A Mariah-fied Throwback Thursday: Marley’s X-Factor Audition
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A Mariah-fied Throwback Thursday: Marley’s X-Factor Audition

In honor of Mariah Carey’s possible return to her old self (see video below of one of her recent vocal warm-ups), we started chatting today about the good ole days of Mariah Carey.

Donna and Tam weren’t super fans, but Marley was.

No matter what kind of fan you were though, you deny how good Mariah’s remix of “Fantasy” with ODB was:

The subject brought Marley to a throwback from when she fake-auditioned for the X-Factor two years ago.

She wanted to audition for the X-Factor and heard that “mobile” auditions were being held at the Mall of America; She didn’t expect this to mean waiting in the rain for three hours to record a video for no one to send to cyberspace.

Basically, the chances of Simon Cowell seeing Marley’s video from a trailer in the Mall of America parking lot seemed unlikely.

So, as she says in the video, she took things into her own hands.

Happy Throwback Thursday!


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