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Amy Schumer dresses up to receive Covid-19 vaccine

Amy Schumer wore her “fanciest dress” to get her Covid-19 vaccine.


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The Trainwreck actress celebrated the milestone by putting on a glamorous gold sequined gown and even cut a hole in the shoulder of the outfit so the injection could be administered easily.

Amy posted a video of herself fist-pumping and singing along to Whitney Houston’s hit How Will I Know, but changing the words to “How will I know if I’m getting the vaccine?”, as she excitedly drove to the vaccine centre in New York.

The 39-year-old star also shared footage of her having the injection on Instagram and insisted she was excited rather than scared to have the jab.

“I just wanted to entertain some of the workers here,” she told onlookers in the clip. “I am sorry if you wanted to use this site to meditate. I know some people are scared about getting the vaccine but I was like, ‘I don’t care!'”

Amy also urged her 10.4 million Instagram followers to dress up when it’s their turn to be vaccinated. She asked fans to use the hashtag #downtowngown when posting their own glamorous vaccine shots to help raise money for Pencils for Kids – a charity providing educational support and stationery for children.

“I want to thank all the brave people in the medical field. But more than them I want to give a shout out to me,” she wrote. “I’m awesome I love the people of New York. Even the annoying ones. It’s nice to see all of them. I feel excited and hopeful. I hope you do too. #downtogown if you want to join me and support @pencilsforkidsinc take a pick of yourself getting the vaccine in your best suite (sic) or nicest dress.

“Use #downtogown Nice way to show respect to the people working there who understand the enormity of what it is they are doing. Thank you heroes. You are selfless and your humanity inspires us all. I love you New York and everyone working at this site every #downtogown @guyoseary will donate 5 dollars for each suit or dress to @pencilsforkidsinc thanks guy!”

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