7 Things to know about week 6 of The Bachelor
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7 Things to know about week 6 of The Bachelor

Week 6 of The Bachelor was a purge. The 7 Things you need to know:

1. Onyeka/Nicole: The drama queens both went home from the rose ceremony that started the episode after last week’s “To Be Continued.” Spoiler alert: It didn’t end there.

2. Hannah G. one-on-one: The first impression rose Disney-like beauty finally got her one-on-one. Caelynn commenting on Hannah’s chances sparked some controversy online:

3. Sydney goes home: She left on her own because she felt like she wasn’t getting enough from Colton.

4. Kirpa one-on-one: Kirpa finally got some (camera) time. We haven’t seen a lot of her, probably because she’s the most normal person there. Colton seems to like her, and I like that she makes him nervous.

5. Goodbye Demi: Colton sent Demi home after she snuck into his room and told him she was falling for him. The feelings weren’t mutual. The scene wasn’t looking good from the start:

6. Rose ceremony: Katie went home, which felt like a curveball when he could have sent home first-kiss Heather.

7. Suspicion in the house: Sydney, Demi and Katie all told him to find and pick someone who is there for the right reasons, which implies there is someone, or people, that aren’t. Colton finally confronted it, and next week, fingers crossed, we’ll finally see him lose it and jump over that fence.

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