Animal Kingdom: Surprise sloth sex!
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Animal Kingdom: Surprise sloth sex!

5/20 Surprise sloth sex!

Lots of happy zoo news in Animal Kingdom today: a red panda escape and retrieval and a baby rhino born at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa.

5/13 Bear bribes dog and a baby giraffe gets therapeutic shoes!

PLUS an octopus fights back and gorillas shield themselves from the rain just like us.

5/6 Kentucky Derby and The Piano Dog!

PLUS a donkey rescue, a flying turtle and maggot sausages?!

4/29 Feral cats and cow farts

PLUS a puppy update: how are the 7 puppies doing that were found in the trash during Coachella. And Taylor Swift’s new cat!

4/15 Dire wolf obsession & a kitty survived wash cycle

PLUS most dangerous bird kills man, a drunk orangutan and a chunky kitty.

4/8 Elephant kills poacher and disabled chicken learns to walk

PLUS cats hear everything, they don’t care, a long python and a luxury pet jet program!

4/1 Snake in your pants and a woolly mammoth!

PLUS Snake vs. Hawk, man stuffs python down pants and how the Tasmanian Devil coexists with cancer.

3/25 Cane toads with milky secretions and a cute koala! 

PLUS a dog with a service dog and the most popular dog breeds.

3/18 Baby giraffe and toothy animals

PLUS a turkey crossing guard, new frog species and a horse in a truck bed.

3/11 Idiot attacked by a jaguar

PLUS a man lives to tell his experience inside a whale’s mouth, April the Giraffe is so close to having her calf and congrats to a mayor goat?!

3/4 Tarantula eats a possum and glitter poop!

Whale jail and an Oreo-loving pig!

2/18 What do red squirrels eat?

PLUS a pot smoker found a tiger and LA City Hall has rats…a lot of rats.

1/14: 5 foot bird on the loose!

PLUS another cat with the plague, a clumsy dog, a rare antelope birth and retiring sloths.

1/7: Overeager humping toads…on a python?!

PLUS a woman wakes up to a stranger in her dog’s bed with her dog, we have an eggroll eating squirrel, a dog attacks a woman, then the owner attacks the woman, toads take a ride on a python…and it’s more than a ride and Colin, Jason’s husband, calls in to tell us about his encounter with a snake at a Walt Disney World resort.

12/17: Penguin poop from space

PLUS see a movie at the theater with your dog? A cat needed some buttering up to coax her out of a dryer vent.

12/10 :Listen to mice arguing over infidelity!

PLUS sugar gliders are causing parrots to step out of their monogamous relationships, an old bird still getting it done, eels stuck in seals and coyote vests.

12/3 Milking Camels 

PLUS dog leaving “toffee” on neighbor’s pillow, a grand theft otter, a huge steer and George HW’s pup Sully.

11/26 Deer Kick to the Face and Gobbler’s Rest

PLUS Eloise’s surprise, Big Boy Bopper the Whopper and Whiskey wins!

11/19 Snow Camel and Whale Earwax

11/12 Doe, a deer, Jack and Diane and an octopus squirt

This and more in the Animal Kingdom today!

11/5 Beloved falcon mascot kidnapped

PLUS dog shots man, dog detects another human disease and help save the hedgehog in the UK.

10/29 Cats, dogs, a kangaroo and gay penguins!

Oh my. Lots of animal news this morning!

10/22 a Kooikerhondje?

PLUS Man headbutts a shark, two new dog breeds at National Dog Show and VIT (very important turkeys)

10/15 Dangerous caterpillar?

PLUS Charlie in A Star Is Born, how to trap a tigress in India and the poopiest cities are…

10/8/18: CPR on a squirrel 

Sober up birds, it was a dog and congrats Mayor Sweet Tart!

10/1/18: turtle in a wheelchair and blind kitties

Plus very loyal dogs and a man pulls an alligator’s tail…these stories get better. Or do they?

9/24/18: we have a copy-coon and randy panda sounds!

We also have a stoned lobster update, a gigantic spider web, panda mating sounds and a man who naps with cats.

9/17/18: Why did the alligator cross the road?

Plus one man rescued dogs and cats in a school bus, a man gets attacked by a bear and squirrels drive farmers nuts in New England.

9/10/18 Baboons floss their teeth!

There’s a kangaroo in Austria, cat whisperer wanted and puffins are having a hard time.

8/20/18 Trained Crows at Puy du Fou!

We could be tracking animals from space by next year. A pitbull, Nurse Frank, helps a paralyzed senior chihuahua Tito and name those red panda twins!

8/6/18 118 goats loose!

PLUS what is that tall Gollum creature in the Canadian woods? Yay kitty Bronson, congrats on your weight loss. And elephants in India go on a 7-day feast with body massages.

7/23/18 Zombie outbreak, dead raccoons and if a shark attacks

Today we celebrated 30 years of Shark Week and a pigeon gets crushed by a football and lives to tell.

7/9/18 Corgis and baby vultures!

Lots of animal news this morning: a Corgi party, a man attempts to smuggle baby vultures on a plane, a Jet Blue crew saves a dog and a bear in a hot tub drinking a margarita!

7/2/18 Rejected red panda and smart crows

In animal news today: a rejected panda, the most terrifying insect ever, armadillos and leprosy and crows are really smart. Oh, and hello Donna Mills kitty!

6/25/18 Kangaroo soccer player, red wolves and guinea pig fun facts!

A kangaroo interrupts a soccer game twice. A bird in the Caribbean and red wolves are making a comeback. Jason shared a guinea pig fun fact about two males you must hear! Oh, and his peacock mating call.

6/11/18 Mongoose, snake head and Happy Birthday old cat!

The Animal Kingdom stories runneth strong today. Mongoose fun facts, a marriage ultimatum: me or the dogs, baby talk study and Happy Birthday old cat!

6/4/18 Crayfish amputee and one big ass weinie!

Trevor is one #bigassweenie! Literally. But it got better for him. The crayfish we think got better. And the whale in Thailand…didn’t get better.

5/21/18 MORE canine confusion?

Really people? Plus Meghan Markle’s dog gets to ride with the Queen and a rare animal escapes from a Rhode Island Zoo.

5/14/18 Don’t put a dead owl in your car!

It might not be dead. Also, is that a Bengal kitten or a bobcat?! Big difference!

5/7/18 Chlamydia koalas and polygamous owls

Yep…koalas with chlamydia and polygamous owls.

4/30/18 Tortoise rescue and a golfer goose PLUS a new children’s story

Ten thousand tortoises were rescued in Madagascar — their smell gave it away — and a goose attacks a golfer…it gets better!

PLUS a new children’s story inspired by Alexis’ Animal Kingdom.

See…it got better (not really).

4/9/18 Don’t kick a moose

Seems like common sense, but a man in Anchorage, Alaska didn’t get the memo. He kicked a moose and the moose kicked back!

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