5 Things to know about week 7 of The Bachelor
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5 Things to know about week 7 of The Bachelor

Here are the 5 Things you need to know about week 7 of The Bachelor:

1. Colton got dumped again: “Never been kissed” Heather sent herself home on a group date. She wasn’t ready to bring Colton home to her family. Rumors are swirling that Colton is the most dumped Bachelor in history.

2. House drama: It was Tayshia/Kirpa vs. Caelynn/Cassie. Tayshia and Kirpa don’t feel the other ladies are there for the right reasons. It’s all predicated on rumors about a conversation between Caelynn/Cassie about becoming the Bachelor and opportunities afforded by the show. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just realistic.

3. Goodbye Hannah B.: After bringing her to HIS family, Colton dumped Hannah B. Unfortunately, she was wearing the worst outfit for a break-up, which made two horrible outfits for her this episode:

4. Eliminated: Kirpa. Kirpa rounded out the three to go home this week, which leaves Tayshia, Cassie, Hannah G., and Caelynn headed for their hometowns with Colton.

5. No fence jumping: Because I knew you’d ask.

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