A Goonies “Immersive” Theater experience?
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A Goonies “Immersive” Theater experience?

I have been waiting and WAITING for more details about the sequel to “The Goonies”.

Turns out they have taken a few steps back.

The writer (Chris Columbus) and the director ( Richard Donner ) are having trouble creating something that will “live up to the magic” of the first movie.

So instead of putting out a terrible movie, they have decided to turn it into an interactive theater experience.


So apparently we will be able to go to some warehouse and experience the “Goonie” adventure like they did in the original movie.

As fun as this sounds, I have so many questions!

Who is going to be in it? Where is it? How long will it take? Is the original cast going to be involved?

Ugh! Just make the sequel already!

You can read the story here.


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