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  • D&S - What is Happening in your Workplace Bathroom?

    We are surprised and a little disgusted learning what people are doing in your bathroom at work right now.

  • D&S - Regarding an Allowance

    What is the right amount of an allowance to give a child? What age should we start/stop? How much work do they need to do if any?

  • D&S - Bad Movie Translations

    We go through a list of bad movie translations with hilarious results.

  • D&S Confessions

    What was your most shameful moment of road rage?

  • Kat Perkins in Hawaii during the false alarm

    That false alarm was issued in Hawaii and mass panic ensued. Kat Perkins was there and tells us what it was like.

  • Jeremy Parsons from People joins us

    The host of People Now on, Jeremy Parsons is on with us. We talk about James Franco, Tonya Harding, and his circuit of all the morning shows.

  • What can you just not understand?

    We all have that one thing that has been explained to us multiple times but still do not understand.

  • The Confessional is Open

    What is the most immature thing you do in your relationship?

  • Donna and Steve

    It's the debut of The Donna and Steve Show! We talk Golden Globes and Donna thinks Seth Meyers earned an F for Fine.

  • DM Jason bids Marley farewell

    It's Marley's last day on the air, and Jason Matheson joins Donna & Marley to say a couple words.

  • DM The big announcement!

    Donna & Marley announce who will be taking Marley's place on the show.

  • DM The Bachelor returns!

    Marley's favorite part of last night's Bachelor premiere. One of the contestants looks like Donna! There's already a villain.

  • DM Idris Elba is hosting this local event!

    Looking for something cool to do the weekend of the BIG GAME (aka Feb 2-4)? There is going to be a crazy cool fashion event happening at Stella's on February 1st hosted by none other than Idris Elba. No lie!

  • DM Marley & Shannan call Ryan out

    Marley and Shannan call Ryan out for his answer to the question "All I want to do is __________." His answer is complete garbage.

  • DM Shannan is emotional over Gage Cook

    Miss Shannan had a really cool story to share today in music news. Her reaction says it all!

  • DM Three Things: Celeb Xmas Round-up!

    In a celebrity Christmas round-up, Marley tells you how the holiday weekend went for the royals, a real housewife and the Kardashians.

  • DM Marley's holiday playlist!

    Marley shares her holiday playlist for the non-Christmas music listener. She forgot one: Prince's Another Lonely Christmas. Enjoy!

  • DM Things turning 10yo in 2018!

    Donna & Marley can't believe some of the things turning 10 yeas old in 2018!

  • DM It's Honky Tonk Donna!

    Steve and Marley have some fun with Donna's country roots.

  • J&A: Jason hates everything in the Dirt Alert

    Elizabeth is giving us some great stories, and Jason has pure disgust for all of them, and he doesn't hold back.

  • DM OMG Mario Batali!

    How tone deaf can you be? You will not believe what Mario Batali said in his apology for sexual misconduct.

  • DM Celeb Interview: Corinne Olympios

    Donna & Marley talk with the infamous Corinne Olympios of Bachelor fame! They ask her about her relationship with Demario, why she went on the Bachelor, the new Bachelor Arie and what she's up to now.

  • DM The best Golden Globe moments

    Donna & Marley take a walk down memory lane by sharing the highlights of the Golden Globes 75th anniversary special.

  • DM Tips for the company holiday party!

    Marley has tips for behaving yourself at the company holiday party. Donna has some great insights. Steve tells you how to make friends with a cat.

  • DM Steve O'Clock: Snakes & Ghosts

    Donna, Marley and Steve go deep on snakes and ghosts.

  • Will Matt Lauer & his wife reconcile?

    Love is both dead and alive when it comes to Matt Lauer and Billy Bush. Plus a great transition from Donna.

  • DM John Oliver vs. Dustin Hoffman

    Donna & Marley have different opinions on John Oliver taking Dustin Hoffman and his sexual allegations on during a film panel. They take your calls, too.

  • DM Funny things said by millennials!

    What's the funniest thing you've heard a millennial say? Donna & Marley take your calls, and play a spoof of a millennial job interview. It's good for a laugh!

  • DM Britney Spears gets zero Garys

    Today's music selections were surprising and mostly bad, but Britney Spears was the worst.

  • DM Celebrity Interview: Lucas Hedges

    Lucas Hedges of Manchester By The Sea and now Lady Bird joins Donna & Marley to talk his rise in the spotlight and experiencing the Oscars blunder firsthand!

  • DM The deal with dilly dilly!

    Why is everyone saying dilly dilly right now! Marley explains.

  • DM Yay for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle!

    Donna & Marley are really excited for the royal engagement, except for the small teeny tiny part of them that hates it.

  • We call The Butterball Hotline

    We finally got a hold of someone on The Butterball Hotline! Steve talks to Linda and we learn what goes on behind the scenes at the Butterball call center.

  • DM Confessions: Dreading The Holidays

    What are you dreading about the holidays?! Donna & Marley take your calls in Confessions!

  • DM We go down the Bob Ross rabbit hole

    The trailer for Deadpool 2 rips off Bob Ross, but the original person to rip off Bob Ross? Bob Ross's son Steve.

  • DM Times you've showed up at the wrong place

    Donna & Marley take your calls on times you've showed up at the wrong place. Donna has a story. Nevermind, she has many.

  • DM Louis C.K. admits to sexual misconduct

    The comedian admits to sexual misconduct, but does he really understand what he did wrong? Donna and Marley discuss.

  • DM Donna & Marley screw up BIG TIME

    Donna ZONED OUT during a call this morning, and we spent the rest of the show trying to pick up the pieces. We're very sorry Eric. If it's any consolation, you were the star of today's show.

  • DM Teck Talk: FB wants your nudes?

    Facebook has a crazy new idea for preventing revenge porn. Donna & Marley discuss, and also tackle Twitter's new 280 character limit, cars of the future and "dumbphones"!

  • DM Fun with the Fifty Shades Freed trailer

    This movie looks so terrible. Donna & Marley can't help but tear it apart.

  • DM What's better: Stranger Things 1 or 2?

    Marley finished the second season of Stranger Things! How does the second season compare to the first? No spoilers, we promise!

  • The best of Sam Smith's Carpool Karaoke

    We loved this episode of Carpool Karaoke! This is the show at its best. It makes us want to buy Sam Smith's albums and see his shows!

  • Second Chance Romance 11/2/17 Terry and Gail

    Terry and Gail met on an online dating service. They went on one date; Terry said it was great and has contacted her twice. Chirp chirp. WHY? We found out.

  • Confessions: Parents sneaking Halloween candy!

    The confessional is open! Parents, how do you sneak your kids' Halloween candy?

  • Jason and Alexis-Birthday Prank 11/1/17

    Broken Legs are a bummer. Especially if you're about to go on a cruise. Jason pranks Mario on behalf of Leslie, his wife.

  • Blake Shelton has a fashion line?!

    The last celebrity you would think to have a fashion line, has a fashion line. Who put him up to this and are people actually going to buy it? Donna & Marley discuss.

  • Emily Engberg talked to George Clooney!

    Donna & Marley are joined by Twin Cities Live's Emily Engberg to talk movies, including her recent chats with George Clooney, Mila Kunis and Margot Robbie.

  • Did you meet your SO online?

    Donna & Marley share a cute story about Mandy Moore before taking calls on dating success stories. What did they do differently in order to actually meet someone worthwhile?

  • Donna & Marley talk to the "Swansongruber"

    Brad joins Donna & Marley, and things quickly derail upon learning the term "Swansongruber."

  • Why Outlander has jumped the shark!

    Marley tells Donna why Outlander's most anticipated episode of the year was not all it was cracked up to be. Listeners weigh in on how the show has jumped the shark!

  • Dawn's best dirt alert ever

    Donna, Marley and Dawn have a great time during Dawn's 11 o'clock Friday dirt alert.

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Prank 10-18-17

    Jason Pranks a woman who doesn't believe in psychics. He gives her a reading, thanks to information from her husband.

  • Second Chance Romance 10_19_17

    Second Chance Romance on 10-19-17. Jason and Alexis try to help Ryan connect with Lisa about their date.

  • Celebrity Interview: Adam Scott

    Donna & Marley chat with the star of the upcoming series "Ghosted," and also about past projects including Parks & Rec, Big Littles Lies and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Marley asks about the Hollywood reaction to Harvey Weinstein.

  • Donna & Marley chat with Darkness Dave!

    Podcaster Darkness Dave joins Donna and Marley to talk about his experiences with paranormal activity and the most haunted places in Minnesota!

  • Have you given an unsavory gift?

    Donna & Marley take calls on having given or received unsavory gifts, whether it be something for an enemy or a prank. Things don't quite go as planned.

  • Terrible costume ideas from Marley

    Marley has found the worst Halloween costume of all time, and she's determined to share it with you. Plus, other terrible ideas for the spooky holiday.

  • Confessions: Parenting chores you hate

    Donna & Marley take your calls on parenting chores you hate. They do Confessions every Tuesday at 11:30!

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 10_05_17

    Perri called us about Cassie.

  • Halloween love connections

    Have you had a Halloween hook up? If so, what costume were you wearing? Donna & Marley take your calls, and discover several Halloween love stories!

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Pranks 10_05_17

    Dawn Pranks Beverly about their foreign exchange student.

  • Confessions: How have you been dumped?

    What was the worst way you've been dumped? Donna, along with Miss Shannan and Ryan, take your calls!

  • Donna's friend shares firsthand account of Vegas

    A friend of Donna's was at the country musical festival in Vegas on Sunday. She shares her experience of the tragedy.

  • Celebrity Interview: John Cho

    John Cho joined Donna & Marley to talk about joining The Exorcist on Fox and the surprise success of Harold & Kumar.

  • Woman crashes funerals for the food

    Donna, Marley and Steve's takes on this will surprise you. A listener even gets in on the fun.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 9/28/17

    Erin Called Us about Brad. She was too magical for his taste.

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Pranks 9/27/17

    Jason pranks a woman who has booked a magician

  • Justin Timberlake for the Halftime show?

    Donna & Marley get the news that JT could be the Halftime performer in Minneapolis. Donna loves it; Marley not so much.

  • Confessions: Halloween costume fails

    Have you had a costume go wrong on Halloween? Donna & Marley take your calls!

  • The best pop songs of all time

    You won't believe who comes in at number one!

  • Marley's still not over Phelps vs. Shark

    Phelps is getting what he deserves!

  • Donna & Marley take on Taylor Swift

    Donna and Marley can't help but make fun of the talking part in Taylor Swift's song "Look What You Made Me Do." They know how they can improve the song.

  • Music: Lindsay Lohan cover & Tay Tay gets sued

    It's good to hear from Lindsay Lohan again. You go Joanne.

  • A peak behind the myTalk curtain

    Donna, Marley and Steve get into the behind the scenes of TV and radio at the company.

  • Steve O'Clock: Tipsy & Colorforms

    Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley for tipsy. Donna brings up color forms and things devolve as usual.

  • The cheese tea experiment!

    Marley and Miss Shannan experiment with the hottest new food trend, cheesy tea. It sounds gross, but was it?

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 9/14/17

    Phillip thought of everything on Lacey's date, except to change his personality.

  • J & A interview - Will and Grace audience

    Joe G. is a mytalker who went to a taping of Will and Grace episode 5 on Wednesday! 9/14/17

  • The best of the Hand in Hand telethon

    Marley and Ryan discuss highlights from the incredible Hurricane relief telethon that took place on Tuesday night.

  • How to pronounce February

    Donna, Marley & Steve get to the bottom of the mysterious pronunciation of the month "February."

  • Dawn McClain reviews "IT"

    Dawn of the morning show loves scary movies! Listen to her chat with Donna & Marley about seeing the new remake of "IT".

  • Jason & Alexis Birthday Prank 9/6/17

    Allison wants to prank Bill about how smart their dog is.

  • Donna & Marley remember Tam

    Rest in Peace our sweet Tam. We remember Tam's most hilarious and touching moments during her time on myTalk.

  • Birthday Pranks- Dawn Pranks Jill at the Fair

    Jill had one job to do; that was to watch over the goats her husband entered to the Fair. 8/30/17

  • Birthday Pranks - Tammy Hates Sharks

    Jason Pranks Tammy who wants to do ANYTHING on land for their shore excursion. She gets SHARKS instead.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 8/25/17

    Gina called about her date with Alex. We get someone else on the phone...but it's not Alex.

  • Monday Morning Movie Reviews

    Listeners call with their reviews of movies and we review some oldies but goodies

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 081717

    Jason and Alexis talk to Drew and Meg

  • MyTalk listeners tell their best jokes!

    It's National Joke day! Donna & Marley take listeners best and worst jokes! Get ready to crack up!

  • Bachelor in Paradise faces its scandal

    Donna & Marley discuss how Bachelor in Paradise handled the scandalous production shutdown in the second part of their premiere.

  • Alexis attempts Birthday Pranks...and fails x 3!

    Here's three reasons why Jason and Dawn do Birthday Pranks.

  • Bachelor in Paradise premieres

    Donna & Marley discuss how Bachelor In Paradise is handling the Corinne & DeMario scandal, which guy dressed up in drag on a date and what happened to Robby Hayes?

  • Jason & Alexis: Passenger Pet Peeves!

    My-talkers describe the gross things they've seen and experienced on flights. A flight attendant calls in with a shocking story!

  • Steve reviews Coldplay at US Bank Stadium!

    Steve Patterson went to his sixth concert ever! He saw Coldplay at US Bank Stadium. Find out how many Garys he gave the show!

  • Interview: Vinny from Bachelor in Paradise

    Vinny Ventiera joins Marley and Miss Shannan to chat about the Bachelor in Paradise shutdown, the Bachelorette finale and if he has found love!

  • Deep thoughts on penguins with Donna & Marley

    While sharing advice from bartenders, Donna and Marley wander down a strange road involving penguins.

  • Donna & Marley remember Glen Campbell

    Donna & Marley remember and pay tribute to Glen Campbell, with Donna offering personal impressions from having interviewed the country music giant.

  • Bachelorette Rachel made a big mistake

    Donna & Marley think Rachel made a mistake in choosing Bryan. They discuss Twitter's reaction to the Bachelorette finale and how long the relationship is going to last.

  • Review: Bruno Mars at the X!

    Donna, Marley and Steve discuss their time at the Bruno Mars concert on Saturday at the Xcel Energy Center

  • Luann & Tom: The break-up that shocked no one

    Luann finally filed for divorce from Tom D'Agostino, and no one is surprised. Donna & Marley break it down.

  • Justin Bieber breaks his silence

    We forgive you Biebs! Go get better, because we need some more hits.

  • Queen Elizabeth drinks a lot

    Queen Elizabeth could drink us under the table! Donna & Marley discuss the matriarch's daily drinking habits.

  • Confessions: The gift of ugly jewelry

    Has your significant other ever bought you ugly jewelry? Or did you receive it from Aunt Maude? Donna & Marley take your calls!

  • Donna & Marley taste test some bad music

    Donna and Marley love music, but not this music.

  • Donna & Marley discuss 'The Gong Show'

    Donna & Marley discuss how ridiculous 'The Gong Show.' The entire show is so weird, especially Sethward the Snake!

  • Donna & Marley chat with Andy Cohen!

    Donna & Marley get the chance to chat with Andy Cohen about his show Love Connection. They also get to ask some juicy questions.

  • Steve weighs in on the topic of "brosectomies"

    Donna, Marley, and Steve discuss the pros and cons of "brosectomies" and colon cleanses.

  • Marley's 3 takeaways from this week's GOT

    Marley has three takeaways from this week's episode of Game of Thrones. Plus: exciting news for the HBO series.

  • Donna & Marley review "Dunkirk"

    Donna & Marley share their feelings and surprising revelations about this weekend's box office winner.

  • Phelps vs. Shark was a FLOP!

    Donna & Marley laugh at the absurdity of what was "Phelps vs. Shark" on Discovery channel on Sunday. Shark Week is going to pay for this!!!!

  • Important tips with Steve

    Donna, Marley, and Steve give out some daily tips.

  • The Thong Song remix

    Donna, Marley, and Steve give their thoughts on how to censor the Thong Song for a Kidz Bop remix.

  • Donna's review of Twin Peaks

    Donna gives a review of the most recent episode of Twin Peaks.

  • Breaking down R. Kelly's scandal

    Donna and Marley's hopes for how this scandal turns out.

  • Steve's NSYNC karaoke contest

    Steve takes on a listener during an NSYNC karaoke contest.

  • Steve & Marley talk bird attacks

    Steve and Marley go in-depth in regards to bird attacks and the danger that is out there.

  • Peyton Manning roasts Kevin Durant

    Peyton Manning's monologue at the ESPYS roasts pretty much everyone... including Kevin Durant.

  • Ben Affleck and his new girlfriend

    Donna and Marley break down the drama surrounding Ben Affleck's love life.

  • Confessions: When did you have to eat something?

    When have you had to eat something that you didn't want to? Donna and Marley take your calls.

  • Is there DWTS Bad Blood?

    Donna & Marley say yes. Plus: All the diets on the Julianne Hough and Chmeragtroyd weddings.

  • Donna and Marley's dreams are crushed

    Donna and Marley have both found products that have changed their lives completely... or have they?

  • Marley saw Hamilton in Chicago!

    Marley is still processing all the ways in which Hamilton the musical is so groundbreaking.

  • Corey Feldman loses a tooth

    Donna & Marley can't keep it together talking about another interesting performance from Corey Feldman.

  • Tipsy: Pregnancy myths debunked

    Somehow Marley can't make heads or tails of Donna's tips. Maybe you can! LOL Also: More tips on summer shoe trends and keeping beer cold in the summer.

  • Marley doesn't know how to say cuckoo

    Knowledge gap alert! Marley gets schooled on not knowing how to pronounce 'cuckoo'. It's an honest moment!

  • Donna teaches Marley about barn dances

    Donna & Marley's discussion of wedding hashtags devolves into Donna breaking down what a barn dance is. The show is also now renamed Donna & Marley's Barn Dance.

  • Confessions: What do you pretend to like?

    What's something you pretend to like? Maybe it's your mom's cooking, maybe it's your friend's husband, maybe it's playing golf. Donna & Marley take your calls in confessions!

  • Steve O'Clock: Family photo breakthrough!

    Steve Patterson had a family photo breakthrough! A double rainbow and why money doesn't matter.

  • Sharon Osbourne's bachelorette party fail

    Sharon Osbourne hired a male stripper for her niece's bachelorette party, and it went HORRIBLY wrong. Donna & Marley take your calls on similar experiences!

  • Kim K's makeup looks like what?!

    We just learned an interesting tidbit about Donna.

  • Interview: Viral boat video star Jennie McLean!

    Donna & Marley chat with Jennie McLean, whose video of the Yukon 800 Riverboat race in Alaska just went viral! She is the best!

  • Confessions: The worst thing you've forgotten

    What's the worst thing you've ever forgotten? Your mom's birthday or your anniversary? Donna & Marley take calls in Confessions!

  • Steve got the best Father's Day gift ever!

    Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to tell them about the best Father's Day gift he's ever received, and why he's turning over a new leaf with Andy Grammer.

  • Tipsy: Father's Day Gift Ideas!

    Donna & Marley take calls and offer suggestions on great Father's Day gifts.

  • Tipsy: Shift gears at work

    Do this one thing to more effectively "shift gears" at work! Also: how to get through a dentist appointment and build camaraderie through your restaurant orders.

  • Grandma Geraldine needs to come clean

    Marley smells a rat.

  • Breaking down Bachelor in Paradise

    What really happened and who has motives in the Bachelor in Paradise mess? Donna & Marley discuss.

  • The Man Cave with Steve & Ryan

    Donna gets the guys' take on a few male fashion trends and issues...

  • Funkytown: Music News from Donna and Marley!

    FunkyTown: new music from Bieber, Kelsea Ballerini and Glen Campbell. Plus a musical about Cher's life is in the works

  • The best of Ed Sheeran on Carpool Karaoke!

    Donna & Marley listen and react to their 9 favorite moments from Ed Sheeran on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden!

  • Confessions: What have you done to fit in?

    What lame thing have you done to try and fit in? Donna & Marley take calls in Confessions!

  • Billy Ray Cyrus' hideous Stanley Cup song

    Donna and Brad Paisley have a lot in common and Billy Ray Cyrus has gifted us an awful song.

  • Rachel Lindsay used to date Kevin Durant?!

    Why is she the Bachelorette?!?! She needs to hook that romance with Kevin Durant back up!

  • Donna explains "The Keepers" on Netflix

    It's the latest Netflix craze. Donna explains the hot but disturbing show, and also touches on the latest on Twin Peaks.

  • Sarah Silverman's "Speck of Dust" on Netflix

    Donna reviews "Speck of Dust," Sarah Silverman's new comedy special on Netflix.

  • What have you accidentally left in your car?

    Inspired by a woman whose hairspray exploded through her windshield, Donna and Marley take calls on something you've left in your car that you shouldn't have. It's Confessions!

  • What Marley ate out of the garbage

    Have you ever eaten out of the garbage? Apparently Donna and Marley are the only ones?

  • Leave Jon Snow's manhood alone!

    The creators of Game of Thrones delivered a low blow to Jon Snow, and Marley's not happy about it.

  • Steve O'Clock: What's The Hot Dog Dance?

    Steve Patterson explains the Hot Dog Dance to Donna & Marley. Also, Tom Cruise's hair, Waboom and tips for asking for a raise.

  • Confessions: When have you locked yourself in/out

    Donna and Marley take calls about times you've locked yourself in or out of something. The stories are great!

  • Terrance Howard is WILD on WWHL!

    Donna & Marley could not believe the things that came out of Terrence Howard's mouth on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night! They include his thoughts on fake boobs/butts and why he thinks 1 x 1 = 2.

  • Songs people sing to their pets!

    This is a thing. Donna has a song she sings to her 13-year-old, and most of our myTalkers have made up pet songs, too!

  • Ryan Seacrest's first big bungle!

    Whoops! Ryan Seacrest just mistook actor Jeffrey Tambor for someone else on Live with Kelly & Ryan. Hear how Tambor reacted!

  • Confessions: When have you avoided someone?

    Donna & Marley take calls on times you have hidden from or avoided someone! What a hoot!

  • Donna & Marley chat with Lauren Alaina

    Lauren Alaina got candid with Donna & Marley when chatting about her first #1 song, an upcoming movie and the return of American Idol.

  • Steve O'Clock: Steve got a tattoo

    Steve tells the story of getting a tattoo. He also recommends a new show and song, and shares his feelings on Pitbull to comfort Donna.

  • We can't believe the box office predictions!

    Donna & Marley discuss the box office forecast, and how Snatched isn't showing up where they want it to. Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn continue to make the rounds and shock audiences.

  • Tips for the perfect kids birthday party!

    Donna & Marley chat with parents about how to throw the perfect birthday party for both the kids and their parents.

  • Marley's review of "Snatched"

    Marley saw Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn's new movie "Snatched"! Marley has a very different take on it than Jason!

  • Ideas for the limited edition Oreo!

    Donna & Marley brainstorm and take your calls on flavors for the upcoming limited edition Oreo!

  • Steve O'Clock: The return of American Idol

    Steve is excited about the return of American Idol and an overrated Oscar nominated film.

  • Tipsy: Coffee hacks!

    Marley gives Donna tips on coffee drinking, and they test one out live on the air. Try these at home!

  • Anna Wintour's gala chair days are numbered

    Donna & Marley discuss backlash to the Met Gala, and why Anna Winter is to blame.

  • Tipsy: an iPhone calculator hack

    In Tipsy, Donna & Marley share an iPhone calculator hack, a scam to watch out for, and how to get the Hollywood look without hair extensions.

  • These Three Things: The Kardashians

    It's three stories, one topic. Donna & Marley debut "These Three Things" to discuss today's top three headlines about the Kardashians.

  • Honeymoon horror stories!

    Donna & Marley take calls on the least glamorous things that have happened on honeymoons. They're not always as glamorous as you'd think!

  • Confessions: What are you too old to be doing?

    Marley just realized she did something she's too old to be doing. Do you have one? It's Confessions with Donna & Marley!

  • Best & worst dressed at the Met Gala

    There were tragedies and showstoppers on fashion's biggest night at the Met Gala on Monday. Donna & Marley break it down.

  • A toot in the face on DWTS last night?!

    Last night's DWTS included a cartwheel and a toot in the face while David Ross and Lindsay Arnold practiced. It's funny, but we were surprised to see it on TV.

  • Steve reacts to 'Live' Kelly & Ryan announcement

    Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to discuss the one downside of Ryan Seacrest becoming Kelly Ripa's new co-host on Live. Also, a 24 year old movie that's worth a watch.

  • Steve O'Clock: Steve's a pop machine

    Steve Patterson tells Donna & Marley that McDonalds is doing away with an old favorite, and why he's covered in wires.

  • Would You Rather: The Sex vs. Food edition

    Donna & Marley play "Would You Rather" with the best sex vs. food questions. What would you rather?!

  • A shocking elimination from DWTS

    There was a shocking elimination on Dancing with the Stars last night. Also, who is losing their marbles and who are we going to see in the finals.

  • The tale of Frump 1 and Frump 2

    Donna & Marley received an hilarious email regarding their appearance while visiting Paisley Park recently.

  • myTalkers share intimate Prince moments

    Donna & Marley take calls on listeners' favorite Prince moments.

  • The best Prince tribute ever

    Donna & Marley discuss what they think still might be the best tribute to Prince we've seen yet.

  • Is this the most underrated Prince song ever?

    Steve Patterson presents to Donna & Marley what he thinks is the most underrated Prince song of all time.

  • Prince's best TV moments

    Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to remember some of Prince's television appearances, including on New Girl and the Muppets.

  • Prince chats with Arsenio Hall in 2014

    Donna & Marley discuss one of Prince's final talk show appearances on the Arsenio Hall show in 2014.

  • Prince's #1 songs

    Donna & Marley continue taking calls on special moments with Prince and take a listen to a few of hit #1 hits.

  • Prince explains why he was flashy

    On with Arsenio Hall in 2014, Prince explained why he was so flashy early in his career.

  • Mel B interviews Prince (Part 2)

    Donna & Marley continue to discuss Prince's 1996 interview with Mel B.

  • One of Prince's favorite interviews

    Spice Girl Mel B interviewed Prince in 1998 in what he proclaimed at the time was his favorite interview.

  • Dawn's visit to Paisley Park on Thursday

    Dawn McClain of the morning show joins Donna & Marley to describe her experience at Paisley Park on Thursday.

  • Donna & Marley visit Paisley Park

    Donna & Marley discuss the highlights of having visited Paisley Park last weekend.

  • Second Chance Romance 4/20/17

    Tori has questions about why Nate won't call her back. Jason, Stephanie and Dawn try to help them. Will they go out again?

  • Who should have been People's Most Beautiful

    Donna & Marley are not happy with the selection of Julia Robert's as People's Most Beautiful Woman for the fifth time. They explain why and brainstorm on who should have received the title.

  • Has Scandal jumped the shark?

    In Steve O'Clock, Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to talk about a discovery he made in the bedroom, if Scandal has jumped the shark and one thing that has completely changed his week.

  • Marley is served a plate of ice cream scoops

    Donna & Marley discuss how weird it was that Marley and her family were served a plate of ice cream scoops at a restaurant over the weekend.

  • When did you throw someone under the bus?

    In Confessions, Donna & Marley take your calls on a time you threw someone under the bus! Eek!

  • Donna & Marley interview Nick Viall

    Donna & Marley chat with the latest Bachelor and current Dancing with the Stars contestant, Nick Viall.

  • An age old Hollywood mystery is solved!

    An unlikely celebrity finally clears up the question: why do so many Hollywood stars fall from grace? Donna & Marley are excited to be hearing from this celebrity again.

  • An update on April the giraffe

    Donna provides some hard hitting coverage of April the giraffe, who still hasn't given birth.

  • A scheme to meet John Mayer

    Donna & Marley discuss ways to get Marley backstage to meet and marry John Mayer when he performs at the Xcel Energy Center this Saturday.

  • New Housewives revealed in lost footage

    Donna & Marley discover scrapped footage from the most reason season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They think these two should have made the cut, as they would have made it a little more interesting.

  • When have you secretly rooted against someone?

    In Confessions, Donna & Marley take your calls on times you've secretly rooted against someone.

  • Tipsy: Smoothie making rules to live by!

    Registered dietician Natalie Locketz joins Donna & Marley to give smoothie making rules to live by!

  • An underwear recommendation for Steve

    In Steve O'Clock, TCL's Steve Patterson recommends a brand of jeans that have changed his life, and Donna & Marley recommend a pair of underwear for the same reason.

  • Celebrity Interview: Nancy Kerrigan

    Nancy Kerrigan joins "Donna & Marley" to discuss how contestants are getting along on Dancing with the Stars, Kristi Yamaguchi's "Break A Leg" tweet and a special tie to Minnesota.

  • Marley presents elbow bend & crick songs!

    The morning show's conversation about cologne application has inspired Marley's latest musical stylings, "Just Around the Elbow Bend" and "Let Me Smell Your Crick."

  • Musical improv with Revenge Perm

    While listening to heavy metal covers of Disney songs, Donna and Marley stumble upon Revenge Perm's next big hit!

  • Confessions: Weirdest thing in your purse!

    What's the weirdest thing in your purse, or the weirdest/most embarrassing thing that has ever fallen out of your purse? It's Confessions with Donna & Marley every Tuesday at 11:30 am on myTalk!

  • Marley set her oven on fire

    She's available for catering, folks! Marley tells the story of accidentally setting her oven on fire on Sunday night.

  • Tipsy: April Fools' Day prank ideas!

    Here are some great ideas for cute and harmless pranks to play on April Fools' Day!

  • You're microwaving your leftovers wrong!

    In Tipsy, Donna & Marley tell you the proper way to microwave your leftovers, a great new item at Starbucks, the technical term for your stomach rumbling and a new class for millennials.

  • Trading Radio Spaces: Julia Edition

    Julia doesn't like our Daily Snap Judgment segment, so we decided to let her give it a makeover.

  • One Crayola crayon gets the boot!

    Crayola is eliminating one of their classic crayon colors, and Donna knows exactly which one it should be. She & Marley discuss and take your calls!

  • Confessions: Nicknames for exes

    What silly nicknames have you given people you have dated? Donna & Marley take your confessions!

  • Tipsy: Guard your Ben & Jerry's!

    Donna & Marley 'get tipsy' with things your credit card company will do if asked, a hot new internship to apply for and a foolproof way to guard your Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

  • Is Caro putting on an act on DWTS?

    Marley doesn't think so, and it's the funniest thing of all time.

  • Review: Dave Chappelle on Netflix

    Donna & Marley discuss the first installment of Dave Chappelle's return to stand-up on Netflix.

  • Whoopi Goldberg throws some shade!

    Did Whoopi Goldberg need to call out The Talk for mispronouncing some of The View hosts' names? Donna and Marley say no.

  • Why does William Shatner hate Nick Viall?

    Unlikely feud alert! William Shatner has launched a Twitter campaign to get Bachelor Nick Viall voted off Dancing with the Stars as soon as possible. What's his issue? Donna and Marley discuss.

  • OMG The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

    What the Erika Jayne is going on?! Donna & Marley discuss the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and what contributed to Erika's complete blowout in Hong Kong. They discuss the real pot stirrer and which housewife needs to get the boot.

  • The Missing Richard Simmons discrepancy

    Colleen & Bradley discuss further the discrepancy in the Missing Richard Simmons podcast. What is Dan Taberski hiding? They make their guesses and listen to the parts of the podcast that were edited.

  • Steve O'Clock: Mr. Rogers & Body hair

    If that's not a tease, we don't know what is! Steve has a surprising binge watch suggestion and why people are disappointed in the latest Wonder Woman trailer.

  • Advice for seeing Manchester By The Sea

    There is one way to watch Manchester By The Sea and not have it ruin you. Marley tells you what it is.

  • Getting Tipsy: Hangover Prevention Tips

    We give you a list of preventative measures for Hangovers and what to do if you aren't so lucky.

  • An alternate theory on why Richard Simmons is hiding

    In discussing the latest episode of "Missing Richard Simmons," Marley and Donna ponder another theory behind the fitness guru's hiding that most people aren't talking about.

  • This Is Us Finale: Did it live up to the hype?

    Donna and Marley discuss and take calls on the season 1 finale of This Is Us. Donna's reaction is surprising!

  • 20 Secrets of couples who stay together forever

    It's time to "get tipsy" with secrets from couples who stay together forever!

  • What do you eat straight out of the jar?

    Donna & Marley take your confessions on what you eat straight out of the jar or container!

  • Tipsy: Dinner date dos and don'ts

    What not to do on a first dinner date! Also: Daylight Savings Day heads ups and how selfies could be hurting your relationship!

  • Is "Missing Richard Simmons" exploitative?

    In Steve O'Clock, Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to discuss whether the "Missing Richard Simmons" podcast is exploitative.

  • Funkytown: Lorde's new song "Liability"

    We sample new songs from Lorde, Pitbull, Kasey Musgraves..

  • How to Get Kicked out of a Bar (Getting Tipsy)

    How to get kicked out of a Bar (Getting Tipsy)

  • Second Chance Romance 3_09_17

    Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance with Brian and Jordan

  • Confessions: Embarrassing TV shows you watch!

    Confessions-Embarrassing TV shows I/we/you watch

  • The Man Cave- Rapid Fire Questions for Men

    The Man Cave with Steve Patterson (from Twin Cities Live on Channel 5)

  • Donna & Marley interview Joel McHale

    The comedian and actor will be at Mystic Lake Casino tonight, 3/3. Tickets are still available!

  • Second Chance Romance with Jason and Stephanie Hansen

    If he doesn't say yes, just ask him 6 times and you could get married! And, Jason loved Collin's little bounce in his step. Dawn doesn't even look at people.