Anne Hathaway Shuts Down Body Shamers
Dawn McClain

Anne Hathaway Shuts Down Body Shamers

Anne Hathaway is gaining weight for a role, so back off!  Anne preemptively is shutting down anyone who will be over analyzing any weight gain.  How sad that people do this.  Like celebrities don’t have enough pressure on them to remain a perfect weight, you have strangers pointing out things like this.  I couldn’t handle it!  She has four movies in pre-production.  Barbie, The Hustle, Oceans 8 and Serenity, all in 2018.  Let’s support healthy life styles and bodies, or how about this…it’s none of our business!  There is room in this world for all shapes and sizes. Anything else reduces peoples value to what’s only on the outside.   There is a deep rooted mentality that all women need to stick thin, and we need to retrain our brains to accept people of all sizes as beautiful. Anything else causes an eating disorder culture.  Okay, rant over!




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