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Ana de Armas learned English by watching Friends

29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
Ana De Armas

Ana de Armas learned to speak English by watching the TV sitcom Friends.

During her monologue for Saturday Night Live on Saturday evening, the Blonde actress began by greeting the audience in Spanish and noting that she has had an “incredible year”.

Ana then went on to recall how she worked hard to improve her English when she first moved to Los Angeles in 2014.

“I speak English,” she smiled. “But I didn’t when I first got to the U.S. I was born in Cuba. I came to America when I was 26, and I learned English the way everyone who comes to this country does: by watching Friends. Who would have thought that the best English tutor would be Chandler Bing?” she laughed, referring to Matthew Perry’s character on the popular ’90s show. “I mean look at me now; could I be any better at English?”

As part of the opener, Ana also revealed that Robert De Niro – whom she worked with on the 2016 movie Hands of Stone – once visited her father in Cuba.

“That was such a kind gesture, and I have been so fortunate to work with so many wonderful actors,” the 34-year-old smiled. “My dad was so proud of me, and he would be proud to see me today standing on this stage. I feel very lucky to be here.”

Ana is currently in the post-production phase on two movies; Ghosted and Ballerina.

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