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  • JA Andrew Zimmern talking new season of Bizarre Foods and bear pastrami

    Andrew Zimmern has a new season of Bizarre Foods premiering January 23 on Travel Channel. We talked to him about feeding MN Wild players and his food adventures in northern MN along the Paul Bunyan Trail.

  • JA Second Chance Romance he liked her friends...

    Marissa and Steve went out once; they kissed mid-date and now she doesn't understand why he's not calling her for a second one. We got to the bottom of's about her "friends."

  • JA Birthday Prank Gladys wants nude role!

    With help from her girlfriend, Dawn birthday pranks Gail who is working on her first indie film. She's casting for the film right now and Gladys really wants a part...the nude role.

  • JA Dear Diary sex ed and rodent bites

    It's Friday and time for another diary entry from Little Alexis and Little Dawn read by young actors. Dawn is going to make a guy hers and Alexis hates her brother's guinea pig.

  • JA Second Chance Romance mature enough?

    Nick and Valerie went out on one long date with a happy ending. Well, it was for him. Why isn't she calling him back for a second date?

  • JA Birthday Prank stop stealing from our restaurant!

    Shalamar, AKA Jason, Birthday Pranked Rhonda with help from her husband Barry. Shalamar's calling to bust the couple and their sticky fingers at his restaurant!

  • JA raccoon sex, Livin La Vida Angel and woman ate OLD cereal

    Raccoon sex outside Lex's bedroom last night, Angel went crazy when the Timberwolves beat the Cavaliers and a woman bought a box of cereal on eBay and ate it. It's from 1991?!

  • JA Animal Kingdom Eagle vs Bichon Frise

    An animal story that gets better! Does it? A sweet prize and join Team myTalk for the Big Climb.

  • JA Dear Diary Dawn's poem Little Shaney!

    We have a pee pee theme today in Dear Diary -- little Alexis and Dawn's diary entries read by young actors.

  • JA Second Chance Romance like omg let's do shots!

    Abby and John went on one date. Was it a date and can we make a love connection? Why hasn't he called her for a second date?

  • JA Birthday Prank Nerd Con's here!

    How nerdy is Corey? Dawn Birthday Pranked him with help from his sister Melody. How big is your Magic card collection? LOL!

  • JA Our one word new year's resolutions

    Steve Patterson filled in for Jason today. Alexis, Dawn, Steve and even Kenny our traffic kitty shared our one word New Year's Resolutions!

  • JA Second Chance Romance Mommy, is that you?

    Miguel and Justine went on a fun date: dinner and the arcade. They kissed at the end. Miguel has tried to contact her for a second date. He's hearing crickets. We help him get to the bottom of it.

  • JA Birthday Prank Super Bowl ticket debacle

    Dawn Birthday Pranked Maria with help from her husband Daniel. Maria keeps bragging about the amazing gift of Super Bowl tickets she got her husband. Dawn calls with bad news!

  • JA Alexis reads your stick!

    It's Tuesday. Time to read your stick! Alexis also read Colleen and Dawn's was great, one not so great.

  • JA remembering Lex's encounter with a rat on the toilet!

    Today we celebrated a milestone in the history of the Jason and Alexis show and shared some of our favorite moments. One of them was Lex's encounter with a rat in the station's bathroom.

  • JA Second Chance Romance another man in the mirror?!

    Alisha and Darren went on one date. She felt a lof chemistry and they even shared a kiss at the end of the night. A kiss she said was the best she's ever had. She hasn't heard a thing from him after that. What happened? OHHHH we found out -- wait till you hear.

  • JA Birthday Prank llama service at NYE party?

    Jason, with help from Wendy, Birthday Pranked Sam about the tickets he bought for a New Year's Eve party, but did he?

  • J&A: Jason hates everything in the Dirt Alert

    Elizabeth is giving us some great stories, and Jason has pure disgust for all of them, and he doesn't hold back.

  • JA Dear Diary Thanksgiving diaper and stuck under her bed!

  • JA Second Chance Romance Doctor Love?!

    Blake and Mandy went on one date. He said they were laughing, but she had a lot of questions. He contacted her to set up a second date and no response! What's going on? We found out.

  • JA Happy Hour gone WRONG in today's Birthday Prank

    With help from Hannah, Dawn Birthday Pranked Seth as Detective Maureen Womack; it's ridiculous in the best way!

  • JA Animal Kingdom DON'T SAVE THE BUNNY!

    Don't save a bunny during a wildfire and did the right man get credit??

  • JA Second Chance Romance Laura's question ruined the mood

    Laura and Travis went to the casino on their first date. Mid-makeout, Laura asked Travis something. Was her question and the timing of it too much for him? Did it kill a second date?

  • JA Animal Kingdom MN's library cat!

    A cute tabby cat named Max loves Macalester College's library. This is an animal story meowing to be next big kid's book.

  • JA pinata-gate talk led to weird games we played as kids

    Yay Friday! Pinata-gate in Alexis' Dear Diary led to the weird games we played as kids -- accountant, video rental and church.

  • JA Dear Diary: opening Christmas gifts early and a pinata stick to head

    Little Alexis and Dawn shared their thoughts in diaries. We revisit them each week. This week Dawn opens some of her Christmas gifts early and Alexis' birthday party didn't go as planned.

  • JA Male listener admits bad behavior in response to Matt Lauer's firing

    Brad called this morning with his moment of realization that workplace sexual harassment was part of the culture, that there are victims and that he needed to stop his behavior.

  • JA Lex read Dawn's stick; let's hope it's right...

    ...and she finds her van in the west. #readyourstick

  • JA Birthday Pranks: Dawn Grocery Store Rewards

    Dawn pranks Cassandra about her rewards card.

  • JA Another epic Dear Diary & CSI Springfield 1986

    Sleepover drama in Dawn's diary spurred one of the funniest moments in Dear Diary history...a promo for CSI 86: Clique Split Investigation!

  • JA Second Chance Romance beer pong

    Kelly and Daniel met on Tinder. They went on one date; they partied and sang karaoke. He's not calling her back for a second date. We helped her get to the bottom of the red Solo cup.

  • JA Birthday Prank gamer overcharge

    With help from Patrick, Dawn pretended to be a gamer fraud specialist informing Alana of the $2600 charge on their account. It's a gamer Birthday Prank to remember!

  • JA Animal Kingdom is back! It got better for Lindsey...eventually

    Lindsey, a mutt from Minneapolis, was camping with her human when a clap of thunder spooked her. Four weeks later, she's back with her family -- but it was not an easy trip home. Wait til you hear what happened and we have a surprise for her owner John and the rescue group who helped.

  • JA Dear Diary the period episode!

    Dear Diary is back with our little selves feeling left out including a period entry from little Alexis. The voice actor who normally voices Alexis didn't feel comfortable reading it, so her understudy stepped in.

  • JA Second Chance Romance -- did he do it all for the nookie?

    Rosanna and Bill went on two dates. The second ended with some naked Twister. It's been two weeks and Rosanna hasn't heard a thing from Bill! What's up with that? Did he do it all for the nookie? Listen and find out.

  • JA Birthday Prank -- Hockey Mom

    Dawn pranked Margo with help from her sister. What's her name? LOL!

  • JA #unpopularopinion

    We love the hashtag unpopularopinion. Everyone, but Alexis, thought her unpopular opinions were lame!

  • JA Read Your Stick

    Today we read Listener Robert and Jana's sticks, Jason's too; will they have good fortune today?

  • JA Soundbites for No Apparent Reason -- goats and a cat stealing bacon

    Our Friday tradition of playing soundbites for no apparent reason continues -- in today's line-up: goat dueting with Taylor Swift and a man calls 911; his girlfriend's cat ate his bacon.

  • Second Chance Romance 11/2/17 Terry and Gail

    Terry and Gail met on an online dating service. They went on one date; Terry said it was great and has contacted her twice. Chirp chirp. WHY? We found out.

  • Jason and Alexis-Birthday Prank 11/1/17

    Broken Legs are a bummer. Especially if you're about to go on a cruise. Jason pranks Mario on behalf of Leslie, his wife.

  • Second Chance Romance 10/26/17 Erin and Colton

    They went on one date, talked for three hours and even shared a little kiss at the end of the night. That was three weeks ago and Erin is wondering why Colton hasn't called her back. We helped her figure it out.

  • Louie Anderson on Jason and Alexis this morning!

    Louie Anderson joined us to talk about his upcoming New Year's Eve special at Ames Center in Burnsville, his favorite TV shows and remembering Johnny Carson.

  • Jason & Alexis interview Andrew Garfield 10-20-17

    Andrew joins the show to talk about Breathe, his new movie directed by Andy Sirkis

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Prank 10-18-17

    Jason Pranks a woman who doesn't believe in psychics. He gives her a reading, thanks to information from her husband.

  • Second Chance Romance 10_19_17

    Second Chance Romance on 10-19-17. Jason and Alexis try to help Ryan connect with Lisa about their date.

  • Donna saw Chris Stapleton at the X!

    Donna reviews Chris Stapleton's stop at the Xcel Energy Center on Saturday, complete with portions of his music and the crowd singing along.

  • Jason and Alexis: Dear Diary

    Our voice actors read Alexis and Dawn's Diaries.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 10_05_17

    Perri called us about Cassie.

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Pranks 10_05_17

    Dawn Pranks Beverly about their foreign exchange student.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 9/28/17

    Erin Called Us about Brad. She was too magical for his taste.

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Pranks 9/27/17

    Jason pranks a woman who has booked a magician

  • Jason's Just Sayin about Rude Litter Bugs

    Jason went to the Tommie/Johnie game, and witnessed 3 Tommies litter.

  • Birthday Pranks 9/20/17 Maid Service

    Dawn pranks Eli for his wife Crystal about a sexy maid service.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 9/14/17

    Phillip thought of everything on Lacey's date, except to change his personality.

  • J & A interview - Will and Grace audience

    Joe G. is a mytalker who went to a taping of Will and Grace episode 5 on Wednesday! 9/14/17

  • Jason & Alexis Birthday Prank 9/13/17 NAKED SNOWMOBILING?!

    Jason put on his "dude" voice and tried to buy a snowmobile for naked recreation.

  • Bachelor In Paradise Stars confirm they are ENGAGED!

    Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth spread the word officially on Jason and Alexis in the Morning: They are getting hitched! Hear it here!

  • Jason & Alexis Birthday Prank 9/6/17

    Allison wants to prank Bill about how smart their dog is.

  • We opened The Happy Parent Hotline today!

    Parents rejoice. School's back in session! myTalkers are hilarious.

  • Jason & Alexis-Second Chance Romance

    This is an update from 8/24/17 from Carolyn, the unsuspecting girlfriend of our mystery man, Alex.

  • Birthday Pranks- Dawn Pranks Jill at the Fair

    Jill had one job to do; that was to watch over the goats her husband entered to the Fair. 8/30/17

  • Birthday Pranks - Tammy Hates Sharks

    Jason Pranks Tammy who wants to do ANYTHING on land for their shore excursion. She gets SHARKS instead.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 8/25/17

    Gina called about her date with Alex. We get someone else on the phone...but it's not Alex.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 081717

    Jason and Alexis talk to Drew and Meg

  • The Project Down & Dirty announcement!

    The theme of the seventh Project Down & Dirty is revealed on Jason & Alexis.

  • Alexis attempts Birthday Pranks...and fails x 3!

    Here's three reasons why Jason and Dawn do Birthday Pranks.

  • Jason & Alexis: Passenger Pet Peeves!

    My-talkers describe the gross things they've seen and experienced on flights. A flight attendant calls in with a shocking story!

  • Jason and Alexis: The Top 5 TV Comedy Ensembles

    The Top 5 TV Comedy Ensembles

  • Birthday Prank: Mitchell at the Dentist

    With help from son Mitchell, Dawn Birthday Pranks Claire. "He says he doesn't have a mom."

  • Bea Arthur's BIG Disney announcement on Jason & Alexis

    Bea Arthur's BIG Disney announcement this morning didn't go as planned. With a few rolls into voicemail and a tweet sent too early, it was one disappointment after another. It was something. We are going to Disney...On Ice.

  • Jason & Alexis Second Chance Romance 7/20/17

    Meghan and Alan arent going to work out. Just saying.

  • Jason, Alexis and Dawn interview Sasha Velour winner of Drag Race

    Sasha and other queens from this season will be coming to Minneapolis on June 30th to the Pantages! We interview Sasha Velour, winner of Season 9

  • Jason & Alexis Bradley on The 13th Doctor Who

    Bradley Fills Jason In about the Plotline of Dr Who and talks about his excitement that the 13th Doctor is a Woman.

  • Jason & Alexis Conspiring Disney Live Broadcast again

    Conspiring To Broadcast From DisneyWorld Again

  • Dawn Birthday Pranked Lori!

    Dawn called Lori yesterday pretending to be a manager at Forever 21. You must listen to this and the backstory. Hilarious!

  • Fun with feces in the play area?!

    A mom in New Hampshire is upset with a fast food joint. Her kid went down the slide and got covered in feces?! What happened and what's the solution? We discuss. Could the answer be diapers?

  • RHONY Ramona Singer talks Love Connection with us!

    Real Housewives of New York's Ramona Singer is looking for love with Andy Cohen's help on Love Connection. She talked to us about her experience and how hard it can be to get back into the dating game.

  • Review: Chewing Gum on Netflix

    Marley reviews "Chewing Gum" on Netflix, and Donna is trying to learn Spanish.

  • Second Chance Romance: Winegate! 6/29/17

    Thomas called us about his date with Melody. He has one complaint, but still wanted to go on a second date with her. What did she say about their date? This one's worth the listen!

  • Birthday Pranks PTA mom volunteers TOO much? 6/28/17

    With help from Christina's husband Kevin, Dawn birthday pranks this enthusiastic PTA mom. Is it possible to volunteer too much and annoy the other parents? Check it out! LOL!

  • Birthday Prank 6/21/17 an RV switcharoo!

    With help from Vanessa's husband Adrian, Jason -- AKA Lance de Havilland Colby -- got Vanessa good! He blew up her holiday plans with an RV destination switcharoo. It's another fun Birthday Prank!

  • The Best Shoreview Psychic Callers Ever!

    Alexis has some strong advice for our 3 callers that need a little direction in their life. You gals are the star of the show. Renee, Jenny and Iola cracked us up!

  • Dear Diary, love Alexis 6/19/17

    This morning, we heard Alexis' diary entry. Did Adam add love potion to her Valentine's Day chocolates?

  • Dear Diary, love Dawn 6/16/17

    We debuted a new segment today: Dear Diary! Both Lex and Dawn kept diaries as kids. This morning, Dawn shared an entry from October 30, 1985. She hid a hand-me-down bra from her mom and dressed up as a hobo for Halloween.

  • The Handmaid's Tale finale

    Donna finished the Handmaid's Tale. Her review

  • We weighed Dawn's boobs!

    Yep, it's a new Olympic event. How much do they weigh? Jason, Lex and Dawn all underguessed!

  • Did Jason find the Song of Summer 2017?

    Maybe. Call Me Maybe singer Carly Rae Jepsen has a new jam. Is it the Song of Summer?

  • Jason, Alexis, Dawn, Bea Arthur & Elizabeth Ries celebrate LoJ's 15 year anniversary!

    Oh, we have LoJ stories! Listen as we reminisce; Lori, Julia and Donny celebrate 15 years at myTalk 107.1!

  • Swapa-whatsies? Whosies? "Brandon" called in to clarify

    "Brandon" AKA Bradley tried to explain #swapadoozy to us. We're still confused.

  • Second Chance Romance: Elise and Tony 6/8/17

    Elise and Tony went on a lunch date. She said he might have an odd sense of humor, but she wants to go on a second date. The only sound she's hearing from Tony is crickets. She asked us to get to the bottom of it. We did.

  • Birthday Prank Maggie's Board Exam date 6/7/17

    Jason birthday pranked Maggie with help from her boyfriend. Did she get the date to take her Board Exam wrong?

  • Steve Patterson & Alexis Pronounce Words Correctly

    There are several words that people mispronounce. Steve helps us sound smarter.

  • Jason and Alexis Part 2 Second chance Romance

    part 2 of Second Chance Romance on 6/1/17

  • Jason & Alexis Second Chance Romance Part 1

    Part one of Second Chance Romance 6/1/17

  • Birthday Prank 5/31/17

    Dana asked us to Birthday Prank her husband Gary. They have planned a fun summer vacation in a cabin, Phyllis (aka Dawn) called to ruin those plans.

  • Second Chance Romance: Justin and Maggie 5/25/17

    Justin and Maggie went out on one date. Justin said he felt chemistry and has asked her out multiple times via text message. He hasn't heard from her. What's up with that? We found out!

  • Alexis' baby dolls are turning on her!

    Freaky! Alexis' baby dolls called the show today. What did the leader say???

  • We overshared today in light of Ryan Seacrest not sharing anything personal

    Jason practices being the Knots Landing announcer alone in the shower, Dawn's a hooker -- she was kidding! -- she collects match boxes and Alexis collects little baby Renwal dolls no. 8. She thinks they're cute. Jason and Dawn...not so much.

  • Pass the WHAT? She meant poutine!!!

    Our bosses took all of us out for a fun dinner to celebrate. Bea Arthur ordered appetizers for all of us including POUTINE! That's what Lex meant.

  • Star Wars Vanity Fair covers, Star Wars inspired baby names and our boss is half iguana!

    Our first segment in the 8am hour was wackadoodledoodle! The four Vanity Fair covers with Star Wars characters are stunning. Dawn shared some Star Wars inspired baby names with us and we role played how they would sound in the real world. And we revealed a top secret: our boss Bea Arthur is half iguana!

  • Jason saw Wonder Woman! He can't talk about it, so we asked Darth Vader

    Jason was in Los Angeles over the weekend to see Wonder Woman and interview the stars. He can't talk about it, so we asked Darth Vader if he liked the film.

  • Jason goes OFF on the Dynasty reboot

    WHY OH WHY? We watched the trailer for the CW's Dynasty reboot. The actors are 12 and wrong network for this reboot!

  • Second Chance Romance: Kelsey & Aaron 5/18/17

    Kelsey met Aaron at a charity event. He won concert tickets and invited her. She had a great time, but something seemed off. We got down to the bottom of the epidermis layer with this one! Will love get a second chance with this duo?

  • Songs about buffaloes, shoelaces and gin remind us of our childhood

    Jason called Alexis "Queen of Buffaloes" today in his 7am introduction. That reminded her of a song her dad sings, which reminded Jason of a favorite childhood song and then Dawn shared a classic her dad enjoys. LOL funny friends!

  • Did you give birth vaginally? Revisiting sweet memories LOL!

    Yep. Years ago, Lex asked a stranger if she gave birth vaginally. Strangers to this day will still whisper, "just so you know, I gave birth vaginally!" Cracks us up every time!

  • We can't believe the box office predictions!

    Donna & Marley discuss the box office forecast, and how Snatched isn't showing up where they want it to. Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn continue to make the rounds and shock audiences.

  • Second Chance Romance: Paul & Michelle

    Paul wanted our help with a second chance at love with Michelle. They went on one date and even kissed at the end. Now she's not getting back to him. We figured out why.

  • Eileen Davidson on Jason & Alexis

    What a delightful woman! We talked about Young & The Restless, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a movie she's making with her husband.

  • 8 month old movie review: Fifty Shades Darker

    Jason saw the extended, unrated version of Fifty Shades Darker. It was a turd and so unfair. We see every inch of Dakota Johnson; where's Jamie Dornan's parts? More Jamie Dornan please!

  • Second Chance Romance: Rachel and Rich 5/4/17

    Rachel and Rich went out for a coffee date. She felt sparks, but hasn't heard a thing from Rich. It's been two weeks. What up with that? We got to the bottom of it.

  • The Baboon Song by Angel

    Alexis' husband did this cute song about the baboon's of Africa

  • Birthday Prank: Mother's Day reservations

    We Birthday Pranked Jeff with help from his wife Brandi. He had one job for Mother's Day brunch: make the reservation! Dawn shattered that in one call. LOL!

  • Second Chance Romance: Crystal & Justin

    Crystal is being ghosted by Justin. Maybe she said something wrong or SHOWED too much!

  • A toot in the face on DWTS last night?!

    Last night's DWTS included a cartwheel and a toot in the face while David Ross and Lindsay Arnold practiced. It's funny, but we were surprised to see it on TV.

  • Ryan Seacrest named Kelly Ripa's co-host

    When Jason revealed Ryan Seacrest is Kelly Ripa's new co-host, Alexis and Dawn thought he was joking. Nope. Do we like this duo? myTalkers called in with their thoughts too.

  • Second Chance Romance 4/28/17

    Jordan and Christy went out. He said something over and over that made her turned off. Find out what it is on this edition of Second Chance Romance!

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Prank: Couples Massage

    Jason helps Derrick prank his wife Tanya. She looks forward to her birthday massage. She doesn't know that she will have to share a room with another stranger.

  • Jason and Steph Talk 13 Reasons Why

    13 Reasons Why-The Netflix series that has everyone talking.

  • Second Chance Romance 4/20/17

    Tori has questions about why Nate won't call her back. Jason, Stephanie and Dawn try to help them. Will they go out again?

  • Jason & Alexis try to scare a deer

    Alexis has a deer problem in her yard. Poor Packie and Ricky her dogs do NOT want them there, and it drives them crazy. This is her solution and tale of the deer who doesn't give a flying $*#!

  • Our OMG thread -- worst game show EVER & appliance love!?

    We had a string of OMG stories today. First up the WORST GAME SHOW GAME EVER, April the Giraffe is still pregnant and a man wants to marry an appliance...his dishwasher.

  • Birthday Prank Drew & Casey 4/12/17

    Drew wanted us to Birthday Prank his wife Casey. She ordered flowers for her parents' BIG 40th wedding anniversary party...she's not getting what she ordered.

  • 2nd Chance Romance: Patricia & Bert

    Patricia called us about her date with Bert three weeks ago! She said they had a great date; they kissed and held hands. But she hasn't heard a thing from him. Still hasn't. You'll see...

  • Muskrat Love lyrics make any song better!

    Megan Newquist in today's Trending Report told us that KSTP's story about muskrats in White Bear Lake is the number one story on their site. We soon discover the lyrics to Captain and Tennille's Muskrat Love and muskrat sounds make ANY song better.

  • Jason's back with Disney dad jokes!

    Jason's back from Disney World with some Disney-themed dad jokes!

  • Marley presents elbow bend & crick songs!

    The morning show's conversation about cologne application has inspired Marley's latest musical stylings, "Just Around the Elbow Bend" and "Let Me Smell Your Crick."

  • We Birthday Pranked Lacey with help from Gabe 4/5/17

    Lacey LOVES John Mayer and can't wait to see him in concert! Dale (aka Dawn) called with some bad news. Luckily, it was a Birthday Prank with help from her boyfriend Gabe.

  • We made hog noises and celebs April Fool's us!

    Steve Patterson filling in for Jason today likes to sneak up behind someone and make a hog noise. Dawn and Alexis give it a try. Also, how celebrities pranked us on April Fool's Day.

  • We are OBSESSED with the podcast S-Town

    This podcast is from the creators of Serial -- another podcast we obsessed over. Jason and Dawn have listened to the first 3 episodes. Alexis has finished the first one. Nothing is as it seems in the first episode. WOW! It's Absolutely Fabulous. Go listen now.

  • Trading Radio Spaces: Julia Edition

    Julia doesn't like our Daily Snap Judgment segment, so we decided to let her give it a makeover.

  • We love John Mayer's new single about Katy Perry!

    John Mayer admits his new single "Still Feel Like Your Man" is about Katy Perry. We love it!!!! Check out Steve Patterson's (filling for Jason today) alternative lyrics. LOL!

  • We Birthday Pranked Lisa! 3/22/17

    Lisa's husband Chris helped us Birthday Prank her. Jason pretended to be Lance, a customer service rep at their phone carrier, making a courtesy call regarding the large overage fees on their plan.

  • The Missing Richard Simmons discrepancy

    Colleen & Bradley discuss further the discrepancy in the Missing Richard Simmons podcast. What is Dan Taberski hiding? They make their guesses and listen to the parts of the podcast that were edited.

  • Restaurant reservations yay or nay AND baby spas are a thing

    Stephanie Hansen, Alexis and Dawn talk about diners who are upset local restaurants don't accept reservations. Dawn tells us about baby spas...they're a thing?

  • Mark the Zoologist calls in about April the Giraffe

    We talked about how the Giraffe that everyone is watching her live birth cam hasn't had her baby yet. A zoologist that is visiting the Twin Cities from San Diego calls in and tells us why it's so dangerous for her at this point.

  • Tag banned from an elementary school -- what now?!

    Alexis, Dawn and Erin Schwab talk about their favorite school games. Tag has been banned from an elementary school; what do kids do now at recess -- run in circles?!

  • Why Alexa is secretly so creepy!

    Someone asked Alexa if she works for the CIA. Find out what happens!

  • Fun Facts with Jason and Alexis

    Why were Donald Duck comics banned in Finland? There is one animal out there that can't jump and many other fun facts!

  • Second Chance Romance 3_09_17

    Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance with Brian and Jordan

  • Birthday Prank with Jason and Alexis 3_08_17

    Mike wanted us to Prank his wife Joanne about her grocery delivery. It's her birthday and Lance calls about how he is here to ruin her day.

  • Can Lefou Be Gay for Goodness Sake?

    Jason has had the pleasure of seeing a sneak peak of Beauty and the Beast. There is a bunch of uneccesary controversy surrounding the sexual orientation of a certain character. This is how he really feels.

  • We Birthday Pranked Lori!

    With help from Lori's husband Mark, we got Lori good! Dawn pretended to be a popular shoe site representative who couldn't accommodate her needs. Things escalated quickly and then...well, you'll see. She got a Mercury Dining and Rail gift card for being a good sport. Happy Birthday Lori!

  • Second Chance Romance with Jason and Stephanie Hansen

    If he doesn't say yes, just ask him 6 times and you could get married! And, Jason loved Collin's little bounce in his step. Dawn doesn't even look at people.

  • Filipino Food list

    Jason, Alexis and Dawn talk about the WTF food of the Phillipines -- delicious or not?!