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Amanda Seyfried’s son gets ‘sad’ seeing her on TV

2023 Producers Guild Awards
Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried has shared how her children feel about seeing her on their TV screen.

During an interview with People, the Mamma Mia! star shared that her two children – daughter Nina, six, and son Thomas, two – have different reactions to seeing her on their television set.

“My son is two and a half, so I have no idea what his understanding is. When I was on the Today Show I was watching him, and his reaction was sad!” the actress revealed, explaining that Thomas associates her being on TV with her being away. “He’s like, ‘Mama!’ and I was like ‘Hey, I am right here!’ It doesn’t make sense (to him), and it shouldn’t.”

The Golden Globe winner then divulged that Nina, who she described as a “natural born actor”, has a better understanding and appreciation of her mother’s job.

“She’s starting to really appreciate that this is what I do for a living, and she understands it as much as any six-year-old can,” said Amanda. “When I say ‘I’m going to go do this, you’ll see me on TV’ she’ll be like, ‘Okay mama,’ and she misses me, but when I come back, she’s proud… She has this pride.”

The Dear John actress thinks her daughter could follow in her footsteps career-wise, with her adding, “She’s not working, but I know in my bones that this is what she is. She’s a performer. Will she do it as a career? Who knows?”

Amanda shares her two children with her husband, actor Thomas Sadoski, who she married in 2017.

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