Mucci’s in St Paul now open. Get a Sneak Peek
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Mucci’s in St Paul now open. Get a Sneak Peek

Mucci’s in St Paul has arrived. You know I am a St Paulie Girl and this place is literally a stones throw from my house. It has been open only a few nights and I have eaten there twice already so I thought I would share my thoughts and pics.

Pizza is very unique at Mucci’s.  Instead of the traditional brick oven situation the quick fry their pizza shells then fill them with the toppings and bake them off. My husband, who makes a great pizza,  was skeptical of this at first but we both agreed this works.  The result is a thicker, chewier dough with a very crisp outer crust. We particularly liked the Mortadella pie pictured here and we also liked the egg, arugula and cheese version.


Meatballs were a real highlight. They were perfectly sauced and the texture of the meatball was just right. I cant wait to go back and have these on a pile of spaghetti.


Pasta really shines at Mucci’s. I had the angelotti which was little pillows of green spinach pasta filed with cheese and served with a light butter sauce and mushrooms, lemon zest and a poached egg on top. When you poked the egg and it mixed with the butter – all that goodness made a delicious sauce. Another winner was the mussels with guanciale and the squid ink pasta here.


The dish I loved the most – I didn’t photograph because I was shoveling it in my face too fast. Its called Chicken thighs and its fried crispy skinned chicken thighs drizzled with a sweet and spicy chili sauce.

Look for more from Mucci’s as they grow into their lovely new home and host their donut pop-ups this weekend. Word has it that Chris the chef is a master of fried bread as is evidenced by his lovely pizzas.


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