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Adam Driver reflects on ‘ambitious’ viral Burberry cologne campaign

When: 29 Jul 2021 **only For Use By Wenn Cps**
Adam Driver

Adam Driver has admitted his transformation into a “sexy centaur” for his viral Burberry cologne campaign was “ambitious”.

Back in July, executives at the British heritage brand unveiled the campaign for their latest fragrance, Burberry Hero, with the imagery featuring the Marriage Story actor chasing a wild horse along a beach before diving into the ocean alongside the animal, and at some point, appearing to transform into a centaur – a creature from Greek mythology with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

The campaign quickly racked up thousands of views on Instagram, with many making memes about the content, and one fan commenting: “Adam Driver doing a cologne ad where he becomes a centaur is completely on-brand for him.”

Reflecting on the concept in an interview with Vogue, Driver confessed that the whole experience was “really exhausting”.

“I didn’t have to do any work on my face matching a horse, but having my body match a horse was ambitious,” he jokingly said, adding that he abided by a rigorous training schedule in the lead-up to the photoshoot. “I didn’t approach it any differently than a regular film role, even though it was a commercial. When we got to shoot it, I’m so glad I did what I did because I think I underestimated how physical it would be. Our first shot is a guy on an ATV and a camera, matching his pace to a horse’s pace to my pace, and we’re doing it in 30 minutes because we’re chasing the light. Every shot was ambitious and really exhausting but, hopefully, worth it.”

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