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Anthony Michael Hall becomes a dad at 55

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Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael Hall has welcomed his first child with wife Lucia Hall.

The Sixteen Candles actor confirmed to People on Wednesday that his son, Michael Anthony Hall II, was born on 1 June in Los Angeles.

“It’s great. We’re excited. That first month of parenting is pretty wild,” the Weird Science actor told the publication. “Everything that everybody tells you is pretty true: you lose sleep and it’s the craziest time, but it’s the best time. So we’re really enjoying it.”

Anthony – who was born Michael Anthony Hall but changed his name professionally when he joined the Screen Actor’s Guild – shared his excitement about gifting his name to his son.

“I knew I did want to name him Michael and my wife also loved that name, even before she met me. So we’ve shared that, and then we decided to go with the suffix so he’s Michael Anthony Hall II because there are a lot of juniors in the world. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we figured we wanted to keep that full name,” he explained.

The Breakfast Club star also admitted he “couldn’t be happier” with becoming a dad at 55.

“I always knew, even when I was a young man, that I wanted to get started later,” Anthony stated. “Here I am at 55, and I’m fully committed. I’m excited. My wife and I are really into parenting and diving in.”

Anthony and Lucia were first publicly linked in the summer of 2016 and co-starred in the 2017 movie War Machine. They got married in 2020.

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