A love connection is born again!
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A love connection is born again!

You guys, it seems Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are back together, and not only that, she’s been wearing her old engagement ring from Liam AND she was just spotted with U-Haul moving trucks going to his place!!!!

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I think they might be engaged again AND moving in together!!

I just love this! I love seeing them back together because despite Miley going a little cuckoo, I think these two are actually very well suited for one another. They were engaged very young — when Miley was just 19! — and now she has been able to get some things out of her system, and they still love each other! Awwww!

Oh my gosh what’s wrong with me I sound like Donna.

Really though, they both love animals and they’re both vegans, and now, they’re at a much more appropriate age to be serious with each other. Still young, but more so than before.

I love it. I hope their love blossoms and endures for a lifetime.





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