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Amanda Bynes apologizes for wrongly accusing fiancé of drug use

Amanda Bynes Around Town in LA
Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has apologized for mistakenly accusing her fiancé Paul Michael of using drugs.

The Hairspray actress took to Instagram on Thursday to allege that her fiancé, Paul, had relapsed on drugs, adding she kicked him out of the house. After Paul denied the claim and tested negative on a drug test, Amanda publicly corrected her statements.

“I thought Paul relapsed, but I was wrong,” she told E! News. “He drug tested for me from a drug test kit I bought from CVS. The drug test was negative for all substances. Paul and I are staying together. I am so sorry for the confusion I caused.”

Paul also made a statement to the outlet, saying, “I am now sober from a relapse that may have happened long in the past but I am not using now. I drug tested and it was negative. The drug test was clean. The relapse was not of any significance or a controlled or illegal substance. I am clean.”

He added that it was all a “big misunderstanding” and they have resolved the issue, stating, “We’re together and moving past this moment.”

Los Angeles police officers arrived at Amanda’s home in the early hours of Thursday morning following reports of a verbal dispute.

Her lawyer, David Esquibias, explained to multiple outlets, “Amanda and Paul had an argument Wednesday evening. Amanda left her home, where Paul has been residing, for her safety before the situation escalated. She was not there when police arrived.”

He said that Amanda was “now back home” and “remains focused on her well-being”.

The incident comes weeks after Amanda was freed from her nine-year conservatorship.

The actress, who is studying fashion design, announced her engagement to Paul in 2020.

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