7 Things to know about The Bachelor week 2
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7 Things to know about The Bachelor week 2

After last week, thank goodness week 2 of The Bachelor didn’t waste our time. Well it depends on how you define wasted time, but here’s what else you need to know:

1. Demi is the new villain. Forget Catherine, this week was all about 23-year-old Demi, whom you can’t decide whether to love or hate.

2. Group date rose scandal: Speaking of Demi, she caused an uproar when she picked up the rose on a group date. I repeat: she picked up a flower. It was not ok with fellow contestant Tracy:

3. Elyse is cool. She’s the 31-year-old redhead from Alaska. She got the group date rose that Demi picked up.

4. The most awkward one-on-one ever? Might have been with Hannah B., who looks like this:

And couldn’t talk:

5. Beauty queen drama. Speaking of Hannah B., she and Caelynn do not get along, and Hannah plans to take her down.

6. Heather one-upped Colton. She told him she’d never been kissed. Then they didn’t kiss.

7. Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman and Billy Eichner all showed up, making them possibly the coolest people to ever be on this show.



Alex B., the girl who was sick on night one

Angelique, who we just didn’t hear a lot from

Ericka, the girl who brought the bag of nuts on night one. (She said she didn’t want kids tonight, so that’s probably why she went home.)

Annie, the financial associate, who you felt really bad for. She was honestly embarrassed.


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