Adam Driver refused to Hang Out with Mark Hamill
Dawn McClain

Adam Driver refused to Hang Out with Mark Hamill

Some call it method acting, some call it snobbery.  I will side with the former.  Here’s the gist of it:  Adam Driver, made famous from the show, Girls on HBO, plays the evil Kylo Ren in the Star Wars movies.  The man who plays his uncle, is Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill.

Mark Hamill, outside of playing the voice of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, has had ONE roll in Hollywood.  It’s Luke Skywalker.  He has been passionate about the role, and embraced his celebrity.  With that being said, my assumption is that Mark Hamill LOVES this franchise, and wants to embrace all opportunities to connect with his fellow actors.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t a mutual feeling from Adam driver, because of his desire to stay true to his character.  Mark Hammil reached out to Adam Driver to see if they could discuss their characters.

Here is a quote from Mark Hammil, in his Vanity Fair article:

“I remember saying to Adam, ‘I don’t know how you work, or your technique. But, at some point, you were my nephew. I probably bounced you on my knee. I probably babysat for you. There’s that side, and now we’re both estranged from the Skywalker family. All I’m suggesting is, if you’d like, maybe we could go to lunch, we could get together and hang out.'”

Adam Driver replied with a simple, “Nope”.

This is what Adam had to say in response to questioning his methods.

“There’s big personal things that I find about every character, not just in Star Wars, that you have to make as personal as possible. It’s the big joke about being an actor, that you make everything you’re doing seem like it’s life or death. The things about that character that I find painful, that I really relate to, I kind of prefer to keep to myself.”

I respect this.  I can see how he would be labeled, Moody.  But, that’s what makes Adam Driver a great actor.  He gives great performances.  His talent is so natural, but can’t we respect that he won’t rely on the same tricks or gimmicks that worked for his role in Girls?  We appreciate the effort, Adam.  You’re killing it.




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