A #teamcobra As-Seen-on-TV Christmas

A #teamcobra As-Seen-on-TV Christmas

We are still in the festive season and we hope you are enjoying this special time of year with gusto and gluttony. #teamcobra is feeling very loved by their friends and family because they know the way to our holiday hearts: By gifting us crap from the As-Seen-on-TV aisle of the store!

Colleen’s mother (hi, Diane!) gifted not only Colleen, but her entire family Egg-Tastics! The fine people at the Egg-Tastic Corporation have produced a tutorial on how to microwave your egg. In a bowl. Because that’s hard and stuff…

Bradley got a coffee mug that plugs into his car that keeps his java piping hot. Only thing is that that he left it plugged in, almost melting his car in the process…

And Holly got a FrostGuard Windshield and Wiper Cover, which will keep her from having Jerry Lundegaard moments this winter:

We hope you got all the wonderful things this holiday season!





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