Ariana Grande treats best friends to ‘engagement’ rings
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Ariana Grande treats best friends to ‘engagement’ rings

Ariana Grande has treated her six closest pals to Tiffany friendship rings to thank them for their support in 2018.

The Side To Side singer treated herself to a new “engagement” ring during a recent boozy shopping spree and picked up jewelry for the besties who joined her.

“It was a… challenging fall day in New York,” she tells Billboard. “Me and my friends went to Tiffany’s together, just because we needed some retail therapy.

“You know how when you’re waiting at Tiffany’s they give you lots of champagne? They got us very tipsy, so we bought seven engagement rings, and when I got back to the studio I gave everybody a friendship ring.”

The gift inspired Ariana’s new song 7 Rings.

Her pals have offered Ariana a strong support system in recent weeks, following the break-up of her engagement to Pete Davidson and the death of her former boyfriend Mac Miller – and she tells Billboard a little alcohol has helped.

“I don’t think I’ve ever consumed more alcohol than I have in the past month,” she laughs. “I am champagne. You know how people say we’re 60 percent water? I’m 60 percent pink Veuve Clicquot.”

Her new break-up anthem was actually inspired by boozy sessions with her friends: “It’s me and my besties tipsy off champagne – and me with a broken heart – just letting it out and having fun. I love this more than any other song I’ve ever put out.”

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