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Alec and Hilaria Baldwin will talk parenting on new podcast

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Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria are set to debut a new podcast series all about parenting their kids.

Hilaria, who shares six children with the former 30 Rock star, teased the new show, titled, What’s One More?, in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

Poking some good-humoured fun at their large family, she joked the couple’s latest big news did not involve yet another baby. Alongside a funny photo of her man with Hilaria covering his mouth, she wrote: “Something exciting coming soon… no, not that.”

And on Thursday, producers behind the show shared a post on Instagram with the full details, writing: “Introducing ‘What’s One More?’, a new podcast with @alecbaldwininsta and @hilariabaldwin. They’ll have conversations with celeb friends, specialists, authors and various guests about relationships, parenting, charity, and how we can inspire others to be better and do more. Tune in for new episodes every Tuesday, starting June 8th!”

But the announcement did not go down well with some social media users, who suggested the show should be fronted by non-celebrity parents.

“If they’re going to discuss parenting, perhaps they should have the real parents on their show – the nannies they pay to take care of their army of children,” wrote one Instagram user, while another griped: “What’s one more when your kids are just props to exploit on social media? These two are two of the most unlikable, fake people ever… Nobody wants to listen to their fake bulls**t.”

Five hours after the Instagram podcast announcement appeared, under the account name @whatsonemorepod, it was deleted, having garnered only eight ‘likes’ on the site. The Twitter post about the venture was also removed after it too was greeted with negative comments.

What’s One More? isn’t Hilaria’s first podcast – she’s also the co-host of the Mom Brain series with Daphne Oz.

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