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Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals his mother once thought he was gay

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has recalled how his mother once thought he might be gay because he had pictures of oiled-up bodybuilders on his bedroom wall as a teen.

In his upcoming Netflix documentary, Arnold, the 75-year-old actor recalled growing up in Austria and dreaming of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

The Terminator star reportedly bought American muscle magazines as a teenager and posted half-naked pictures of his heroes to his bedroom wall, which “freaked out” his mother.

“She said, ‘All his friends have girls above their bed. My son doesn’t have one girl up here. Look at that. It’s only naked men, oiled-up. Where did we go wrong?'” Arnold laughed at the memory.

The former Governor of California shared that his father was also unimpressed by his weight-lifting pursuit.

Arnold reflected, “My dad was like, ‘You are looking in the mirror when you train, what is that all about? You are too into yourself… If you want to use your muscles, go chop wood.'”

Arnold premiered on Netflix on Wednesday.

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