The 2nd Annual myTalk Awards - the award show for pop culture and entertainment!

Here's how you can join in on the fun:

Listen Thursday, January 19th at 8am to hear the nominations on the Jason and Alexis show.

Then, come here and vote for your favorites. Voting will be open January 19 - 26th.

Tune in to Jason & Alexis from 8am - 9am the week of January 30th - February 3rd hear winners announced for The myTalk Awards. Other myTalk hosts will be joining the broadcast to discuss each award!

Catch up on the days you missed  below!

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And the winner is...

Jason & Alexis Pick (34.2%)
LoJ Pick (45.5%)
The Academy Pick (41.9%)
Jason & Alexis Pick (46.9%)
Donna & Steve Pick ((36.9%)
Donna & Steve Pick (35.7%)
LoJ Pick (35.7%)
LoJ Pick (37.9%)
Donna & Steve Pick (65.2%)
Acadmey Pick (55.4%)
Bradley & Dawn Pick (44.7%)
Jason & Alexis Pick (60.5%)
Jason & Alexis Pick (50.3%)


  • TV/Streaming Show of the Year: WHITE LOTUS (JA)
  • Ass-Hat of the Year: KANYE WEST (LoJ)
  • Actor of the Year (movie or television): AUSTIN BUTLER (Academy)
  • Actress of the Year (movie or television): JENNIFER COOLIDGE (JA)
  • Movie of the Year: TOP GUN: MAVERICK (DS)
  • Most Valuable Celebrity: PRINCE HARRY (DS)
  • Comeback of the Year: VIKINGS vs COLTS (LoJ)
  • Reality Show of the Year: DEPP vs HEARD TRIAL (LoJ)
  • Viral Internet Moment of the Year: THE SLAP BY WILL SMITH (JA)
  • Song of the Year: ABOUT DAMN TIME - LIZZO (Academy)
  • Musical Artist of the Year: LIZZO (BD)
  • Breakout Star of the Year: JENNA ORTEGA (JA)
  • Crush of the Year (male or female): AUSTIN BUTLER (LoJ)
  • Lifetime Achievement: DOLLY PARTON (LoJ)

Monday, January 30

  • TV/Streaming Show of the Year
  • Ass-Hat of the Year
  • Actor of the Year (movie or television)

Tuesday, January 31

  • Actress of the Year (movie or television)
  • Movie of the Year
  • Most Valuable Celebrity

Wednesday, February 1

  • Comeback of the Year
  • Reality Show of the Year
  • Viral Internet Moment of the Year

Thursday, February 2

  • Song of the Year
  • Musical Artist of the Year
  • WTF Award

Friday, February 3

  • Breakout Star of the Year
  • Crush of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement