“60 Minutes” is getting Oprah-fied
Colleen Lindstrom

“60 Minutes” is getting Oprah-fied

Your Sunday night “60 Minutes” fix is about to have 100% more Oprah.

Oprah Winfrey is joining “60 Minutes” as a “special contributor.”

The newswoman turned talk show host, turned production company queen, turned movie producer, turned Weight Watchers pitchwoman, turned commander of the awakened world will now be going back to her news roots on “60 Minutes.”

Her relationship with CBS has grown since… um… her bestie Gayle King started working for them on their morning show. In fact, just last week, Oprah was heavily featured in a special hosted by Gayle King honoring the late Mary Tyler Moore where she talked in depth about this moment.

This move will see Oprah featured in “several segments” each year on the newsmagazine program.

Get ready for your Sunday nights to be Oprah-fied!




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