Amy Schumer: ‘Serena Williams helped me cope with postpartum problems’
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Amy Schumer: ‘Serena Williams helped me cope with postpartum problems’

Amy Schumer has credited advice from pal Serena Williams with helping her overcome postpartum problems.

The comedian welcomed son Gene last year, two years after the tennis champion gave birth to daughter Alexis, and the funny woman has declared she isn’t sure how she would have coped with life after giving birth without her friend’s insight and support.

“I also was lucky enough to talk to Serena Williams on the phone (for advice),” she told Buzzfeed.

Thanks to Serena’s advice and her own promises to be gentle with herself, Amy, who discusses her difficult pregnancy in new docuseries Expecting Amy, shut down the possibility of ‘bouncing back’ to normal life soon after having her child.

“I just rejected it (pressure to ‘bounce back’) right away because it seemed so unrealistic to me,” she shared. “I remember posting pictures afterwards (and) I was still wearing my hospital underwear, because I stole every pair I possibly could,” she confessed.

Admitting that even with the help of a nurse that it was extremely hard to take care of an infant, Amy confided: “I just remember wearing a pad, wearing the underwear, and I gave myself so much time and patience. I promised myself that I would be gentle.”

“She (Serena) was patient with herself and she’s the one who had to get back to playing tennis,” Amy added, “so between my friends, and the promises I made to myself, I was like, ‘I am in no rush.'”

She concluded: “It’s now 14 months later and I’m still in no rush. Someone could think that I’m in my second trimester. I’m not even joking. I really don’t feel any shame about that.”

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