Amber Rose: ‘I’ll never be best friends with Kim Kardashian’
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Amber Rose: ‘I’ll never be best friends with Kim Kardashian’

Amber Rose

Reality stars Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian may “accept each other” but they will never be best friends.

According to Amber, 32, the fact she has been photographed with Kim, 35, and defended her now infamous nude selfie last week (ends11Mar16) doesn’t mean they are Best Friends Forever.

“The thing is, me and Kim will probably – I won’t say we’ll never be friends, but we accept each other for who we are, and that’s the most important thing as women,” she told The Daily Beast. “I don’t get along with her husband – I don’t think we’ll ever be the best of friends – but it’s good that we understand who we both are, got all that s**t out on the table, and can just move on with our lives knowing that the Internet is mostly what gave us the beef we had.”

Amber previously dated Kim’s husband Kanye West for two years from 2008 until 2010, and has accused Kim of cheating with the rapper in the past.

She has also feuded with Kim’s younger sister Khloe and half sister Kylie Jenner, after the 18-year-old started dating her best friend Blac Chyna’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Tyga.

Amber engaged in a war of words with Kanye, 38, earlier this year, but just weeks later, Kim shared a cosy selfie with the beauty which appeared to end their feud once and for all.

In fact, Amber passionately defended Kim’s decision to share a completely naked selfie on social media last Monday (07Mar16), blasting people for shaming the mum-of-two for expressing herself.

“I don’t know u well but I saw u speak about s**t shaming and as u know I’m an activist feminist so it spoke to me,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Being S**t shamed and ridiculed is not fun, it’s hurtful and mean. Us women deal with it every day, and I’m happy u can speak openly on this now, because if anyone knows what it’s like to be S**t Shamed it’s u! Live it Kim! Make a difference and speak on it! Not only when it’s convenient for u, but when u can help others. (sic)”

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