5 Things to know about week 5 of The Bachelor
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5 Things to know about week 5 of The Bachelor

It’s week 5 of The Bachelor and Colton took the ladies to Thailand.

The 5 things you need to know:

  • Heather one-on-one: She is no longer a kissing virgin. Otherwise this date felt painfully awkward, but she’s sticking around for now.
  • Elyse goes home: Elyse went home because she couldn’t watch Colton date other people, and she couldn’t guarantee she’d be ready for a proposal. So… why did she go on this show?
  • New frontrunner: Cassie leapfrogged everyone on her one-on-one date with Colton on a deserted island in Thailand. They made out the whole time because there was nothing else to do, because that was not even really an island.

  • Onyeka/Nicole drama: The pettiest drama ever has broken out between these two over absolutely nothing. They both threw each other under the bus to Colton. He should send them both home, but…
  • No Rose Ceremony: So begins episodes with no conclusive rose ceremony. It better not last.

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