Ariana Grande corrected by doctors over Pete Davidson comment
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Ariana Grande corrected by doctors over Pete Davidson comment

Ariana Grande has been pulled up by doctors after she defended her fiance Pete Davidson online.

The God is a Woman singer took to Twitter to slam Barstool Sports on Thursday (23Aug18), after it shared its article titled: “Does Pete Davidson have butthole eyes?”

The jibe was in reference to his sunken eyes, which was recently captured in pictures as he walked the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards with Ariana.

“Y’all do kno this man has an auto immune disease …… right ?,” the 25-year-old singer fired, referencing Pete’s Crohn’s disease. “….. like you do understand what you’re doing when u do this right ? jus wanna make sure (sic).”

However, the singer was blasted by medical experts, who explained to Page Six there was no correlation between Crohn’s disease and sunken eyes.

Dr. Albert Knapp, a top gastroenterologist in New York City, said it was more likely dehydration that Pete was suffering from.

“The reason they’re sunken is because people with Crohn’s disease can sometimes become dehydrated,” he told Page Six. “But when you rehydrate, they return to normal. Crohn’s disease does not directly cause eyes that look sunken in.”

“There’s no direct correlation between Crohn’s disease and sunken eyes,” he added.

Barstool Sports were quick to share the Page Six article, and commented: “It took 15 years but thanks to Butthole Eyes the mainstream media has finally realised we are always on the right side of the law.”

Comedian Pete, 24, was diagnosed with Crohn’s in his teens, and receives intravenous treatment for the disease, as well as using medical marijuana as a pain reliever.

“I got Crohn’s disease when I was 17 or 18,” he said in an interview with High Times. “I found that the medicines that the doctors were prescribing me and seeing all these doctors and trying new things… weed would be the only thing that would help me eat.”

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