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7 Things to know about the premiere of The Bachelor

Season 23 of The Bachelor with Colton Underwood premiered on ABC on Monday night!


1. The whole first hour was full of former contestants, Colton shower scenes, live shots of viewing parties, and regular people’s engagements, a.k.a. it was a waste of time, leading most of #BachelorNation to be like:

2. Colton’s virginity: It didn’t stop, as summed up by these tweets by former contestants:

3. Craziest entrance: Alex D., who dressed up as a sloth, and COMMITTED. She did not take the costume off until what seemed like the end of the rose ceremony.

4. First impression rose: Went to Hannah G., who looks like a Disney princess she is so big eyed, blonde and delicately beautiful.

5. The villain: Catherine interrupted other girls a record four times. Shocker, Colton gave her a rose. #producers

6. Preview: It was intriguing, as always. It basically looks like Colton runs away, which would actually be unprecedented (cue Chris Harrison’s “most dramatic” line yet again).

7. Bonus: There was a montage of Chris Harrison’s time as host of The Bachelor, which might have been the most rewarding television of the evening.


  1. Alex D., the sloth
  2. Erin, the girl who showed up as Cinderella
  3. Devin, who provided the post-rose ceremony tears directly in front of other, celebrating contestants
  4. Adrienne/Jane
  5. Tahzjuan, who was more legit than anyone else there
  6. Revian, who spoke Mandarin
  7. Laura

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