince Panel she got to witness as Day 1 of the anniversary celebration kicked off at Paisley.

  • Memories from listeners on their memories about Prince

    Prince coverage April 21, 2017 All Prince, all day long - on myTalk 107.1

  • Prince Talk on Jason and Alexis

    Jason talks about the day Prince died and reaction from the audience at his television show.

  • First memories of Prince as a musician

    Talk about the music and songs that first made us Prince fans.

  • Lori & Julia chat with author Jo Piazza

    Her new book is "How To Be Married"

  • Colleen & Holly's Sober 4/20 Thoughts

    Time to get real deep and stuff with Colleen and Holly (who are total narcs, BTW...)

  • Second Chance Romance 4/20/17

    Tori has questions about why Nate won't call her back. Jason, Stephanie and Dawn try to help them. Will they go out again?

  • L & J say do NOT use garlic for this

    Not sound medical advice people

  • It's Lori's world, we're just living in it...

    I mean, it's pretty obvious. Party time! Excellent!

  • Jason's TV Show gets another National Run this summer.

    Jason's Talk Show is doing another National Trial Run. Stephanie Hansen has some great questions.

  • Who should have been People's Most Beautiful

    Donna & Marley are not happy with the selection of Julia Robert's as People's Most Beautiful Woman for the fifth time. They explain why and brainstorm on who should have received the title.

  • Has Scandal jumped the shark?

    In Steve O'Clock, Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to talk about a discovery he made in the bedroom, if Scandal has jumped the shark and one thing that has completely changed his week.

  • Latest with Prince Harry & Megan Markle

    Megan can go to Pippa's reception but not the ceremony.

  • Get well, Richard Simmons!

  • Pizza's Court: Who likes ANCHOVIES?!

    Colleen and Bradley try to get to the bottom of salty fish fillets on pizza.

  • Marley is served a plate of ice cream scoops

    Donna & Marley discuss how weird it was that Marley and her family were served a plate of ice cream scoops at a restaurant over the weekend.

  • Jason & Alexis try to scare a deer

    Alexis has a deer problem in her yard. Poor Packie and Ricky her dogs do NOT want them there, and it drives them crazy. This is her solution and tale of the deer who doesn't give a flying $*#!

  • When did you throw someone under the bus?

    In Confessions, Donna & Marley take your calls on a time you threw someone under the bus! Eek!

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    Always a fun and sometimes interesting segment

  • Learn all about baby giraffes!

    Colleen and Bradley spoke with Eric Martin, giraffe keeper at Como Zoo, about our very own baby giraffe!

  • Donna & Marley interview Nick Viall

    Donna & Marley chat with the latest Bachelor and current Dancing with the Stars contestant, Nick Viall.

  • Lori has no idea what "boo-jee" means.

    Fortunately, a caller straightens her out.

  • C&B Play "GAY OR NO GAY!?"

    It's a fun game. And by fun, we mean dumb.

  • Gooper Scoopers: WTF is Earthing?

    Gwyneth Paltrow's latest inanery involves curing depression by walking barefoot. On the earth. WTF?

  • C&B roast their listeners!

    Gordon Ramsey roasted his Twitter followers, so Colleen thought we should do the same to our listeners. With mixed results.

  • An age old Hollywood mystery is solved!

    An unlikely celebrity finally clears up the question: why do so many Hollywood stars fall from grace? Donna & Marley are excited to be hearing from this celebrity again.

  • An update on April the giraffe

    Donna provides some hard hitting coverage of April the giraffe, who still hasn't given birth.

  • A scheme to meet John Mayer

    Donna & Marley discuss ways to get Marley backstage to meet and marry John Mayer when he performs at the Xcel Energy Center this Saturday.

  • Our OMG thread -- worst game show EVER & appliance love!?

    We had a string of OMG stories today. First up the WORST GAME SHOW GAME EVER, April the Giraffe is still pregnant and a man wants to marry an appliance...his dishwasher.

  • Second Chance Romance: Ellie & Mark 4/13/17

    Ellie and Mark went to a Timberwolves game; she said they had a great time, but Mark hasn't contacted her to set up another date. We talked to Mark and now know why.

  • L & J chat with Mayte Garcia, former wife of Prince.

    Her new book is "The Most Beautiful"

  • Ellie Krug talks about Caitlyn Jenner

    Author, speaker and educator Ellie Krug talks about Caitlyn Jenner's gender confirmation surgery and answers listener questions.

  • Trivial Intervention: Dirty Dishes in the Sink!

    Ali can't handle Tracey's dirty dish habits.

  • New Housewives revealed in lost footage

    Donna & Marley discover scrapped footage from the most reason season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They think these two should have made the cut, as they would have made it a little more interesting.

  • Birthday Prank Drew & Casey 4/12/17

    Drew wanted us to Birthday Prank his wife Casey. She ordered flowers for her parents' BIG 40th wedding anniversary party...she's not getting what she ordered.

  • Ed Sheeran guilty of copying another song

    You'll hear how similar the songs are.

  • Flight attendant talks the United debacle!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Beverly, a flight attendant who has some definite thoughtful insight into United's latest nightmare.

  • When have you secretly rooted against someone?

    In Confessions, Donna & Marley take your calls on times you've secretly rooted against someone.

  • 2nd Chance Romance: Patricia & Bert

    Patricia called us about her date with Bert three weeks ago! She said they had a great date; they kissed and held hands. But she hasn't heard a thing from him. Still hasn't. You'll see...

  • Muskrat Love lyrics make any song better!

    Megan Newquist in today's Trending Report told us that KSTP's story about muskrats in White Bear Lake is the number one story on their site. We soon discover the lyrics to Captain and Tennille's Muskrat Love and muskrat sounds make ANY song better.

  • Who should replace Brit Brit in Vegas?

    Some of Julia's ideas are a bit unusual.

  • Tipsy: Smoothie making rules to live by!

    Registered dietician Natalie Locketz joins Donna & Marley to give smoothie making rules to live by!

  • An underwear recommendation for Steve

    In Steve O'Clock, TCL's Steve Patterson recommends a brand of jeans that have changed his life, and Donna & Marley recommend a pair of underwear for the same reason.

  • Jason's back with Disney dad jokes!

    Jason's back from Disney World with some Disney-themed dad jokes!

  • Celebrity Interview: Nancy Kerrigan

    Nancy Kerrigan joins "Donna & Marley" to discuss how contestants are getting along on Dancing with the Stars, Kristi Yamaguchi's "Break A Leg" tweet and a special tie to Minnesota.

  • The time some guy thought Julia was a hooker.

    True story. It happened in an elevator in Vegas.

  • Marley presents elbow bend & crick songs!

    The morning show's conversation about cologne application has inspired Marley's latest musical stylings, "Just Around the Elbow Bend" and "Let Me Smell Your Crick."

  • Lori & Julia's Vintage Scandal

    Jackie Kennedy's marriage to Aristotle Onasis

  • Second Chance Romance: Greg and Amanda 4/6/17

    Greg and Amanda met on Tinder. They went out to dinner; Greg said they had a great time together. He sent her flowers after the date, she thanked him and now...chirp chirp! What's going on? We talked to Amanda. Steve Patterson's filling in for Jason today.

  • Lord & Lady Douchebag: Amy Shumer

    Bradley and Stephanie Hansen DO NOT agree with each other on the topic of Amy Shumer.

  • Musical improv with Revenge Perm

    While listening to heavy metal covers of Disney songs, Donna and Marley stumble upon Revenge Perm's next big hit!

  • Lori & Julia interview author Annie Hartnett

    Her debut novel, 'Rabbit Cake", is a great coming of age story.

  • We Birthday Pranked Lacey with help from Gabe 4/5/17

    Lacey LOVES John Mayer and can't wait to see him in concert! Dale (aka Dawn) called with some bad news. Luckily, it was a Birthday Prank with help from her boyfriend Gabe.

  • Pizza's Court: Squares or Slices?

    What does the ideal piece of pizza look like?

  • Confessions: Weirdest thing in your purse!

    What's the weirdest thing in your purse, or the weirdest/most embarrassing thing that has ever fallen out of your purse? It's Confessions with Donna & Marley every Tuesday at 11:30 am on myTalk!

  • Lori & Julia discuss Alec Baldwin's memoir

    The ladies discuss an interesting interview with the actor about his upcoming memoir "Nevertheless."

  • Second Chance Romance Karen and Joe 4/4/17

    Karen emailed us about her date with Joe. They went out for a drink and talked for more than an hour. He said he'd call her, but hasn't. We got a hold of Joe and he told us his side of the story. Steve Patterson is filing in for Jason this morning.

  • Mama June looks amazing!

    Bradley is joined by Stephanie Hansen today to chat about, among other things, Mama June's miraculous transformation!

  • Marley set her oven on fire

    She's available for catering, folks! Marley tells the story of accidentally setting her oven on fire on Sunday night.

  • We made hog noises and celebs April Fool's us!

    Steve Patterson filling in for Jason today likes to sneak up behind someone and make a hog noise. Dawn and Alexis give it a try. Also, how celebrities pranked us on April Fool's Day.

  • Can't get enough of 'S-Town'!

    Ryan joins Bradley Friday and admits he's yet to delve into the popular podcast "S-Town."

  • Tipsy: April Fools' Day prank ideas!

    Here are some great ideas for cute and harmless pranks to play on April Fools' Day!

  • What fell out of Julia's bag?

    A very odd thing. Also, is cash obsolete?

  • Still OBSESSED with S-Town!

    The podcast S-Town, from the creators of Serial podcast, has captivated us. Why? Two of us have listened to the entire series. What do we think now?

  • Missing Richard Simmons podcast creator is no longer missing!

    Colleen and Bradley have found Dan Taberski, creator and host of 'Missing Richard Simmons' podcast.

  • C&B's Diss Track responds to Lorde's USA choco hate!

    Lorde loves Cadbury creme eggs and sings a song about it. Before she does, she hates on American choco. Colleen and Bradley respond with their own song.

  • You're microwaving your leftovers wrong!

    In Tipsy, Donna & Marley tell you the proper way to microwave your leftovers, a great new item at Starbucks, the technical term for your stomach rumbling and a new class for millennials.

  • Why is Julia wearing a wig today?

    Because it's Wig Wednesday. Also, a very creepy snake story.

  • We are OBSESSED with the podcast S-Town

    This podcast is from the creators of Serial -- another podcast we obsessed over. Jason and Dawn have listened to the first 3 episodes. Alexis has finished the first one. Nothing is as it seems in the first episode. WOW! It's Absolutely Fabulous. Go listen now.

  • Second Chance Romance: Christina & Doug 3/30/17

    Christina & Doug met online. They went out for a lunch date; she had a great time. BUT she never heard from him. Why? We asked him.

  • Trivial Intervention: Noisy Chewer!

    Brooke is bothered by Kyle's cacophonous mastication.

  • Trading Radio Spaces: Julia Edition

    Julia doesn't like our Daily Snap Judgment segment, so we decided to let her give it a makeover.

  • One Crayola crayon gets the boot!

    Crayola is eliminating one of their classic crayon colors, and Donna knows exactly which one it should be. She & Marley discuss and take your calls!

  • A cat sitting story you won't believe!

    In her Random Thoughts, Julia has a crazy cat sitting story you don't want to miss.

  • Second Chance Romance Ally and Rob 3/28/17

    Ally met Rob at a Happy Hour with her Girlfriends. He asked her out and they had a 3 hour dinner. Why won't Rob Call her back?

  • Is flatbread pizza?

    Pizza's Court is in session and judge Topner is presiding.

  • Confessions: Nicknames for exes

    What silly nicknames have you given people you have dated? Donna & Marley take your confessions!

  • Tipsy: Guard your Ben & Jerry's!

    Donna & Marley 'get tipsy' with things your credit card company will do if asked, a hot new internship to apply for and a foolproof way to guard your Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

  • Is Caro putting on an act on DWTS?

    Marley doesn't think so, and it's the funniest thing of all time.

  • Second Chance Romance: Ally and Rob

    Rob asked Ally out after meeting at a Happy Hour. They went out a few days later for a 3 hour dinner. He didn't call her back. Why? We got to the bottom of it.

  • Lori & Julia want to know why people lie about their age

    Celebs of course are famous for shaving years.

  • Review: Dave Chappelle on Netflix

    Donna & Marley discuss the first installment of Dave Chappelle's return to stand-up on Netflix.

  • Whoopi Goldberg throws some shade!

    Did Whoopi Goldberg need to call out The Talk for mispronouncing some of The View hosts' names? Donna and Marley say no.

  • Lori & Julia chat with movie critic Chris Hewitt

    His take on "Beauty & The Beast" may surprise you.

  • We love John Mayer's new single about Katy Perry!

    John Mayer admits his new single "Still Feel Like Your Man" is about Katy Perry. We love it!!!! Check out Steve Patterson's (filling for Jason today) alternative lyrics. LOL!

  • Why does William Shatner hate Nick Viall?

    Unlikely feud alert! William Shatner has launched a Twitter campaign to get Bachelor Nick Viall voted off Dancing with the Stars as soon as possible. What's his issue? Donna and Marley discuss.

  • LoJ Author Interview: Caite Dolan-Leach

    Her first novel is "Dead Letters," and it's great.

  • Trivial Intervention: Non-essential Oils!

    Colleen and Bradley attempt to help listener Jess confront co-worker Amber about her addiction to essential oils in the workplace.

  • C&B start their own detective agency!

    Colleen and Bradley are opening their own detective agency to solve some of the world's most difficult pop culture mysteries.

  • OMG The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

    What the Erika Jayne is going on?! Donna & Marley discuss the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and what contributed to Erika's complete blowout in Hong Kong. They discuss the real pot stirrer and which housewife needs to get the boot.

  • We Birthday Pranked Lisa! 3/22/17

    Lisa's husband Chris helped us Birthday Prank her. Jason pretended to be Lance, a customer service rep at their phone carrier, making a courtesy call regarding the large overage fees on their plan.

  • Lori & Julia's Study of "Duh"

    Study says men just can't seem to have a good time without a little alcohol to loosen them up.

  • The Missing Richard Simmons discrepancy

    Colleen & Bradley discuss further the discrepancy in the Missing Richard Simmons podcast. What is Dan Taberski hiding? They make their guesses and listen to the parts of the podcast that were edited.

  • Steve O'Clock: Mr. Rogers & Body hair

    If that's not a tease, we don't know what is! Steve has a surprising binge watch suggestion and why people are disappointed in the latest Wonder Woman trailer.

  • EXCLUSIVE: What is Richard Simmons Podcast Hiding?

    Colleen and Bradley uncovered a discrepancy in the "Missing Richard Simmons" podcast.

  • Second Chance Romance: John & Angela

    Angela's just not that into John. Why? We got to the man bun bottom of it during Second Chance Romance on Tuesday, March 21, 2017.

  • LoJ pay tribute to Chuck Berry

    He was a rock and roll legend.

  • Sex Monday: Sex isn't the key to happiness?!

    Turns out having more sex is not the key to happiness.

  • Advice for seeing Manchester By The Sea

    There is one way to watch Manchester By The Sea and not have it ruin you. Marley tells you what it is.

  • Restaurant reservations yay or nay AND baby spas are a thing

    Stephanie Hansen, Alexis and Dawn talk about diners who are upset local restaurants don't accept reservations. Dawn tells us about baby spas...they're a thing?

  • Colleen and Bradley are St. Paddy's Day SCROOGES!

    Turns out your favorite mid-day hosts have a bone to pick with the luck of the Irish.

  • Getting Tipsy: Hangover Prevention Tips

    We give you a list of preventative measures for Hangovers and what to do if you aren't so lucky.

  • Mark the Zoologist calls in about April the Giraffe

    We talked about how the Giraffe that everyone is watching her live birth cam hasn't had her baby yet. A zoologist that is visiting the Twin Cities from San Diego calls in and tells us why it's so dangerous for her at this point.

  • Lori's Theories: Machines as smart as humans are coming soon!

    Lori gives us the scoop on technological singularity - the idea that artificial superintelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth. Yup. And she just discovered the Amazon Echo yesterday... #Skynet

  • C&B's interview with Jozy Bernadette from The Voice!

    Colleen and Bradley interviewed Jozy Bernadette, who made it to Team Gwen on the latest season of The Voice.

  • An alternate theory on why Richard Simmons is hiding

    In discussing the latest episode of "Missing Richard Simmons," Marley and Donna ponder another theory behind the fitness guru's hiding that most people aren't talking about.

  • Tag banned from an elementary school -- what now?!

    Alexis, Dawn and Erin Schwab talk about their favorite school games. Tag has been banned from an elementary school; what do kids do now at recess -- run in circles?!

  • Vintage Scandal: Bette Davis wild love life

    Lori fills us in on Bette Davis many love affairs.

  • This Is Us Finale: Did it live up to the hype?

    Donna and Marley discuss and take calls on the season 1 finale of This Is Us. Donna's reaction is surprising!

  • Team CoBra completes their NCAA bracket

    With the help of someone with some knowledge of sporty ball things, Colleen and Bradley chose their brackets... based on outfits... and mascots.

  • Colleen and Bradley have Richard Simmons... Seriously?

    At 11:55, Bradley sent out a tweet. Colleen and Bradley have Richard Simmons... Seriously. But, did they?

  • Lori & Julia chat with the author of "The Forgotten Girls"

    His name is Owen Laukkanen and his book is great.

  • Birthday Prank with Jason & Alexis: Dan & Pat

    myTalker hubby Dan asked us to Birthday Prank his wife Pat. Dawn pretended to be a job seeker answering Pat's call for a graphic designer assistant. She was highly unqualified!

  • Disney didn't start the exclusively gay moment trend, Bradley did.

    While everyone's all in a twist about the Disney Beauty and The Beast exclusively gay moment, CoBra would like to take a moment to remind you that Bradley has been having exclusively gay moments for years.

  • Learn how to speak with a Jamaican accent!

    Colleen & Bradley teach listeners how to speak with a Jamaican accent.

  • 20 Secrets of couples who stay together forever

    It's time to "get tipsy" with secrets from couples who stay together forever!

  • What do you eat straight out of the jar?

    Donna & Marley take your confessions on what you eat straight out of the jar or container!

  • Second Chance Romance Gwen & Anthony

    Gwen's looking for love and a third date with Anthony. Why didn't he call her back? We got to the bottom of the smelly situation.

  • Have you ever fallen asleep at a really awkward time and place?

    We blame Daylight Saving Time for making us sleepy today.

  • Is Adele pregnant? Listen to a psychic AND Adele spill the baby beans!

    Colleen and Bradley had two very special guests on Monday's show weigh in on Adele's possible second pregnancy.

  • Colleen and Bradley argued about DST

    Colleen hates Daylight Saving Time and Bradley thinks people who hate Daylight Saving Time are just poor planners.

  • Tipsy: Dinner date dos and don'ts

    What not to do on a first dinner date! Also: Daylight Savings Day heads ups and how selfies could be hurting your relationship!

  • Is "Missing Richard Simmons" exploitative?

    In Steve O'Clock, Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to discuss whether the "Missing Richard Simmons" podcast is exploitative.

  • Jason talks interviewing Priscilla Presley!

    Jason's moderated Priscilla Presley's "Elvis and Me" Minnesota tour stop. Find out his biggest takeaway!

  • Funkytown: Lorde's new song "Liability"

    We sample new songs from Lorde, Pitbull, Kasey Musgraves..

  • Critic Neal Justin talks TV with Lori & Julia!

    He always has an interesting take on all things TV

  • Why Alexa is secretly so creepy!

    Someone asked Alexa if she works for the CIA. Find out what happens!

  • How to Get Kicked out of a Bar (Getting Tipsy)

    How to get kicked out of a Bar (Getting Tipsy)

  • Duggar: The Musical

    Colleen and Paul McGuire Grimes imagine what a musical about the Duggars might look like.

  • You won't believe this listener's great pet story

    We learned so much about Flemish giant rabbits.

  • Fun Facts with Jason and Alexis

    Why were Donald Duck comics banned in Finland? There is one animal out there that can't jump and many other fun facts!

  • Second Chance Romance 3_09_17

    Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance with Brian and Jordan

  • Birthday Prank with Jason and Alexis 3_08_17

    Mike wanted us to Prank his wife Joanne about her grocery delivery. It's her birthday and Lance calls about how he is here to ruin her day.

  • This is one of Lori's most entertaining Studies of Duh!

    Julia and Donny were not familiar with the term "sexual real estate". Lori defines the term for them

  • Confessions: Embarrassing TV shows you watch!

    Confessions-Embarrassing TV shows I/we/you watch

  • Emma Watson oils her yoni beard. WTF?!

    The actress' candid beauty confessions will make you wonder where you went wrong in your own life.

  • Bradley talks turkey on Disney's 'exclusively gay moment' in Beauty and the Beast

    A couple of Disney stories prompted a gay panic recently and Bradley wanted to put on share a couple of his gay cents on the matter.

  • One of the funniest listener calls we've ever received.

    A listener shares a very funny story about no one telling her what was stuck on the back of her shirt.

  • Let's check on Colleen's ukulele progress

    She says she's "killing it."

  • Yet another troubling medical condition for red-head Colleen (audible eyeroll...)

    In an attempt to celebrate her unique red-headedness, Colleen dooms herself to a variety of medical conditions that will likely lead to her premature death. Again.

  • The Man Cave- Rapid Fire Questions for Men

    The Man Cave with Steve Patterson (from Twin Cities Live on Channel 5)

  • Can Lefou Be Gay for Goodness Sake?

    Jason has had the pleasure of seeing a sneak peak of Beauty and the Beast. There is a bunch of uneccesary controversy surrounding the sexual orientation of a certain character. This is how he really feels.

  • Lori & Julia chat with Skyler Gisondo from "The Santa Clarita Diet"

    He was so poised for being only 20!

  • Lori is a germaphobe. Julia hates lines.

    The ladies share their quirks...

  • Donna & Marley interview Joel McHale

    The comedian and actor will be at Mystic Lake Casino tonight, 3/3. Tickets are still available!

  • Love It or List It's Hilary Farr on Jason and Alexis

    Hilary Farr from HGTV's Love It or List It talks design trends and what she'll be sharing on stage tomorrow at the Home and Garden Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

  • Lori and Julia's Book Club: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsay Lee Johnson

    Lori and Julia interview author Lindsay Lee Johnson about her debut novel, "The Most Dangerous Place on Earth." An unforgettable cast of characters is unleashed into a realm know for its cruelty -- the American high school.

  • Colleen bought a Ukelele

    Here's the story of how Colleen bought a ukelele. Bradley is NOT amused.

  • Second Chance Romance on Jason and Alexis; Danny and Chelsea

    Danny called us about being bread-crumbed by Chelsea. She isn't agreeing to a 3rd date.

  • We Birthday Pranked Lori!

    With help from Lori's husband Mark, we got Lori good! Dawn pretended to be a popular shoe site representative who couldn't accommodate her needs. Things escalated quickly and then...well, you'll see. She got a Mercury Dining and Rail gift card for being a good sport. Happy Birthday Lori!

  • Second Chance Romance with Jason and Stephanie Hansen

    If he doesn't say yes, just ask him 6 times and you could get married! And, Jason loved Collin's little bounce in his step. Dawn doesn't even look at people.

  • Filipino Food list

    Jason, Alexis and Dawn talk about the WTF food of the Phillipines -- delicious or not?!

  • We no likey drive-thru funerals!

    We are dead set against drive-thru funerals. What up with that?!

  • Spirit Week is driving moms crazy

    This mom cracks us up! She says Spirit Week is driving moms crazy with different outfits every day week. myTalkers called to chime in too.

  • Bradley and Holly play CSI Mad Libs!

    CSI: Bradley tells the story of a crazy Pennsylvania man who did some stupid and idiotic things. Holly fills in the blanks of this man's stupidity. Play along with Brad and Holly!

  • Jason and Alexis Grammy Predictions

    Jason, Alexis and Dawn predict the winners of the Grammy Awards this Sunday. Dawn is wrong about all of them.

  • Bradley and Holly ask: Pineapple on your pizza - delicious or disgusting?

    Today is #NationalPizzaDay, so Bradley and Holly seek an answer to one of the most controversial pizza topics: Pineapple on your pizza: delicious or disgusting? I mean, we all know what the right answer is (GROSS, OBVI.)

  • Lori and Julia get GOOPy about "clean sleep"

    GOOP's latest advice article is about "clean sleep," so Lori and Julia give their take on Gwyneth Paltrow's latest wellness advice. They also imagine what life is like at a GOOP meeting. "Steam it like a dumpling..." says Lori.

  • Colleen and Bradley ask: What's the deal with Galentine's Day?

    Colleen and Bradley delve deep into Galentine's Day. And because Bradley feels left out, he creates a new holiday for himself so he can get all the candy and gifts.

  • Colleen and Bradley talk AIDS Walk

    Doug Melroe of MN AIDS Project talks about how to get involved with the AIDS Walk at the end of February! The AIDS Walk will include a candlelight vigil.