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Anya Taylor-Joy: ‘Beauty comes from within’

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Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy avoids staring at herself in mirrors because she believes her most beautiful feature is her “desire” to interact with people.

The Queen’s Gambit actress was scouted as a teenager on a London street by Storm Model Management’s Sarah Doukas, who also discovered Kate Moss, but despite people’s fascination with her striking features, Anya doesn’t dwell on her good looks.

“My mother raised me to always be looking at things inside of people rather than their outside,” Anya told Vanity Fair, before explaining why she doesn’t spend time looking at herself in the mirror. “(It’s) not because I’m running away from myself, but because the most beautiful thing about me is my desire to interact with the outside world. And when you’re interacting with the outside world you’re not looking at yourself, you’re looking at the person in front of you.”

Despite being spotted by a modelling agency, Anya insisted her teenage years were a difficult time for her.

“Oh, 11-year-old Anya was an awkward phase, for sure,” she recalled. “My head was smaller and my eyes were the same size. I was waiting for my head to grow a bit. Make me look a bit more proportional.”

The 24-year-old star admitted struggling to make friends at school and finding herself in the spotlight at an early age has had lasting effects on her mental health. However, Anya is finally beginning to understand who she really is and is feeling happier in her own skin.

“I haven’t had any therapy for the last four years, but you’re speaking to somebody who spends a lot of time dissecting her thoughts,” she added. “I’m at a point where it’s like, Okay, you know how you deal with this, you just have to sit with it and figure it out until it makes sense.”

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