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Ashley Graham: ‘I hate constantly discussing my body’

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Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham hates that her body is always the topic of discussion.

The 33-year-old model feels honoured to be a role model for curvy girls around the world, but in a new interview with the Wall Street Journal Magazine, she admitted that she wished the double standards weren’t so glaringly obvious.

“I hate that I constantly have to discuss my body, because I don’t know any man that has to do that,” Ashley stated.

However, she’s happy to continue sharing her unfiltered pictures on Instagram, and wants to keep the conversation going about women’s bodies.

“But what motivates me to continue to talk about my body is that I didn’t have someone talking about their body when I was young,” she added. “This is why I don’t post like the ‘perfect’ Instagram photos. I keep it real and raw constantly because I want (people) to know that there are women with cellulite, with back fat, with stretch marks. There are a lot of curvy women, plus-size women, fat women, whatever you want to call them.”

Ashley broke down barriers in the industry in 2016 when she was the first plus-size model to feature on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and acknowledged that she’s continues to pave the way for other women.

“I really feel like in so many ways my career and what I’m doing is to change an industry forever,” she mused.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ashley also revealed she’s in no rush to lose any of the weight she gained while pregnant with her son Isaac, who she welcomed in January last year.

“I have like, 25 pounds on me that I still have from before I was pregnant. I don’t know one person that actually lost weight in quarantine. So then to go and try to lose baby weight in quarantine is an epic fail,” she laughed.

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