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Ali Wong prioritising stand-up instead of acting after Beef

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Ali Wong

Ali Wong wants to focus on her stand-up comedy instead of acting projects following the success of Beef.

The comedian has received more offers for acting roles since she starred as Amy Lau in the Netflix TV series alongside Steven Yeun in April. While she appreciates the increased interest, she wants to focus on stand-up as she neglected it while she shot the show.

“I decided a while ago that it was time for me to return to stand-up,” she told Variety. “That was the longest break I ever took, and the worry is that that muscle atrophies – you can lose it if you don’t put the reps in. It’s like weightlifting.

“Acting is wonderful, but it takes a lot of time. It’s time for me to be with my kids and do stand-up for now. Although I do appreciate getting calls and offers. It’s so wonderful and something I never imagined would happen.”

The 41-year-old, who shares two daughters with her ex-husband Justin Hakuta, added that she identifies “first and foremost” as a stand-up comedian rather than an actress, and explained that having to put her comedy work on hold for such a long time to make Beef was a big deal.

“Not doing stand-up was huge. It’s such a form of expression for me. To just take that away made me feel trapped,” she noted.

Ali is touring her stand-up show across America throughout July, August, and September. She also has two one-off shows in London and Paris scheduled for next month.

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