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Adam Brody underwent shoulder surgery after wrapping River Wild

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Adam Brody

Adam Brody underwent surgery on his shoulder in November after he worsened an existing injury while shooting River Wild.

During an appearance on the Just for Variety podcast, The O.C. alum revealed that he finally got around to treating his recurring shoulder problem after it flared up while shooting the thriller.

“I had an old injury from when I was 19. I had a torn labrum. My left shoulder would come out of socket a couple of times a year, but briefly. And I don’t have to put it back in. It just goes back in, and it hurts,” the 43-year-old said, before adding that it popped out while he was choreographing a fight scene with co-star Taran Killam.

“I landed on the floor and it came out really bad. It came out really bad, and each time it gets looser,” he explained. “I had surgery in November on it. It was a nice impetus to get something I could have gotten any time in the last 20 years. And I like saying that Taran did it to me. That’s fun.”

In River Wild, a reimagining of the 1994 thriller of the same name, Brody plays the antagonist alongside his wife Leighton Meester and he spends “a fair amount of the movie” trying to kill her.

Brody admitted that they signed on to the feature to help their mutual friend Ben Ketai, who wrote and directed the film.

“I wouldn’t have picked this for us. It came to me… fully formed from a friend to both of us, but this isn’t something I was looking to do together,” he acknowledged.

River Wild is streaming on U.S. Netflix now.

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