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  • L&J chat with Desi Oakley from "Waitress"

  • We call The Butterball Hotline

    We finally got a hold of someone on The Butterball Hotline! Steve talks to Linda and we learn what goes on behind the scenes at the Butterball call center.

  • JA Birthday Pranks: Dawn Grocery Store Rewards

    Dawn pranks Cassandra about her rewards card.

  • Lori's study of "Duh"

  • Gwyneth Paltrow's gift guide is terrible.

    And ridiculous. Do you want a $6 million island?

  • Colleen's Tips for Talking at the Turkey Table!

    Need help getting through a Turkey Day meal with family?

  • C&B :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    This woman got so close today. I bet you might just be able to beat the clock.

  • DM Confessions: Dreading The Holidays

    What are you dreading about the holidays?! Donna & Marley take your calls in Confessions!

  • Julia's random Thoughts

  • Lord & Lady D-Bag: Lena Dunham.

    She really is a terrible person. When it comes to apologies.

  • What store bought food won't you allow on the Turkey Day table?

    Colleen has opinions. And you shared yours.