Amal just spent $3,700 on George. What was the gift?!
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Amal just spent $3,700 on George. What was the gift?!

Amal Alamuddin has reportedly splashed out over $3,700 on a post-wedding gift for George Clooney.

The acclaimed human rights lawyer, 36, took time out of her work trip in Greece to arrange for handmade Murano cocktail glasses to be sent to her new husband. The lavish ornaments are apparently the exact same ones used by the couple in Venice, Italy, where they got married on September 29.

The glasses are valued at around $100 per piece and Amal ordered 12 of them for their new London home, according to E! News.

The activist and author did not stop there, adding matching silk napkins and handmade napkin holders to create a perfect set. These additions added up to a $2,500 spend, but were unlikely to make too much of a dint in the successful woman’s bank account.

“Amal loves the idea of them having the same cocktail glasses that they use at the Cipriani Hotel in Venice,” according to the publication’s source.

Sentimentality clearly trumps the price factor for Amal, who is currently in Athens advising Greece on how to get Britain to return the Elgin Marbles.

The brunette beauty apparently took note of her 53-year-old husband’s affection for the cocktail pieces in the lead-up to their vows.

“George admired them every time he looked at them during the wedding celebrations and they didn’t have time to go shopping in Venice, so she’s ordered them in as a post-wedding gift for him,” the source continued.

Now that the power couple will be settling down for a life together, they are working on creating their nest. This will apparently involve sentimental throwbacks to the time they got married in the Italian city in a ceremony that reportedly cost $13 million.

“It means that every time they curl up with a cocktail at home they’ll think of their wedding and be reminded of all the happy memories,” E! claimed.


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